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The Many Ways That Digital Technology Is Shaping Cinema



The world of cinema has always been full of technological innovations and ingenious inventions. From silent films to CGI-rich films of today, the film industry has continued to evolve throughout the years.

Nowadays filmmakers of all budgets and caliber utilize ‘digital’ in variety of ways. Independent films and TV shows  often shot with digital cameras, even DSLRs. While some high-caliber filmmakers with seemingly unlimited budgets and highest expectations start reaching for digital cameras as well. Anyone who looks close enough will surely notice that digital filmmaking. Not only computer-generated special effects is the future of cinema.

Digital technology is innovating filming

There is no denying that traditional film is not only a fantastic invention but that it has evolved sufficiently to allow for absolutely gorgeous movies to be created. To think that films like Interstellar are still shot on film is astonishing and there are many filmmakers who work hard to preserve it. And many filmmakers still believe that film offers widest range of colors.

However, there is also no denying that digital filmmaking allows filmmakers to explore new realms and test innovative techniques, without sacrificing quality. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, for example, was the first feature film to be shot in 8K resolution on Red’s Weapon digital camera.

While many questioned director James Gunn’s decision. Everyone can attest that the end result is beautiful and elegant in the end indistinguishable from film to most viewers. The director talked about his decision extensively on social media and explained how shooting with digital cameras is one way to drive the medium forward and adapt to new innovations in the field.

Digital plays many roles, from shooting to the movie theater

Digital technology is evident everywhere in the film industry. Movie theaters, for example, are readily adopting the technology. After all, the vast majority of cinemas worldwide have already converted to digital projectors.

Shooting with digital cameras still reserved for a subset of high-budget films but it does carry plenty of advantages. For example, multiple digital cameras can shoot the same scene, allowing the director to gain multiple angles and perspectives, quickly review the results and easily synchronize camera views during post-production. It is far easier to shoot multiple takes that way too.

Preservation is also an important area to consider. Obviously, movies shot on film can preserved when using the right methods but digital is a far safer, more efficient and less costly method of doing so.

Digital brings costs down

When shooting blockbusters like the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the cost differences between film and digital cameras is quite negligible as movie studies are more than happy to foot the bill because of the expected revenue in the box office.

In many other cases, however, digital cameras and associated technologies result in much lower costs. There are plenty of big-name filmmakers who refuse to use digital cameras. But those are a select few who can pretty much do whatever they like, with studios complying to their requests.

For everyone else, digital technology makes a lot more sense. Anything from shooting scenes to editing a movie is much more convenient and cost effective with digital than with film. Budgeting is far more efficient too as costs can calculated without excess.

A new world of film making

Digital technologies, including digital cameras, can open up previously unexplored avenues for filmmakers. Anything from advanced depth sensors to 3D motion capture and more are the result of digital technologies.

Related technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality may also well play a role in the future of the film industry. If Mark Zuckerberg has his way, for example, the Oculus Rift may one day act as a virtual cinema so you will not even have to leave your house to “meet” your friends for a movie.

The industry at large is moving towards digital

The turn to digital can witnessed not only from the work of filmmakers themselves but also in tech-centric Silicon Valley. For instance, the newly-launched CinemaStock is turning so-called “green screen” filming into digital as well, by offering filmmakers high resolution stock footage of “virtual actors”. The actors, such as police, doctors, pedestrians, protesters, etc: are filmed on green background. Which is later easily removed and allows inserting those actors into any other background, usually as extras. Although such footage is more targeted towards lower-budget and YouTube films, it is definitely a sign of digital tech playing big role in the future of filmmaking. Though in case of CinemaStock, the company also makes filmmaking more accessible to filmmakers at large. Everyone can now experiment with making films, simply by filling their scenes with extra characters they would not be able to utilize otherwise, whether gangsters, zombies or pedestrians.

This, and many other uses of digital technologies are already evident to everyone in the industry. Of course, shifts to new technologies always take time. While it may be true that digital is the next step of the film industry. It certainly does not mean it will be ubiquitous in a single day.

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7 Pros and Cons of Setting Up Google AMP In WordPress



People convert HTML to WordPress theme or move from other formats to access a platform that supports other useful technologies. A lot of website owners are thinking of setting up Google AMP in WordPress interfaces. The project helps in building web pages that load quickly on all kinds of devices.

It was initiated by Google to ensure a good user experience irrespective of the device being used. However, it will be pertinent if people read this article before implementing AMP on their interfaces. There are some distinct advantages of using the technique. At the same time, there are some clear drawbacks which users must know about before joining the project. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Google AMP program.

What Is Google AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project began in 2016 with Google’s support. It gives users access to an open-source library which they can use to build fast-loading pages. The pages created with the platform have three major components, namely- AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache.

The main objective of AMP is to create a lightweight code so that the page is optimized for speed. The project is supported by all major technology platforms, vendors, and partners. They have contributed vital components or provided integration facilities to the service.

Benefits of Google AMP

Following are the benefits of using Google AMP in WordPress:

1. Improved Page Loading Speed

As mentioned earlier, the prime objective of the open-source project is to create pages which are rendered instantaneously. A big advantage of using the program is it will definitely improve the page loading speed of the website. The technique removes all the unnecessary elements and retains only the vital ones on a page. This means the browser does not wastes time loading multiple components and renders the page quickly to a visitor.

2. Ensures Better User Experience

The technology has a positive effect on the overall user experience of a website. People do not have to wait for a page to load. Moreover, they do not need to sift through large volumes of content to find the desired information. All these factors improve the user experience of an interface and encourage people to visit it again in the future. A leaner and faster interface will also attract more traffic with the passage of time.

3. Better Search Results Rankings

One of the biggest advantages of setting up Google AMP in WordPress interfaces is it can help improve Google rankings. Last year the search engine giant started mobile-first indexing meaning it was using mobile website versions to finalize its results. The open-source project helps users create mobile-friendly pages that are rendered quickly in all major browsers. Moreover, as explained in the above point, the traffic to such pages also sees a spike. All these factors help in improving the search results rankings of an interface.

4. Lower Abandonment Rates

A few years ago, when mobile devices started becoming more popular, a few interesting changes were noticed in users’ behavior. It was seen that mobile users were less patient than those accessing the internet through desktops. The former abandoned an interface if it took longer than 3 seconds to render in a browser. The AMP program was started to improve the experience of people using smart devices. It helps in reducing the time taken by websites to load and keeps their abandonment rates down.

Disadvantages of Google AMP

It is not that the Google AMP service provides only benefits to users. There are some drawbacks of using the procedure to create web pages. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

1. Restricted Branding Options

A significant disadvantage of using AMP is that it can restrict the branding options on mobile pages. The technique strips down a web page to fashion a layout with only the necessary items. This can limit the number of branding elements on the mobile version. It can lessen the impact of the marketing campaign on potential customers.

2. Limited Choices for Analytics Integration

Analytics is a vital component of website management. It helps business owners in assessing the website traffic and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. Google Analytics is one of the most popular platforms but there are various other helpful tools also. The AMP project supports many such platforms but it does not integrate with a lot of solutions that are popular among WordPress users.

3. Inconsistency in Display of Mobile and Desktop Versions

An AMP-generated page may not look like its original desktop version. In order to create a quick-loading layout, the program strips down most of the content and other elements. This can drastically change the appearance of a page and can cause confusion among visitors. Professionals have to make sure that the differences are not too prominent.


It is essential that business owners take note of the above-mentioned points before setting up Google AMP in WordPress websites. This will help them create fast interfaces without losing their branding abilities.

Author Bio:

Brandon Graves is well-known as a professional WordPress web developer associated with HireWPGeeks Ltd. The popular PSD to WordPress conversion services provider company across the globe. He uses to write creative and useful thoughts related to WordPress tips and tricks.

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Top 8 Essential Web Designing User Experience Tips



There is no denying the fact that the current scenario of the online realm demands for the interactive and user-friendly website from almost every brand.

A website is the face of the company that interacts with the consumers, display their products and services. It is also an amazing way to keep the audience informed about the latest happenings at their company.

A website is an imperative platform to promote your business online and reach a large number of audiences across the world. If your website is difficult to navigate and provides a poor user experience, it can negatively affect the goodwill of your company.

Here are some effective design tips to improve the user experience and engagement on your website:

Create A Responsive Design

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. So, it is vital to have a website that is responsive or mobile-friendly. People love to browse websites or products or services on their phones rather than on laptops or desktops.

If the website is not working on mobile phones properly, it can turn away your traffic and harm the goodwill of the company. It is utmost important to create a responsive web design that performs flawlessly across various browsers and electronic devices.

It is advisable to use mobile-friendly plugins to offer excellent user experience to your users.

Improve Page Load Time

When a visitor visits your website, they want the page to load at a faster rate. A page that doesn’t load faster can be really annoying and it might lead visitors to leave the site within a few seconds.

So, it is important to check the speed of the website. Also, make sure to ensure that it performs seamlessly on all devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The site should load quickly across all platforms so that your users have a great experience.

You should ask your web developers to work on improving the load speed of your website.

Simplify Your Website Navigation Process

Having simple navigation on the website is essential. If visitors find a website’s navigation complicated, they are more likely to leave it.

As a result, they will avoid visiting the site. So, it is necessary to have simple navigation that can help your users browse through the website without any difficulty.

Always keep the navigation intuitive, make your products or services descriptive and try to keep the navigation bar simple.

Usage of White Space

Most of the business owners have a notion that the white space on a website doesn’t look good. They prefer a website that is packed with as much information as possible.

However, this is not the case. White spaces around headings and titles are necessary to grab the attention of the audience. It also gives webpage a fresh, open and contemporary look.

So, as a business owner, it is necessary to understand what your users want and develop a site that meets the needs of your consumers.

Create An Impressive Home Page

A homepage is the face of your website. It is the page where your services are well summarized. Online users visit this page to get most of the information about your company or brand.

It is the entryway to your website and most of the users observe how well your homepage defines your service or products. Websites with the best UX are easy to access and simple to navigate through.

Make sure the design is not overwhelming and should leave a lasting impression on your users. The homepage should have short paragraphs, subheadings, large texts and bullet points to enhance user experience as well as conversions.

Define clear call to Action

Apart from having a mobile-friendly web design, it is important to have a proper call to action that guides your users in the right way. A call to action button on the homepage is a must. It helps in increasing the conversion rates on the website.

You can use the words like ‘call now’, ‘let’s get started’, ‘request a quote’ etc. to guide user behavior. Never overlook the importance of the right call to action.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points and headings are a great way to capture the attention of your users. No one likes large paragraphs as they are boring to read. You need to present the information in an effective way that can be read quickly and efficiently.

Get creative with bullet points by using icons and images. Keep in mind the tone of your brand sets while being creative with the designs, images and icons.

Use Realistic And Relevant Images

An image, video or a GIF is something we all love to see. To grab the attention of the audience, use high-quality images.

Users generally stay more to look at the pictures rather than reading the content. So, it is necessary for every web developer to incorporate great visuals for better user engagement. Also, consider custom illustrations to deliver great user experience so that you can convert traffic into sales.

As compared to regular stick images, customized illustrations are better to engage your visitors on your site.


Easy website navigation, mobile-friendly web design, and quick loading speed are a few things that you need for a better browsing experience. Descriptive content, relevant images, headings, white space, and customized illustrations will improve user attention. With these few tips, you can grab user attention and maximize your ROI.

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Did You Know These Hack For Instagram?



Instagram, launched as Burbn, is one of the largest social media networks in the world today. With a huge user acquisition in just over two months highlights the unprecedented growth of the platform. Normally, applications fail to get such massive acquisition in initial months. Providing a platform that revolves only around picture and video is the USP of Instagram.

Since, it’s on the peak of the horizon when it comes to digital marketing, many business and organization tends to use this application with the hopes of acquiring leads or getting their accounts monetized.

One needs to understand the fact that all business can’t generate leads or benefit their company from Instagram. There are particular niches where you must realize whether your business is fit to conduct Instagram marketing for the company’s profit or not. These are the top niche for Instagram marketing

  1. Fashion
  2. Fitness
  3. Food
  4. Fortnight
  5. Gaming
  6. Luxury
  7. Pet
  8. Travel

This does not mean that if your business does not fall in these niches you can’t go for Instagram marketing. You must understand the perception of the audience on Instagram. Generally, the most active people on Instagram are teenagers, i.e. 72% of them. Hence you must ask yourself, is your business in any way aligned with the above-mentioned niche for Instagram.

By now, you must have a clear understanding of whether your business’ time on Instagram is worth it or not. But that’s not enough. There is one more analysis that needs to do. That is to get statistics of Instagram usage globally.

Businesses will then decide which country should get targeted to generate valuable leads. As per, these are usage penetration of Instagram in selected countries as of January 2019.

From these statistics, you can understand two major points:

  • Which country’s user will be valuable for your business when generating potential leads
  • Which country should you choose for running Instagram marketing that would benefit your business in the long term

Instagram Marketing Hacks

1. Useful Hashtag

You might be wondering why hashtags are important in Instagram. It is a fact that people on the Instagram search for content for a niche-specific keyword. Therefore, you must focus on writing niche-specific content. You must also ensure that your content pieces include such hashtags, keywords, helping your buyer personally search your content with ease. How you do it?

Visit RiseDecoded website and your query will get resolved.

2. Schedule for posting

Having a concrete schedule for posting your stories on Instagram is important. The best time for posting on Instagram is between 9 am through 11 am EST. But wait, does that mean, if you post your content within this time frame, you will get engagement on your post? Right.

Well not exactly, but you must understand that every account has a different audience, living in different parts of the world have their own time zones. This is the reason why you have to deduce which time slot is best for you to post generating maximum engagement on Instagram.

3. Shout Out Influencers

When you present yourself as a new business entity, you must create a space with your identity in your target market. Now, this might be challenging. Luckily these influencers can help you with shoutouts, which might help you in getting you’re targeted know you much more easily.

4. Start interaction and get ‘Likes’

Interaction on the post of influencers or big brands initially can catch people’s eyes. They will explore your profile and might interact with you as well. You must post your first casual comment on a strong profile so that people appreciate your comment – and since you will be the first one to comment – it will get highlighted on the post, exposing your profile to targeted audience.

5. Stories Clickbait

Do you have a good amount of valuable audience in your profile? If yes. then for stories clickbait. You must provide catching content in your stories, enticing people to click on your profile, and then drive the user to your website. But be careful, you don’t have to do that often. You can’t take your audience for granted, else eventually engagement on your profile post will go down.

6. Make weird comment and derive story out of it

In October 2018, an Egyptian girl made headlines when she conducted an online social experiment. She posted pictures with comments on an image from NASA depicting how their rocket could end world hunger. She even claimed in her post that NASA contacted her. When the story got viral, she admitted that this was a social experiment stunt. But this got her known with a large number of followers. She got famous with a nasagirl tag back then.

You can also make such comments on big brands and create humor which can ultimately get a lot of attraction and make your profile engaging.

7. Small Giveaway

‘Giveaways’ provide you with the opportunity to generate hype about your product or service within your audience. When you see that your posts are going viral, and you can afford to spend some bucks on marketing, then this is the best method to generate a valuable lead.

Offer your audience some valuable pieces of content, features of an application or a prize that will make them become loyal to your brand, in exchange for promotion of your brand on social media.

8. Post consistently

You must realize the fact that each Instagram account has a rank or worth. Think about it. A person who has been following 1000 accounts, how would Instagram know which account post must users see?

The age of the account and the level of engagement represent the rank and worth of an Instagram account. Therefore, post content what your audience would like to see regularly. Since you know your audience better, you must know what type of content they would love to see.

9. Boomerang

You must be aware of another amazing Instagram feature called ‘Boomerang.’ This feature can slow down a video to make it more compelling for the viewers. People love to see regular content in slow motion because it changes the cinematography completely. And, as a result, it will lead to more engagement and generate exciting buzz for your audience. So, analyze your business and see if you can make use of this feature.

10. Verification badge

Finally, the verification badge is important for any Instagram account. As a business, it will depict that your account is reliable. Once you start getting engagement on your account, you can apply for account verification.

Once verified, Instagram will promote your account to relevant users because you are now an authority in your niche.

Final Words

With over 700 million active users, one can see the huge potential of getting valuable leads from Instagram marketing practices. The users value and engage with interesting content. Therefore, you must develop content with interesting information, or showcase your business in a unique style.

Produce content with a catchy caption that leads to engagement. And, last but not the least, switch to an Instagram business profile, in case if you haven’t from a normal profile because you will be provided with tons of free tools and insight.

Author Bio:

Salman is an engineering graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Digital Marketer at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community & help entrepreneur reach their goal. He is a big fan of cricket and does play AAA games in his free time.

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