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7 Strategies to Get More Traffic from Guest Posting

Thoughts and questions that come to mind and you search them on Google can guarantee that you will find numerous blog posts in the search results. We are living in this environment, supersaturated, unreal, and full of inaccurate and dull white noise. And in some way, we not only have to compete with the already excellent content but also overcome the disadvantages.

Guest posting is an ingenious way to carry new traffic to your website and become an authority in the industry. Though only guest posit cannot be sent, just publishing and executing does not have many benefits. By creating a more structured way to develop and advertise guest posts, you can significantly improve your effectiveness. This not only increases the reputation of the brand but also increases visits to the site and improves the ranking of search engines.

Unluckily, just having good content does not generate traffic. It would be best if you tried to find readers instead of writing real messages to find them. There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Some methods are more efficient and economical than others. We recommend that you start with 7 strategies so that you can increase traffic through guest posting.

Publish Your Guest Posts on Authority “Blogs”

Guest blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Unfortunately, many fresh bloggers occasionally overlook this marketing strategy, while others do it wrong. Guest blogs are an important link building tool, but they are not the only tool. Submitting posts to popular blogs can provide more referral traffic. Also, posting on major blogs has made your blog an authority in the industry.

Many bloggers are mishandling this strategy specifically for linking and optimization on search engines, and Google strongly disallows the use of this strategy. These spammers do not allow professional bloggers to reduce the number of visitor blogs for just a few months or prevent them from continuing on their sites. Guest blogging is the best way to share the traffic generated by an official blog, sharing blog posts as a guest so that you can grow your niche.

Always Write Authentic, Useful, and Genuine Content

Your article should focus on practical suggestions. Or else, no one will take your guest post seriously. In other words, you should have tested the advice you shared. For example, XYZ proves how to get more links. Or an XYZ strategy to increase your blog’s ranking, this list is unending. By writing these real and honest suggestions, you gain the popularity of your suggestions users and get better results. Think now. If you can do this in your industry, you can quickly become an authority. This is the mechanism by which guest posting works.

Optimize Your Post for Search Engine

With the latest developments in social media, many bloggers have developed their own brands in the world of social media while ignoring search engines. It’s good to build your brand across multiple social media channels to keep in touch with the industry, but don’t forget the organic traffic from search engines. The world’s leading blogs generate more than 60% of search engine traffic. So, before you click the publish button, make sure your blog post is optimized for search engine traffic.

Do Keywords Research

Social and direct links can attract more traffic to your website, but SEO is still important. Keyword research is a critical practice, and if you want to get free site visits, don’t miss it. After all, the right keywords can help you connect with the people who are actively looking for you. That is extremely valuable for increasing traffic to your website.

Individually blog post needs to be optimized for a different keyword. This does not mean compressing a single sentence into an entire message. Instead, it works well as alternative text for images, a title or two, and the whole message. In blog posts, long-tail keywords can be your supporter. These are the phrases “how to increase blog traffic for free” and “how to increase blog traffic,” not short-term keywords like “blog traffic.”

Write Content That Grabs Readers’ Attention

As mentioned earlier, search engines are the most significant source of traffic for many useful blogs. Now that we have managed to generate enough traffic on search engines, we cannot say that our efforts as bloggers will be interrupted. If there is enough traffic, the blog will not be successful, but if enough subscribers are created, the blog will also be successful. Subscribers are lifelong, and traffic is more important because traffic can be changed at any time.

Learn about a successful blog. Most of them are impressive, not because they generate a lot of traffic. They gained authority with the value of many of their subscribers who were attracted to their blogs.

Get In Touch With Other Bloggers

Many bloggers have distant from other bloggers. Like life, blogs “are concerned with sharing.” A successful blog is a product of the blog’s impact on the social media world. If you want to get more attention on social media, you need to share your blog post on popular social media. But how do bloggers or any person share your post on their platform? Well, it could be because your article is great, your video attracted a lot of attention, or you shared the article online, and they want to do it too.

When you get in touch with other blog authors, high-quality links also reach your blog. Get in touch does not mean following these blogs in daily instant messages. You can interact by following them on Twitter and Facebook and posting comments on the blog.

Organize Your Posts on Diverse Platforms

Content organization is a marketing strategy that can redistribute blog posts on established and authorized platforms. It could be a media company, the Internet, another blog, etc. You can choose to send a certain number of messages together to the two platforms, such as LinkedIn and Medium per week together. In addition to increasing traffic, your blog will also have more SEO value.

The solution is as follows:

  • List the number of articles you want to publish in Google Sheets.
  • Set aside a number of weeks for the joints. The number of articles depends on the size of the blog.

Final Thoughts

Incredible guest posts can help you create industry leads, increase potential customers, and provide your audience with valuable information. You need to take someone to your site to read it. Test each of these seven strategies to attract more traffic and see effective methods.

Measure and track traffic received with Google Analytics. In the upload tracking section, you can find out which source generated the most traffic for you. The focus on recommending the best source of recommendation requires more energy and increases the number of readers and results over time.

Author’s Bio:

Scarlett love to write and travel, working for Getsetgoweb content department.

7 Strategies to Get More Traffic from Guest Posting

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