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7 Ways You Can Make Your E-commerce Delivery Process More Efficient



Optimized and efficient delivery service is required for a business to grow. In such times when the customers need single-day delivery and have the least amount of patience to wait for their product to arrive, keeping them updated about their delivery is the only way to keep them hooked. This will generate traffic on your app, making you money. The lesser time you take to deliver a package the happier your customer will be. You just need to optimize and digitize your delivery process safely and timely deliver the packages.

Here are 9 Ways to Help you Make your Delivery Process More Efficient

Automate Order Fulfillment:

If you want to improve your delivery process, then you first need to automate and optimize the fulfillment process. It will help improve your business drastically. You need to try different kinds of automation technology and see which ones work best for you and move forward with it.

The order fulfillment cycle requires customer feedback as well, to determine customer satisfaction which helps you optimize and grow your business. It is important to set the lowest-time delivery cycle so that your customers receive their deliveries before time which helps you get more good reviews.

Since the shopping pattern of the customers has changed, most of them want the delivery on a single day basis, which becomes difficult for the delivery person. Not all items are stored in the nearest warehouse from where you can deliver the product on the same day.

Also, international delivery takes time. Each customer demands fast delivery of easy products but let us be practical that not all the products can be delivered on the same day. But you can always increase your efficiency and the Magento order delivery date scheduler can help you achieve that.

Set Order Priorities:

Prioritization improves efficiency. There are many ways in which you can set your orders to different priorities based on the delivery dates or location. First, you need to set priority on all the orders. You need to see which orders will affect your business the most and then make them your first priority.

Set your priority in such a way that you don’t lose your highest-paying customers. Also, you need to make sure of the conditions that products require. Like an electronic item will not be delivered in the same way as a packet of frozen yogurt. Also, you need to make sure that your delivery products are not damaged or spoiled because of the transportation or weather conditions.

Delivering a huge order at the start of the day leaves an empty room for delivering small orders during the rest of the day. Also, you cannot directly start the delivery process the moment it is confirmed. It is because it will lead to insufficient management of the delivery system as not all orders will be delivered on time as this process is not optimized and can create chaos.

Stick to Your Commitment:

You need to stick to your commitment to gaining the trust of your customers. Gaining trust from your customers helps you to be in their good books. Also, if you deliver the package before the delivery date then it can leave an everlasting impression, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Today’s customers are more concerned about whether they get their delivery on time or not. You face a lot of challenges if you do not meet the customer demands. You need to set the time window for the route plan as well. Traffic or roadblocks can delay your delivery time, creating a negative impact on the customers. So, you need to keep a time window for such scenarios as well.

Track Delivery Persons’ Performance Over Time:

The time between the customers receiving the delivery on their doorstep to the time it was at the depot is called delivery time. You can narrow it down further by recording the entire time from the pickup point to the final delivery destination including the labeling time, loading time, and last-mile delivery. You need to track and have an in-depth analysis, to set deadlines for future products and improve your performance over time.

Also, you need to give your delivery person a rough estimation of the time to deliver, which helps you set deadlines and ensure that your delivery person does their work on time. Also, you can get to know whether the driver needs more time for a particular delivery or not.

Also, analyzing their performance for each delivery helps you choose your fit for the company. Delivery people also need to take care of the product if it gets canceled. The time it takes to reach the depot again in a safe and secure way. Moreover, knowing their availability helps you assign work to them. Magento 2 Delivery Date scheduler can help you track delivery person over time, and keep your customer hooked to the app for a while, increasing traffic on your app.

Real-time Order Tracking:

You need to switch to real-time order tracking to increase productivity. It helps you monitor which drivers are not performing optimally. It helps improve customer satisfaction and response time. It helps you reduce the fuel cost and thus, labor cost. You need to manage the time efficiently and so, getting real-time alerts on vehicle status is a go-to optimal solution in such cases. It also makes it easier to recover and reduce unauthorized users in between and cuts middlemen. It gives an alert when a vehicle is being driven outside the working hours or into some restricted areas.

Reduce Paperwork:

The more the paperwork, the more time it will take for you to deliver the item as most of the time will be used to manage paperwork. Try digitizing every process which is much easier to maintain and helps you analyze faster. You can manage your essential documents to be processed digitally. This also helps reduce human errors and human contact creating fewer errors.

Handling delivery documents results in a lot of chaos. And it becomes difficult to track any documents or further updates on a particular delivery. Emails, SMS, push notifications, chat and other messaging apps provide a platform to do the same thing much more smoothly in less amount of time and are more convenient to the customers as well.

Optimize Routes:

One factor that plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of the delivery process is optimizing routes. You need to use the algorithm that finds you the shortest and fastest route to deliver your products safely. It helps you save a lot of time and fuel with each delivery. Such deliveries are done based on geographical location so, orders within nearby areas are delivered along the way.


To optimize your delivery process, you need to make it more efficient. You need to even cut the errors, the paperwork required and with the shortest possible route, you need to deliver the packages. You also need to prioritize your audience. And deliver all the products safely and securely within the given time frame. It helps you track your delivery person as well and helps reduce fuel costs making you money and your business grow.

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