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What is Bitcoin Mining and Is it Still Profitable?

The process of generating bitcoin through the confirmation of validating bitcoin transactions is called bitcoin mining. Bitcoin network gets top-notch security due to these transactions, which help the miners to get compensation in the form of bitcoin. Miners can benefit in case the cost of bitcoins surpasses the expense to mine. With late changes in innovation and the production of expert mining focuses on tremendous processing power, numerous miners are raising questions if bitcoin mining is still profitable. A few things such as the expense of the power to control the computer framework, the accessibility, and cost of the system, how long does it take to mine a bitcoin, difficulty while providing the administration, etc. help one to determine whether it’s a profitable venture or not.

The Fundamental of Bitcoin Mining

Before the invention of new software for bitcoin mining in 2013, people used to do it on PCs. However, the arrival of ASIC chips has completely changed the game. The use of personal computers in bitcoin mining has stopped as the ASIC chips provide 100x capability to the older personal machines. The difficulties were under control along with the bitcoin price, when miners utilized these old machines. But the new machines created issues because of the significant expense to acquire and run the new hardware and the absence of accessibility.

Before and After ASIC

Miners only needed to have a personal computer to make a profit in several ways back in 2010. They already were the owners of their system, as a result, they didn’t need to pay any costs for the equipment. They were able to do anything on their computer in order to make it run more smoothly. Moreover, there were no professional mining centers in the game back then. So, they were only competing with the miners around the globe who run their processes through personal computers. The challenge was on balance. But the arrival of ASICs totally changed the game. Now, miners have to compete with bigger bitcoin mining centers who represent higher power in computing. As a result, the profits of their mining have reduced because of the costs of higher energy, new computing equipment, and the consistent trouble in mining, and so on.

Expediency in Today’s Environment

You can still make money through bitcoin mining. Nowadays there is a lot of equipment and machines that are available can easily be obtained. For instance, you can lower the overall costs on some machines as they enable you to enable the energy requirements. Prior to making any purchases of the equipment with a fixed-cost, it’s recommended to do an analysis of the cost or benefit so that you can understand the breakeven price. The analysis can be performed by doing this calculation:

  • Expense on the Power: How much is the rate of your electricity? Remember that the rate can change carrying on the time of day, season, etc. Measure your electric bill in kWh if you want to determine this.
  • Proficiency: The amount of power that your system expends, estimated in watts.
  • Time: How much time are you planning to spend while mining?
  • The Value of Bitcoin: Determine the value of bitcoin in fiat currencies such as U.S. dollars and others.

In fact, you can make use of web-based calculators that are available on the internet which make your process easier while analyzing the cost-benefit equation. Run your examination a few times utilizing distinctive value levels for both the expense of intensity and estimation of bitcoins. Additionally, change the degree of trouble to perceive how that affects the examination. Decide at what value level bitcoin mining ends up gainful for you. That’s your breakeven price. You can likewise get united in a mining pool, a gathering of people who consistently mine bitcoins working together and splitting the rewards. There is less difficult for you when you work in a group along with an increased spread. Ultimately you are putting your profitability within your reach.


In order to perform a cost-benefit analysis, a profitability calculator on the web would be the ideal choice for you. It’s easy to find your breakeven point by just plugging in different numbers. Decide whether you are eager to spread out the fundamental starting capital for the equipment, and gauge the future estimation of bitcoins just as the degree of trouble. It gets easier to receive bitcoins when both the difficulty and prices decline. On the contrary, when both the difficulty and prices rise, you compete among a lot of miners to receive fewer bitcoins.

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