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Design Tips to Help You Create Your Dream Home Office

Working from home has become immensely popular nowadays. When one might spend roughly 70% of one’s time working, it’s imperative that the working environment is ideal. It should be welcoming and comfortable, functional and organized; nothing less will easily inspire the best. It should be a place where one can focus and concentrate, away from distractions but also stylish and cozy so that it can be inviting. With those criteria in mind, here are some design tips to help you create your dream home office.

Lighting Is Important

Proper, natural light is crucial to a functional home office; it’s both a practical necessity and a factor that can uplift and motivate. Ideally, especially after a relocation that offers a fresh start, you could choose to position your new workspace near a window. This would let you make the most of both any view your place offers and natural daylight. Still, if your workspace is just beside the window, you may want to use blinds to avoid screen glare or sunlight directly in your eyes. Venetian blinds and similar fitted, adjustable blinds would be an ideal compromise; using them you would not lose the light altogether, as you would with traditional blinds, and you could still adjust your office’s light intake.

Artificial lighting is still essential, however, for darker months and late hours. An overhead pendant lamp is a wise choice, as it can save space while still illuminating the room. Task lighting could complement it still focused lighting such as an angled desk lamp or dimmable spotlights could serve your needs well. Outside of serving practical purposes, those will also create a different ambiance depending on their positioning, type, and style. While an auxiliary function, by all means, setting the mood to suit your preferences will ensure your dream home office is enjoyable and inviting.

Personal Touches

On the subject of personal touches, your home office is still your personal space; it needs to be inspiring, yet organized and clutter-free. A shelf, wireframe, or pegboard on the wall can serve you very subtly, by providing space for inspiring photos, motivational notes, and stickers, or cherished memorabilia. Wallpapers and posters on the walls can serve a similar purpose – the fact that it’s your own, personal space allows such breaks from the norm of strict, bare professionalism. It is not a question of what ought to be there for a professional environment, but what motivates you personally to perform better at what you do.

Still, there can be too much what surrounds you should inspire, not distract. A cluttered work environment may hinder one’s focus, and disorganized paperwork can only be demotivating. Therefore, it’s always best to ensure that decoration and overall style help you but don’t encumber you. Unnecessary distractions are best removed so that your dream home office remains tidy and organized. Smart storage solutions can most likely help keep clutter at bay and free up desk space, while still being personal; custom shelving and stylish drawers and boxes are always options to consider.

Appropriate Flooring

All workspaces stand on their floors, but this factor is often overlooked. Choosing a different material from the rest of the house, room, or even garden, can both delineate the area more clearly and give it a cozier feel. The chosen material is also practically significant carpets and certain surfaces are less suited for chairs with casters, for instance. Proper, professional laminate and engineered wood flooring, in contrast, are ideal for such chairs, while also being durable in general. They come with a much lower risk for indents and runner marks, on top of possibly being appealing in terms of style.

Seating or Standing Up

On the subject of chairs, the significance of a proper, ergonomically designed chair cannot be overstressed. It may feel natural to use a regular household chair, given that it’s still your personal space, and there are no rules against it but it will most often not be practical. You will be spending many hours on it every day, so it’s in your best interest that it is as comfortable as possible and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Designer options do still exist, so that you can avoid chairs that are too “professional” or ugly for your tastes.

Conversely, an alternative option also exists. Since sitting down too much cannot be healthy, even if it’s as comfortable as possible, you could try standing up instead. Desks that sit on top of your existing desks do exist, and they allow you to switch between standing up and sitting down while you work, without moving any of your things.

Colors & Nature

Lastly, the choice of color is also noteworthy. Studies suggest that darker colors may reduce productivity, despite their stylish look. Morose and moodier colors may be far less stimulating, and thus make you feel less inclined to work and more sensitive to fatigue. Conversely, brighter colors may lighten up your dream home office yellow and orange may spark creativity, while soft blue hues can help you concentrate. A pale pastel shade may make your space feel lighter, and thus more inviting, but perhaps painting a single wall in a bolder, sterner color may help boost your creativity.

Nature can be a refuge in this regard as well; illustrations of nature in your immediate working area can reduce stress and invigorate you. Indoor plants on your desk or nearby can serve similar functions, as can pictures, paintings, and wall art depictions of natural scenery. Locating your dream home office in a garden or outdoor area can be even better if you have such options, of course.

In conclusion:

Thus, your dream home office should be;

  • Generously lit
  • Personal, yet organized
  • Practical and with proper seating
  • Colored brightly, so that it may boost your productivity

All in all, it is your place; it is not bound by traditional approaches to workplace setups and conditions. As long as it is practical and organized, all you will need to ensure is that it appeals to you and inspires you to be your best.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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