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Anti-Boredom Month: Gadget Deals You Need to Make It Through Lockdown

Ongoing lock-down measures have caused many to throw themselves headfirst into new hobbies and activities – from baking to crocheting to DIY projects! However, as we enter our fourth month of lock down measures, some of these pastimes are losing their charm and we’re in need of a fresh source of entertainment.

Luckily, this month is Anti-Boredom Month, and we’re here to help you out with some of the best gadget deals on the market!


Recent weeks have seen the public splurge on puzzles, board games, and brain teasers alike. However, whilst our collections have grown, our cupboard space has not.

If you’re still looking to enjoy these activities but have run out places to put them then investing in an iPad could be the ideal solution. Not only can you download games and puzzles at little to no cost, but you can also enjoy an entourage of extra features – from reading apps, film and TV platforms, and social connection services!

If you need an extra push, then take a look at Apple’s complete range of models that offer a number of prices so that you can find a deal that suits you.

Kindle Paperwhite:

Reading has always been a favored pastime for many, but often we don’t have the time to read as much as we like – but, the lockdown has changed that! With all our new-found free time, individuals across the UK have submerged themselves in works of fiction, non-fiction, and everything in-between. Yet, as we all know, books can be a costly expenditure which is why purchasing a Kindle can be a great idea.

Once purchased, users can buy their books via the Amazon store and often enjoy a lower cost than if they’d bought the physical copy. If that weren’t enough, Amazon is currently offering the Paperwhite model for the price of £119.99!

Kindle Kids:

Enjoyable reading experiences are not exclusive to adults alone! In fact, as many parents are taking on the role of both carer and teacher, having a device that can support their children’s literary learning can be a great help. With over a thousand cult classic stories to keep them entertained, the Kid’s Kindle will both keep them busy whilst freeing up some time for your own interests.

Of course, with any electronic purchase for a child there comes the concern of damage. But Amazon is already one step ahead of you offering a two-year warranty period. So no matter the situation, your little ones will be finding honey with their favorite bear or fighting off evil witches in no time!

Portable Projector:

Now, whilst you’ve likely binged everything that your TV provider or Netflix subscription has to offer, having a projector can redefine your entire viewing experience. Now, of course, many projectors can come with a hefty cost, but luckily there are some affordable options available that don’t compromise on quality – the Elephas 3600 is a fantastic example of just that!

With this projector, you can bring the entertainment with you – from the lounge to the newly-constructed fort or even to the garden – meaning that no viewing will be the same. The icing on the cake? This projector comes at a reasonable cost of £79.99 on Amazon!


Finding your ideal gadget for a great price is always exciting – and rightly so! However, locating the device at the desired price tag is no good if it sustains any damage following your purchase which is why you should consider investing in gadget insurance.

As we’re all too aware, accidents can happen with even the best intentions – so make sure that you’re prepared for when they strike!

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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