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7 Best Practices for Choosing Facebook Ad Images

Facebook is a great place to market your business, as it is one of the biggest social media platforms that connect millions of people globally. It has 2.14 billion active users monthly, which is a huge number for marketers looking to promote their business or their brand.

For the same, marketers use ads so that they can reach their target audience and market their brand better. Sounds easy right? Create a visual uploading a video or an image along with product details, and voila, you are in sight of billions of people. But unfortunately, reality is a bit different. Advertising on Facebook and creating Facebook Ads is not easy. It is quite hard to engage people to see your ads, you need them to be engaging. You need them to be interactive enough to ensure that people watch it over other competitors, and also above the images or posts that their friends and family have updates.

That means you have to make sure that the ad is visually stunning. The images used in the ad must be top-notch and should attract the user while delivering the message. Let’s see how you can do that:

Here are 7 best practices that will help you select the best Facebook ad images:

1. Including images of humans who are happy and are having fun

Your audience will engage more with your Facebook Ads if you use a human face as the cover image of your ad. Instead of using the same old and dull images of your product or using text or graphics in your ad, use the image of a happy human who is trying your product and is happy about the same.

The cover image should be such that it goes with your ad or blog that you are sharing on Facebook and it should have the potential of making a real connection with your audience. Use a real human who has used your product is happy with the same in your ad.

2. Color matters

We all know that Facebook’s color scheme is blue and white. That means that when you are creating your ad, you have to keep in mind that the cover images are not in a white and blue cover, otherwise, your image will get blended with Facebook. It will make it harder for people to see your ad and engage with it.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Use bright and contrasting colors so that they don’t blend with FB.
  • The background should be bold and bright if your logo is in blue color
  • Also, add an encouraging CTA button so that people click on your click instantly.

Moreover, keep in mind that you need to have a balance between all the colors that you are using. You cannot only use white and greys or only bold and bright colors. Strike a balance between the two, if you want people to look at it.

3. Make sure that the image is relevant with your ad

For a Facebook ad to work, you need to use the right image. The image should be relevant to the content that you are writing as it is important. For instance, if you are talking about health tips for a better life and using the image of a Pizza as the cover image, it won’t work.

You need to make sure that the image is not only visually appealing but is also appropriate, and goes with your content.

4. Use logos in your images

For your Facebook ad image, you can use your logos too. A logo doesn’t interest or engage more people as the image of a person will do. But it can help you get more conversions and leads in the near future.

5. Keep the Facebook ad simple

There is no need to make your Facebook ad complex, keep it simple because that will attract more eyes. If you use too many elements in your image, and a lot is going on it, people will get confused, and it won’t attract more audiences.

For instance, to show the ad of your clothing brand, use a single model in your cover image. If you will use a lot of models, you won’t be able to show your brand and its product properly.

6. Images of pets and children work wonders

Another great way to engage more people is to use the image of a child or a pet along with your product. Find the image of a child or a pet and merge it with your product image. Make sure that it works with your content.

7. Make sure to use humor

Another great tactic to make sure that the image is interactive enough is to use humor as a part of your Facebook ad image. Most people who come to Facebook do that to kill time or chill, so don’t show them bland images, if you want people to connect with it.

Keep these seven tips in mind so that your Facebook ad image works well and brings in lots of conversions for you.

7 Best Practices for Choosing Facebook Ad Images

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