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iPhone X is Late for Certain Advances But It Doesn’t Matter



  • OLED screens, facial recognition or wireless charging are technologies that have existed for years.
  • Despite having come up with key innovations, Apple sometimes works better as a company that refines what others have invented.

Let’s ignore the price of the iPhone X, but let’s do it and focus on the importance of the mobile outside the brand: its characteristics. Although it is difficult to make a direct comparison with Android, because Apple makes its hardware ‘the components’ and its software ‘the programs that make the components serve as something’. We can say that the company has arrived somewhat late to some of the major features that are revolutionary in the iPhone X.

OLED Screens:

OLED screens are something intrinsic to Samsung phones for years or since this year if it is screens that have almost no frames around them. Facial recognition is something that many competitors also do, although another thing is that it is something useful at all. The augmented reality likewise, there are two mobile ASUS dedicated to these tasks. And wireless charging has been on mobile phones like the Nexus since 2014.

And yet, this does not matter too much when it comes to Apple. I do not want to be so simplistic to reduce it to a brand issue. Although many buy these phones because they have a half-eaten apple on the spine, the reality is that Apple’s ability to be late. But arrive safely, is worthy of praise as much as criticism.

In other words:

Apple may not have implemented the OLED screens, facial recognition, wireless charging or many other things that have gotten into the iPhone X and they do according to them different. And yet, they get their execution different enough to draw attention as if they were a revolution.

Perhaps one of the clearest cases of this is the iPad. Although today is not what the tablet was for 2012, it was not the first device of this type, much less. Microsoft had bet for years and that had driven as the future of computing. It did not work then, but it worked when Apple relaunched it as a simple product, that works on the basis of apps and that did not need (at least then) a stylus to handle it.

Will the same thing happen with the characteristics of the iPhone X?

It remains to be seen, of course, although as regards the unlocking of the phone with the face and the use of OLED screens, surely the impact of the company is not so important this time. Samsung, HTC and LG have been using such panels for a long time on their mobiles and it is a component not a software or service issue.

But with facial recognition, and even with wireless charging, things can change. Neither of the two has had a very powerful host in the Android world, because the unlocking right now is more comfortable with finger and fingerprint reader and because fast charging technologies are much more efficient and do not require the purchase of a accessory that charges without wires.

That does not mean that in a few months or a year we see how both are integrated into more devices and in a better way because Apple has done it and can, first, play that trick as such “Now our phone does the same as the iPhone” and second benefit from the increased visibility of the iPhone. As much as LG, HTC or even Samsung do a lot of things well, it’s more what Apple does.

So, if suddenly, people see how the new Apple phone works and they like it, companies can take out of the closet those technologies that they developed a few years ago and that today they do not implement because they do not sell as much as a nice design or a screen bigger or a more attractive price.

Technological advances, and this is in technology in a much broader sense, do not always benefit who takes the first step, but those who take the first step on insurance. And in that apple is an expert for decades.

Note that we do not say it as something negative, but as a reality that goes beyond brands and that fits very well with the other advances that Apple has made on its own and that others have not done before. It is something to accept: the iPhone X may not arrive before, but it plays with the advantage of the brand and with the fact that Apple has a lot of experience remaking what others have not been able to do well.

Judging it as something good or something bad, deep down, does not make sense. And although it may sound very ugly for the competition, it seems that there is no way to win even if great technological advances are made, this is not entirely true. That the new iPhone carries an OLED screen, something more typical of Samsung, gives a bit the same in the same way that its screen without almost edges has not caused so much impression because this same company already has some very advanced phones that look almost better within that same format.

Now, we must recognize that the move of the ‘animojis’ that move recognizing our own face is a masterful move and that nobody had done anything this advanced. Even if Snapchat and Instagram have fantastic animated filters, this is a mix of very attractive elements the selfie, the animation and the emojis that had not been given until now. Hopefully Android will imitate as soon as possible…


Best Android Spy Apps of all Time



Are you inquest of best android spy apps to secretly and remotely monitor smartphones? There are numerous cell phone monitoring and tracking applications rightly available in the online spy market. However, not every spy app can provide desired features.

We have reviewed most popular android spy apps and found out the best out of the bulk. Read on to know which cell phone spy app for android has got a place on our list of best android spy apps of all time.

TheOneSpy Android Spy App

TheOneSpy is a multi-platform spy application that allows tracking mobile phones and computers running different operating systems. If we particularly talk about android monitoring solution of the spy app, it is one of the finest spy software rightly accessible. The android spy app offers the most high-tech features enabling the end-user to monitor cell phone and real-life activities of the target.

It offers screen recording and screenshots to capture all cell phone activities remotely. Moreover, it offers tracking of SMS, MMS, instant messages, social media chats, phone calls, GPS location, emails, photos, videos, internet history, keylogs and much more. The app enables the end-user to remotely operate camera and microphone of the targeted cell phone by sending a command via online portal of spyware.

It is one of those cell phone spy app that allow users to spy on most popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Tinder, Tumblr and more. The android spy app can be subscribed for a particular period of time paying a nominal amount. The one-month subscription of basic version of android spy app costs around $18.

Mspy Android Tracking App

If you know a bit about cell phone spy apps, you might have heard about mSpy cell phone monitoring app. It is one of the most popular android spy apps rightly available in the spy market. The application is particularly intended for parents and employers for remotely monitoring the mobile phone activities of their children and workers.

The cell phone tracking app offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted android phone remotely. It offers monitoring of messages, phone calls, emails, contacts, GPS location, photos, videos and keystrokes. Moreover, it allows spying on social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder and Telegram among others.

The application can be subscribed for a specified period of time. The mSpy android monitoring software is a bit expensive as the basic version of the software costs around $25.49 a month. The premium version of the software is priced at $69.99 a month. You can check out the latest price detail of the software here.

Highster Mobile Android Spy App

Highster Mobile is another popular cell phone spy app that is being used by parents and employers around the world. It is multi-platform tracking software that allows monitoring Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian phones. The application offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage cell phone devices without taking them into possession.

The core features of the software include tracking of SMS, MMS, emails, photos, videos, GPS location, and internet browsing history, contacts, social media apps, instant messaging apps and more. While the android spy app offers all basic spying features, it does not offer parental control for filtering and blocking websites and applications.

When compared with other android spy apps, Highster is the most affordable spy application. There is only one-time fee that is around $69.99. There are no monthly or quarterly subscriptions and division of features as per package plans. You can know more about the software here.

Spyera Android Spy Software

Spyera is another popular cell phone spy app which allows tracking mobile phones running Android and many other operating systems. The core features of the spy software include tracking of messages, call logs, emails, photos, videos, contacts, GPS location and more. It also offers call recording and call interception to remotely track and manage incoming calls from unwanted numbers.

The application also allows monitoring surrounding scenes and sounds to capture the real-life activities of the target. It means the end-user of the spy app can remotely operate camera and microphone of the targeted android device to see and record surrounding events.

Moreover, the spy app allows tracking Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Skype, Line, Viber, WeChat, and Hangout, Yahoo messenger, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Tinder and many other social and instant messengers.

If we talk about the price and subscription of the android tracking software, there are three subscription periods i.e., 3-month, 6-month and a year. The price of 3-month subscription of the software is around $189 which is quite higher than the prices of other spy applications.You can get the latest price detail of the software here.

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How Vulnerable is Internet of Things? 5 Looming Hack Attacks



Just as experts had predicted, the IOT is going badly as far as safety is concerned. The potential threats posed by Internet of connected things devices have made vendors really uncomfortable. But it’s you, the customer that should be most concerned.

Considering the drastic adoption and growth of internet-connected devices in our lives, are we facing the biggest catastrophe to hit the internet yet? Up until IOT, the most common consequence of security breaches has been loss of money.

You use a “123456” kind of password and you risk your bank account(s) being hacked. But IOT-device attacks involve as much as harming or even killing victims. Yet, who’s acting about the looming danger? For now, not enough people.

Let’s look at how your life could be changed by the press of a button by the wrong person:

Your Health

Leading a better and healthier lifestyle is a common interest among people around the world. Technology scientists aren’t left out in this as they play significant roles in inventing technologies that’ll ensure a longer lifespan.

Internet-connected medical devices like heart pacemakers, IV drip devices, diagnostic machinery, medicine dispensers and heart monitors amongst others, meant for better treatment now stand the risk of being disrupted by hackers. Remember this scene from Homeland?

The healthcare industry is still “the worst” in cyber security. And with the coming of IOT, this is unlikely to change, unless more effective measures are put in place. This is not to undermine the efforts of regulatory agencies like the FDA, FCC, the Department of Health and Human Services and nearly 10 other regulatory bodies safeguarding patients against cyber threats.

Their stipulated guidelines that manufacturers of medical devices are mandate to abide keep hazards in check. However, there’s so much more to be done.

Your Car

Along with the engine, styling and overall performance of the car, the modern day automaker is often seen stressing on the new technology installed in their cars. As Ford begins testing of its Stratasys Infinite Build 3D machine designed to produce any car parts on a large scale with its advanced cutting and engraving equipment features, it won’t be long before car enthusiasts begin to ride in their dream cars.

As exciting as these ground-breaking innovations may be, they come with big security concerns. Most modern-day cars allow long-range connections through wireless connections like Wi-Fi and cellular network. With the right tools, a hacker can open your car, kill the engine and even instruct it to go out of control, all remotely.

While we are a long way from “unhackable” cars, manufacturers seem to be taking the issue a little more seriously. A Toyota spokesman says: “Toyota has developed very strict and helpful firewall technology against such remote & wireless services.”

Your Home

Nothing beats the comfort of living in a home that meets your taste. Good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to make that happen. With advanced cutting and engraving equipment, you can create customized designs and fixtures for a perfect decor at affordable rates.

Homes are becoming automated, with every function being remotely controlled. The bad eggs aren’t oblivious of this. If you can control your home appliances, so can a hacker. As you open your front-door locks, deactivate the alarm system, open the garage door, and control the thermostat or the refrigerator remotely, a hacker can do these too.

In recent times, home automation has become a standard feature that developers install in homes. Terrorists could change their M.O. and exploit the vulnerabilities of the system. Having gained access, they could turn on power-hungry devices in a neighborhood, overloading shared power transformers and knocking the whole neighborhood off the power grid.

Your TV and Mobile Phone

Familiar with Ransomware and doxware? These malware programs cause more harm than good. Ransomware encrypts your data then asks for ransom to unlock it. With advancement in technology, offline backup could reduce the sting. But hackers were quick to adapt doxing which works just like ransomware. Instead of asking for money in order to decrypt your data, doxware locks your devices, and then threatens to release private information.

The IOT comes with a lot of benefits that are too good to be thrown away. So, where does that leave us? Treading with caution might be the solution. For me, I’ll slow down on fully automating my home. Connecting just the stereo of my car to the internet and have everything else work manually isn’t such a bad idea. After all, I don’t care if hackers change my channels and GPS voice personality. My engine, however, I want to be the one in control.

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5 Crisis Communication Lessons You Need to Know



Most of the companies don’t have crisis planning business as one of their top agendas. There can be rational reasons to it. Companies think that crisis is something that cannot be predicted with accuracy as to what will happen and when. So planning about something that they don’t know can be wasteful. Therefore, people who try to ring an early bell are often discouraged as pessimists.

This is a wrong approach because there are things which are common to every crisis. And making an early plan will always be beneficial. Especially, in today’s world where communication channels like Twitter and Facebook provide you the benefit of knowing about things in advance.

And believe it or not advanced planning is the key to survive a crisis. This is the reason why many fortune 500 companies train their employees on how to communicate effectively at the time of any crisis. effective communication techniques can act like a glue and keep your team from falling apart. With this in mind let us look at 5 crisis communication lessons that every leader should know about:

Have A Rigid Plan

Although, you can never know in advance what may happen and will have to improvise at the moment itself. But you can always make a plan with clear cut objectives about how you can protect your biggest assets at the time of crisis.

Your three key assets are your employees, customers and the company’s reputation. And any type of crisis situation will always be in a direct conflict with any three of them. Ensuring the survival of your key assets is important for an early recovery from the crisis situation in business.

To make sure you are protected, you can make plans in advance. For example, you can discuss with your marketing team how well they are prepared if they need to go full throttle in defending the company’s reputation. You can look at the examples of what other companies did at the time of crisis in protecting their reputation. Early discussions like these will help ease the panic at the time of crisis as to what to do and what not.

Have A Spokesperson

Having a spokesperson is crucial to delivering a clear cut message as to what your company stands for. At the time of crisis your spokesperson will be that one guy who represents the whole company. And having a bad one can do some critical damage to your reputation.

A spokesperson should provide a sense of authority to let your audience know that things are under control. If your communication lacks a spokesperson or you do it by pushing anyone on board, without prior experience of handling things, you may be putting yourself at a very risky position. Know that your company should speak with one voice.

Keep Your Employees Informed

If your employees are informed about the situation in detail, they will come out with better solutions and plans. They will also be able to protect themselves if they know that something bad has occurred. It will create a feeling of trust that company cares about its employees and is able to keep them in its priority list of protective assets.

Not informing them will only cause an internal rumor mill. And rumors are always far from the truth. This may also lead to employees posting false beliefs and reports about the company on social media marketing. Such rumors have a way of attracting people by feeding their worst imaginations. So it’s better to keep everyone informed about all the aspects of the situation.

Update Early and Often

Many times it can be seen that if people don’t know about something they assume the worst for it. And if you don’t update them with the information from time to time they will only think that things are not under your control. People will mistake your silence.

Under such circumstances it’s always better to over communicate than under. It will also keep rumors under a check. You can do it by issuing summary statements of what has happened until now and what steps you have taken to deal with things. You can also update people with the latest action plans and changes on any new developments.

Have A Social Media Team

Many recent crisis have shown that people are often most reactive on social media. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be utilized to know public opinion and in this sense they are the most important channels of communication in a crisis. These channels will let you know what people think at the time of crisis and can also shape public opinion.

To do this, it is important that you have a social media team ready with you at the time of crisis. The teams only job will be to monitor and react to social media activity all along the crisis.

Finally, remember that a poorly managed crisis can damage things that took years to build. So it is important to know how you can deal with any crisis well in advance when the situation is under control. The best thing to do is to seek advice from the leaders within your company, your most valued customers, communication experts and financial managers. These people can provide you with a lot of valuable insight.

5 Crisis Communication Lessons You Need to Know

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