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20 Writing Tools To Help You Create Better Seo Content

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process by which the visibility of your website or the page has been increased by increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

Quality traffic means attracting the visitors authentically and having really on your site what google tells them. It’s not like google shows you are a food panda services site and in reality, you are a caring site for real pandas. So, in this case, you will get the traffic but that wasn’t considered as quality traffic.

Quantity traffic is when you are getting an actual audience who actually want what you are offering. So, it is better to keep in consideration your actual audience according to your business while doing SEO.

Why Is There Need Of SEO?

Everyone wants to share their business. Wants the world to know that they do, what services they are providing, and how their company works. So just to bring you at the top of the searching or the top list of search engine optimization works for you.

The task of SEO is carried out by SEO experts of your brand, they work hard to stand your business at the top of the searching list. So, regarding in all this SEO is one who keeps the results fair, it’s practices improve the usability and user experience of the websites.

Audience or users trust search engine results and most likely they trust to visit the top website of their keyword searching result, so in this case Search Engine Optimization rank higher your page or website and more the clicks more the traffic your site will generate.

How SEO Content Tools Are Helpful

  • It will guide you to the right length of content for your chosen topic.
  • It will optimize your targeted keywords according to your selected content.
  • Content will be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Tools will help you to write according to the understanding of your audience.
  • Content will contain relevant images.

Tools that help you to create better SEO content

1. Text tools

If you wanted to use key phrases in your text than text tools would definitely help you, it works in a way that it will suggest you what and where to use certain key phrases in your content.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly from chrome is a free writing assistant you can use it with the google documents while you are writing your content.

3. Answer the public

As clear from its name, in answer the public answers are available in visual categories in the form of where and why in a simple format. You can enter your keyword and a list of popular questions would appear.

4. SEMrush

It has some handy SEO optimization tools. It has a tool of SEO Content Template that allows you to enter your required keyword and create a list of guidelines on how to create SEO-friendly content.

5. Google Search Console

This tool helps you to analyze how your website is working, how your ranking is going. It also helps in monitoring traffic and maintaining and optimizing your existing rankings.

6. WordStream

Wordstream offers you a list of keywords, most probably suggest a list of 11 keywords, it represent a graph as well that shows how often a keyword is being searched by the audience.

7. Hemingway Editor

These tools analyze the content you have written and make sure that your content is free of complex words and terms, it makes your content simple and easily readable, just to make sure that your content is relatable and readable by your audience.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumois one of the most important tool that helps you in writing content. This is all in one tool for content writing and has all futures like (topic discovery, research, creation, monitoring, and marketing) included in it.

9. SEOquake

It performs instant on-page audit for SEO metrics on any website as this extension of chrome is a quick SEO checker. Its link examiner helps you assisting both internal and external links.

10. SEO Minion

This is an SEO browser add-on that helps you analyze on-page SEO issues for your existing web pages including meta tags, open graphs, headings, and more.

11. SpyFu

Spyfu offers you most classic and SmartSearchtools and you can get a lot of information for free, including the keywords that are more profitable, PPC adds, estimated clicks per month, and ranking history.

12. InboundWriter

InboundWriterguides you about the keyword search as soon as you apply it to a specific document.InboundWriter also offers topics research data from keyword and social media resources.

13. HARO

HARO mainly sets up journalists with a robust list of sources to feature in their articles. The key element is to respond quickly to inquiries, make your advice concise and informative, and include your important information within your email pinch.

14. Clear scope

The aim of this tool is to bring SEO and Content together, it brings them together in a way that would be easy for the average content creator. It also analyzes your content and suggest how you can improve your content and make them according to your reader’s preferences.

15. Hotjar

This helps you to see a visual representation of your user behavior so that you could see how they are visiting your website, and which particular page they are visiting the most and liking the most.

16. TinyPNG

You wanted to add images in your content but they are large enough to handle. TinyPNG helps you in resizing your images, you just need to simply upload an image and wait to see how TinyPNG do the tasks for you.

17. KnowEm SMO

This is a very handy tool that helps you in checking the web page and to find out if that web page includes code for any social media site. It also checks for some basic SEO elements.

18. Raven

For medium and small business Raven provides a mixture of useful tools for optimizing, social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC advertising.

19. BrightEdge

It offers SEO management tools, SEO analysis, and recommendations for web, for local and global applications, competitive research. This offers include dashboards, and reporting and forecasting tools.

20. Google Keyword Planner

For using this tool, you need to create Google AdWordaccount, but it will offer you to perform many of the same research tasks it is used to reveal related phrases, popularity counts, and competitive search rankings.

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