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Top 8 Free Online Logo Maker Tool That Uses AI

A logo is a central marketing tool for businesses. It displays the identity of a brand at multiple platforms and introduces the business to the target audience in an effective way. It has a number of features that make it exceptionally significant for the promotion of a business and the development of a strong brand identity. It is the face of a brand, and the viewers are bound to associate its characteristics with the brand that it is representing.

With this much importance, logos demand a lot of investment and attention. However, the new technology has brought in options for logo creation that are available online. They allow companies to create their own logos and download for free. Some of these available tools have potentials that can beat professional designers. That is because they are powered with the latest and the most powerful technology of all times, Artificial Intelligence.

AI-powered logo designing tools are effective for generating logos that are personalized and influential. The tool can present with the most suitable templates that can be tailored to make a distinctive and creative logo for brands belonging to different industries and professions.

This article is listing down all the AI-driven logo designing tools that can be accessed online. This will help businesses choose the right tool and enjoy better facilities and design options.

1. Design Iconic

Design iconic is one of the most amazing designing tools that you can access online. The procedure of designing is handy and timesaving. The user has to enter the name of the brand and the AI-driven tool would present with all the suitable templates from which the user can pick. The tool is simple and has a huge template library to facilitate the user. Users can tweak different templates and make the designs unbelievably personalized.

2. Tailor Brands

If you want to make a logo that looks like a professionally designed logo, Tailor Brands can help. The tool has features and options that allow detailed tailoring of the templates. The procedure of designing on Tailor Brands begin with a series of queries asked by the AI system. Then the system presents with a good many options to the user to choose.

3. Canva

Canva is designed tool that functions to provide a range of design services for free. The site is good with designing CVs, professional invitation cards, and brand new logos for businesses. The site offers designs that are pixel perfect. The templates are suitable for establishing a creative brand identity with excellent personalized styles. The color and the texture of Canva designs are outstanding for making the audience fall in love with them at the very first sight.

4. Logo AI

A user-friendly design tool that can serve with AI-driven features can design interactive and classy logos easily. Logo AI offers multiple design templates with a variety of fonts and color options. The designs that are provided to the user are specifically suitable for the background of the company. They are made to suit the industry and present the brand with its original association while keeping it individualistic in its way.

5. Logomakr

Most logo creators are designed to cater the users with no professional graphic designing background. However, Logomakr is designed to facilitate professional designers. Its features are suitable for not only logo designing but also for crafting business cards and editing images. It provides high-resolution results that can be used at different digital mediums.

6. LogoVerge

Professional designers who want a handy design solution that would save hours for them should opt for Logoverge. It serves the designers with pre-designed icons, fonts, and images that can be tweaked to extensive lengths. The color palette that is available on the site has numerous vibrant color options that can make a simple logo design strikingly engaging.

7. Shopify

People with no design expertise can use Shopify with ease. The design creator requires the name of the business to generate suitable designs. The designer can edit the templates to give them a unique and individualistic touch. Finalized versions of design can be sent to the email address and used from there.

8. Logojoy

Logojoy has a classic design template library for the designers. The designs that are available on the site can be used for making great brand logos that can be used at different platforms without any hassle. The color palette on the site is filled with high definition color options, and the font collection is vast. Logojoy can provide a user with desired logo designs with fondest colors.

These are the few most amazing AI driven tools that any designer can use. They are free, so you can make a comparison of different tools before choosing a preferable one. You can also access the design libraries available free on these sites to have some inspiration for your brand logo.

Top 8 Free Online Logo Maker Tool That Uses AI

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