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Statistics Proving the Importance of YouTube in Marketing

Each month, 1 billion unique users visit YouTube and more than 6 billion hours of videos are viewed by them. After Google (which owns it), it is the second-largest search engine in the world and serves as a valuable domain where knowledge and skills are showcased to thousands of users. Given the large share of YouTube in social media engagement, it should also be a vital resource in the social media marketing plan for any business.

Here are some wondrous statistics and facts pertaining to different industries that establish the importance of YouTube in the marketing industry.

51% of home buyers use YouTube to watch real estate videos

When it comes to real estate, the internet has taken the industry by storm with more and more people relying on online resources to search for a perfect home for themselves. 90% people resort to the internet to look for useful real estate information whereas 27% use newspaper ads and 45% choose open houses.

52% consumers feel more confident about a product after watching a YouTube video

Many brands make use of YouTube videos for the promotion of their products and also to demonstrate how they can used in the most effective manner. When the audiences watch such a video, they become sure of the utility of the product and thus, cannot resist buying it. 6 out of 10 people would prefer online video platforms as compared to live TV because of the wider choice available.

48% marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy

In 2016, Google revealed some surprising statistics pertaining to YouTube and online video watching. Through mobile platforms alone, YouTube reaches more 18+-years-old than any cable TV network during prime hours. Even when the TV turned on, two-thirds of people watch YouTube on a second screen and this number keeps on doubling with each year as 43% of people want to see more content from the marketers on this platform.

Larger businesses commonly use YouTube

Businesses who have 100+ employees tend to rely more on YouTube with 71% of them using it as a major tool in online content marketing. On the other hand, only 38% of the self-employed would use this platform as a way to promote their business. Video marketing has become a must-have in businesses than a nice-to-have because of its effectiveness.

Top 5 most influential celebrities are YouTube stars

While many parents may be unaware of the fact that the top YouTube channels garner millions of views. It is essential for them to know that most of these views are from children and teenagers. To address the needs of children, YouTube has even launched an app named YouTube Kids. Channels like Balloon Songs play an integral role in making children learn colors and teaching them nursery rhymes like ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ and ‘Jumping on the Bed’. Marketers make use of children’s inclination towards YouTube to establish a brand’s identity.

YouTube revealed the 2015 statistics of branded content in which there were 40 billion all-time views for it. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices with each viewing session lasting about 40 minutes. With time, this power of video marketing and YouTube itself is going to increase so marketers should make it an essential tool to serve their purposes.

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