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iPhone X is Late for Certain Advances But It Doesn’t Matter

  • OLED screens, facial recognition or wireless charging are technologies that have existed for years.
  • Despite having come up with key innovations, Apple sometimes works better as a company that refines what others have invented.

Let’s ignore the price of the iPhone X, but let’s do it and focus on the importance of the mobile outside the brand: its characteristics. Although it is difficult to make a direct comparison with Android, because Apple makes its hardware ‘the components’ and its software ‘the programs that make the components serve as something’. We can say that the company has arrived somewhat late to some of the major features that are revolutionary in the iPhone X.

Latest iPhone X Smartphone Price 2019.

iPhone X price in USA start at $799.00 to $999, iPhone X smartphone is available in different colors; iPhone X smartphone with 3GB ram and 64GB rom is priced at $799.00 to $800.00.

OLED Screens:

OLED screens are something intrinsic to Samsung phones for years or since this year if it is screens that have almost no frames around them. Facial recognition is something that many competitors also do, although another thing is that it is something useful at all. The augmented reality likewise, there are two mobile ASUS dedicated to these tasks. And wireless charging has been on mobile phones like the Nexus since 2014.

And yet, this does not matter too much when it comes to Apple. I do not want to be so simplistic to reduce it to a brand issue. Although many buy these phones because they have a half-eaten apple on the spine, the reality is that Apple’s ability to be late. But arrive safely, is worthy of praise as much as criticism.

In other words:

Apple may not have implemented the OLED screens, facial recognition, wireless charging or many other things that have gotten into the iPhone X and they do according to them different. And yet, they get their execution different enough to draw attention as if they were a revolution.

Perhaps one of the clearest cases of this is the iPad. Although today is not what the tablet was for 2012, it was not the first device of this type, much less. Microsoft had bet for years and that had driven as the future of computing. It did not work then, but it worked when Apple relaunched it as a simple product, that works on the basis of apps and that did not need (at least then) a stylus to handle it.

Will the same thing happen with the characteristics of the iPhone X?

It remains to be seen, of course, although as regards the unlocking of the phone with the face and the use of OLED screens, surely the impact of the company is not so important this time. Samsung, HTC and LG have been using such panels for a long time on their mobiles and it is a component not a software or service issue.

But with facial recognition, and even with wireless charging, things can change. Neither of the two has had a very powerful host in the Android world, because the unlocking right now is more comfortable with finger and fingerprint reader and because fast charging technologies are much more efficient and do not require the purchase of a accessory that charges without wires.

That does not mean that in a few months or a year we see how both are integrated into more devices and in a better way because Apple has done it and can, first, play that trick as such “Now our phone does the same as the iPhone” and second benefit from the increased visibility of the iPhone. As much as LG, HTC or even Samsung do a lot of things well, it’s more what Apple does.

So, if suddenly, people see how the new Apple phone works and they like it, companies can take out of the closet those technologies that they developed a few years ago and that today they do not implement because they do not sell as much as a nice design or a screen bigger or a more attractive price.

Technological advances, and this is in technology in a much broader sense, do not always benefit who takes the first step, but those who take the first step on insurance. And in that apple is an expert for decades.

Note that we do not say it as something negative, but as a reality that goes beyond brands and that fits very well with the other advances that Apple has made on its own and that others have not done before. It is something to accept: the iPhone X may not arrive before, but it plays with the advantage of the brand and with the fact that Apple has a lot of experience remaking what others have not been able to do well.

Judging it as something good or something bad, deep down, does not make sense. And although it may sound very ugly for the competition, it seems that there is no way to win even if great technological advances are made, this is not entirely true. That the new iPhone carries an OLED screen, something more typical of Samsung, gives a bit the same in the same way that its screen without almost edges has not caused so much impression because this same company already has some very advanced phones that look almost better within that same format.

Now, we must recognize that the move of the ‘animojis’ that move recognizing our own face is a masterful move and that nobody had done anything this advanced. Even if Snapchat and Instagram have fantastic animated filters, this is a mix of very attractive elements the selfie, the animation and the emojis that had not been given until now. Hopefully Android will imitate as soon as possible…

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