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Technologies to Look Out for in 2019 And the Jobs They Have Created

Technology is evolving on a continuous and rapid pace. So much so that the annual forecasts about the trends can become instantly outdated. Keeping this speed of evolution enables a very fast change and progress. This causes a considerable rate of change, until and unless it becomes exponential. However, careers that are dependent on technology don’t change at the same speed. However, they do get evolved. Tech-savvy and IT professionals recognize that their roles in the organization they work in will not stay the same. The IT workers who are part of the 21st-century workforce will always find themselves being part of the learning process on a constant basis.

What’s in it for the people of the tech industry? For IT experts and personnel, it means that you have to look at the big picture. You should know the skills needed for the jobs you need to get qualified for. Here are a few technological trends that you should look out for in the year 2019 and the jobs that they will create:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. By using Machine Learning, computers get programmed to learn and get things done. In addition to this, they become capable of performing tasks that they are not programmed to do. The computers or machines we use have the capacity to learn using patterns and insights from the data obtained. So we are looking at two types of learning:

  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised

There are different subsets that are part of Machine Learning. This includes neural networks, natural language processing, and deep learning. These subsets offer users the opportunity to specialize in a career field that is only going to grow. Machine Learning is now part of every industry throughout the world. This creates a demand for people who are skilled professionals. By the year 2022, this industry is expected to grow by almost $8.5 Billion.
Machine Learning applications are used for data analytics, pattern recognition, and data mining. Customers can use Machine Learning to power your web search results, network intrusion detection, and real-time ads. These are some of the many tasks that can be done using Machine Language.

Robotic Process Automation

Just like Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation or RPA is another technology. It is one of the reasons that jobs are automating on a continuous basis. RPA refers to the use of software to get your business processes automated. These automated processes include interpreting applications, transaction processing, working out with data and replying to your emails. It also becomes a helping hand in automating repetitive tasks.

According to research, RPA automation is going to become a threat to the jobs of more than 200 million people who are knowledge-based workers. On the other hand, to the IT professionals who analyze technological trends, RPA offers many career opportunities. Such individuals can work as developers, project managers or consultants and earn a decent amount of money. According to a famous job portal, the earnings of an RPA expert can go from $74,000 to a whopping $140,000 per year.

Edge Computing

Cloud computing gained immense attention of IT professionals around the world. It has become a technology trend adopted by many industry giants. These include some key players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many other leading companies in the market. Cloud computing is being adopted by many tech giants and its growth continues to make its mark as more businesses continue to implement cloud solutions. The number of data that users produce and companies that deal with it are continuously increasing. Edge computing is a technology based on the concept of solving the shortcomings of cloud computing in some solutions. It also needs to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing that gets your data to the data center for further processing. By the year 2020, the edge computing market, on a global scale, is expected to reach up to $6.72 billion. This means more jobs for software engineers.


There is a common misconception about Blockchain. People often associate Blockchain with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin only. However, it is more than just cryptocurrency. The blockchain serves as a security measure that is quite useful in many ways. In simple terms, blockchain can be described as data that you can add but cannot change. Hence, the term “chain” is used as you are creating and dealing with a chain of data that cannot be changed to the previous blocks. This makes it more secure. One of the characteristics of the blockchain or blockchain data is that there is no entity that controls the data. Hence, there is no need for a trusted third-party that can look after or validate the transactions.

This made Blockchain one of the most preferred security measures to use when securing cryptocurrency. It is also ideal to store sensitive data like personal information of an individual including their personal medical, financial, and other information. It can be used to improve supply chain throughout the world and protect assets including art and real estate.

Due to the increase in the blockchain technology, there is going to be the need for skilled professionals. Blockchain developers are proficient in developing and implementing blockchain architecture and solutions. Salaries of such individuals can go up to $130,000 per year. Employers are always in search of experts like software engineers, project managers, and consultants.

Internet of Things

This might sound like a game that you can play on your smartphone. Internet of Things is the future of technology. It has already changed the way people use, interact with and operate different appliances at homes. In the current age, almost everything has Wi-Fi connectivity and can connect to the internet to perform different household tasks in order to make life easier than before. Powerful and secure internet service is required to connect all the appliances. I use Mediacom to get this done for me at home. It also has some very affordable Mediacom internet prices and also helps you by providing a reliable internet connection. This facilitates you to connect more devices and exchange data using the internet. The technology is in its beginning stages as of yet. It is worth mentioning that the number of IoT devices is expected to reach around 30 billion devices by the year 2020.

This means no barriers to entry for people interested in having a career in IoT. For people who have the required skills for IoT security, data analytics, automation different should definitely work in the tech industry. A deeper understanding of the embedded systems along with some other skills is obviously a plus point.

Technology around the world is evolving. This evolution comes with many other new technologies becoming part of our lives. These domains have a few people considered as skilled workers. This is the right time for users to choose a career, get themselves trained and become part of the track in the early stages of technology. You will surely have an edge over others in the future.

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