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SEO And Marketing Automation: A Collaboration To Boost Your Brand

Marketing automation can boost your business and give it greater heights by redefining your relationship with other customers.

In a digital marketing world, getting a higher rank for your website is one of the major concerns for digital marketers. It is the top priority for the marketers to reach the top of SERPs and attain the top three positions’ ranking. PPC advertising is surely one of them, but anyways, your main goal shall be your utmost priority as a marketer.

You must be wondering then where marketing automation plunges into SEO practices and the connection between SEO and marketing automation. Well, you have to read this blog post to figure out the same.

How Does SEO And Marketing Automation Blend Together:

Marketing automation software reduces your burden to perform the daily tasks manually. You can depend on the automation tools and let them work to focus on other more prioritized tasks by automating the routine tasks such as nurturing your leads. Your subscribers are your priority, as you can only attain better conversions once you know how to nurture them.

SEO here comes into existence as your web pages must be highly optimized and stuffed with relevant keywords because if they are not optimized, visitors won’t look at it, and that’s how you can lose out on the qualifying leads.

Therefore, SEO pushes visitors to the top of the marketing funnel by generating awareness, which turns them into leads. Thus, lead generation becomes the most important and hard task where businesses struggle. They get into all the solutions to fetch leads and waste their time focusing on all the mediums simultaneously.

Marketing automation helps you unburden your load in focusing on different marketing mediums at the same time. But how can marketing automation and SEO be blended?

Before jumping straight away to the answer to this question, let us learn the relationship between the two.

What is the relationship between SEO and Marketing automation:

Content is one of the components which bind SEO and marketing automation together. Content marketing is the sole strategy to pull off your leads and turn them into customers.

While marketing automation could automate your marketing tasks, such as producing content, customer engagement, and social media activities. SEO helps in optimizing the content to make it rankable in the search engines.

Marketing automation includes:

  • Posting articles on social media accounts.
  • Sending mails to the mailing list at specific intervals or when the event triggers.
  • Scheduling the blogs for publishing.
  • Responding to social media and email inquiries automatically.

You can fine-tune your marketing strategies and focus on other tasks that need your attention through marketing automation.

While SEO includes:

  • Optimizing the content to enable people to search on the search engines.
  • Creating content and discovering relevant keywords.
  • Stuffing the content with the keywords.
  • Modifying content based on geographic and demographic locations.
  • Creating a website that could provide users with pertinent information.

Therefore, both marketing automation and SEO are major parts of a marketing strategy. One is to optimize content for the leads and customers, and the other is a tool that you can use to fetch leads and turn them into conversions. Both are crucial, and blending both of them will increase overall ROI. They both are critical components of an inbound marketing strategy.

How To Integrate Marketing Automation With SEO:

As stated above, marketing automation and SEO are both a part of a content marketing strategy. SEO helps in bringing leads, and marketing automation can better the SEO part. They both head towards growth and business expansion.

Below are the ways where both of them play an important role in marketing strategy:

  • Organic Traffic: SEO enables users to find your business online and redirect them to your website or web pages.
  • Bringing Leads: Your landing page helps turn your leads into customers as it helps in the pitching of the product. The landing page contains all the necessary information about the product. When you stuff the content with relevant keywords, it will make it easier for the customers to consider purchasing your product.
  • Nurturing Leads: Marketing automation helps you in nurturing the leads through newsletters and other automated campaigns. You can send these campaigns at automated intervals to the users. It will allow users to land up on your social media.
  • Shared Content: When your leads receive valuable content, they often share the content with the other users. Therefore, your SEO will ultimately improve as sharing from top websites will enhance your site’s reputation.

The above aspects show the value of marketing automation and SEO in a content marketing strategy. Apart from the above aspects, you can integrate SEO and marketing automation in the following ways:

1. Improve your landing pages: Your leads will first land up on the landing page of your website. The landing page’s main goal is to catch the lead’s attention and further engage them, whether following you through social media or a newsletter. Landing pages are created to support marketing automation to collect the leads’ vital information to automate the messages.

2. Creating a content funnel: Nurturing a lead becomes a vital part of your marketing strategy as you have to turn them into conversions. You need to engage them multiple times before they commit to purchasing your product. Building a content funnel will help you to guide the lead through different content.

Note: It is a long journey of a lead conversion where he first visits your website, signs up for a newsletter, then finally considers buying your products after multiple engagements from your side. Therefore, it is important first to note the path a user will take from the initial stages of his conversions. Also, you need to evaluate his progress all along the path.

3. Analyze the SEO trends: You need to analyze the SEO trends that can impact your rankings and search engine performance.

When you bring in more leads through SEO, more leads will inevitably be involved in your marketing automation strategy. Therefore, you need to update your SEO practices yearly and follow new trends and standards. Otherwise, you will get a few leads, which in turn will affect the marketing automation process.

4. Support linking and sharing: Add links to your content to give authenticity to your sites. Search engines will grab it more, and they will promote the links as the content has got links from the authoritative sites. If you want to improve both SEO and marketing automation, make your content shareable. It will bring in more leads and generate great brand awareness amongst the other users. In turn, your content marketing campaign will also improve.

5. Focus on the relevant Content: Content is regarded as the king; therefore, it is important to create valuable content that will give you more conversions. You have to do this to integrate SEO with marketing automation.

Content is the only thing that can mesmerize the lead and turn them up to convert. Also, content provides relevant information to the leads, such as an automated newsletter. You can make the lead follow you on different social media accounts through valuable content.

6. Automating the valuable content: With marketing automation tools, you can automate the content which is SEO optimized. As you can share the content to the users at regular intervals, it will lead to more sharing of the content. You can also automate the posts on social media accounts where users can comment and engage with you better. At the same time, you must track your marketing automation links to find out their effectiveness. Tracking them will help you know which posts are popular and which are lagging behind.

7. Trigger your automation: When you have a better understanding of the marketing funnel, you can trigger marketing automation at the right time. You can use sign-up forms and discounts to prompt leads towards conversions based on their marketing funnel stage.

Nowadays, you can use content suites that you can create to facilitate both automated marketing processes and SEO. Other than this, there are marketing tools and customer relationship management tools that you can integrate to track and analyze the leads. You can use marketing suites to combine automation, SEO, and other digital marketing efforts. It will bring your brand more successful.


Besides nurturing your leads, you can improve customer experience by fostering relationships with them by integrating marketing automation and SEO. As it is difficult to focus on having a one to one interaction with the customers, marketing automation and SEO comes in as a rescue for you to interact with the leads and turn the customers into loyal ones. Both are cost-effective also. Therefore there would be lesser chances of spending more and getting lower returns.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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