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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO with Video Chat



Live chat is a popular support method used by businesses to facilitate real-time conversations between agents and customers. Unsurprisingly, most customers prefer to live chat over phone calls, owing to benefits such as super-fast support and almost zero wait time. Forrester notes that customers who engage in a chat before making a purchase tend to show a 10% increase in the average order value than those who did not use the chat. Besides, 92% of users report a high satisfaction rate after using live chat because it is swift, convenient, and user-friendly.

No wonder, most businesses have adopted live chat to offer quick and convenient support on various customer touchpoints. However, with customer experience evolving as a major differentiating factor between companies, what can you do differently to better support your customers?

The answer is simple – introducing video chats for offering more personalized support to customers. Indeed, video chat is gradually becoming essential for businesses because of its numerous benefits. Implementing video chat can improve various processes like customer service, customer onboarding, and even your SEO to take your business to the next level.

Yes, you read that right. Video chat can improve your SERPs and boost the traffic to your site when used correctly. This post will share five ways in which video chat technology is beneficial for your business:

1. Video Chat is User-Friendly

Video chat support is a feature in modern live chat software that enables your support agents to offer face to face support online without any downloads or plugins. This is especially useful for helping customers with issues where text alone won’t suffice.

Live chat is user-friendly, but video chats make it simpler to resolve real-time issues, complete with vocal cues and facial expressions. In fact, the face-to-face nature of video chats makes it almost like an in-person conversation, which can make your customer support much more personalized and human.

Simply put, while live chat improves your user experience significantly, video chat software ups the ante further by giving users the option to connect with support in their preferred manner. To make sure your customers can take advantage of the feature, place the video chat button prominently along with the live chat button in an easy-to-find spot on your website for instant access.

Enabling video chat on your mobile site or app will improve your SEO by increasing the mobile-friendliness of your site. As you may already know, mobile-friendliness is one of Google’s vital ranking factors, and you can increase your score with a simple integration that’s good for you and your business, both.

2. Video Chat Drives More Traffic to your Website

Fast, personalized, and real-time support through video chat will likely leave your customers more satisfied with your service. We all know that happy customers spell growth. Data shows that unhappy customers share their experience with multiple people, which means improving customer experience is a priority for any business that wishes to grow. Besides, satisfied customers are likely to spend more on your brand, be loyal, and spread the good word to send more traffic to your site.

Word of mouth is an excellent way to grow your revenue. By offering a positive and seamless experience to your customers, you increase your chances of being referred by the customer, without spending a dime. But did you know positive customer experiences also boost your SEO?

Let us tell you how.

You must have heard of user-generated content (UGC), which refers to content created by someone else on your behalf. UGC includes:

  • A social media review
  • Video or text testimonial
  • User pictures of your product
  • A blog post review of your product
  • A case study on how your product helped a client

A social media review or a testimonial can be about your product or the level of service offered to a customer using innovative methods like video chat. Using video chat for onboarding further improves the user experience, leading to happier customers and more reviews. When posted online, such content generates more noise around your brand, leading to more organic searches and higher traffic on your site.

3. Provide a Personalized Experience

An Accenture survey reports that up to a third of consumers switch brands due to a lack of personalized experiences. As a result, firms are increasingly investing in customer service technologies such as video chat and co-browsing to provide visual and more human support to prevent churn and improve user experience.

Think about it – in times of increasing automation, won’t you prefer human interaction, especially when dealing with complex problems like a financial transaction?

Of course, live chat is fast and convenient. But video chat adds to the offering by creating a more personalized and secure environment. The simple fact that your customers can see the agent they are interacting with leads to more trust and makes the conversation flow more naturally.

Video chat is also disability friendly and allows agents to communicate with persons with hearing issues using sign language. The inclusion of disability-friendly features makes your site more user friendly, which boosts your popularity with customers and favorability on the Google search engine as well.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

If your customers are not satisfied in a world of increasing competition, they won’t think twice before switching brands and moving to a competitor that offers better service or experience. Even customer loyalty is fickle, especially when they are not satisfied with the product or service you offer. This means you need to continually invest in your user experience to keep your customers hooked to your brand.

Introducing live video chat support in your business can revolutionize the way you solve customer queries and boost customer satisfaction significantly. Audio and video chat offers customers faster and personalized help, without much waiting time to reach an agent. Once connected, video chat makes it possible to discuss several queries in one session and get a much faster resolution than typing everything out.

5. Video Chat-Based Support Can Improve Dwell Time

Dwell time is an often misunderstood metric for site performance, which is also crucial for your SEO. Dwell time can be explained as the length of time a person spends looking at your web page after clicking a link on a SERP page but before returning to the SERP results. Essentially, it is the time spent by a site visitor engaging with your site before he or she returns to the SERP page to look for other options. But how does video chat impact your dwell time?

Well, Google’s algorithm considers visitors’ engagement for ranking. This means sites that engage visitors for longer are rated higher than those who don’t. Video chat not only helps in customer onboarding and support but improves engagement via personalized, face to face interactions. As engaged customers spend more time on your site, your dwell time improves, boosting your ranking in Google’s algorithm.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of video chat is to drive visitor engagement and provide more effective, real-time support to improve user satisfaction. Implementing video chat software on your customer touchpoints will also propel you ahead of the competition through fast and reliable customer service. Innovation is another factor that helps you win big with video chat software. In case you weren’t aware, customers do value innovation and are willing to pay more for innovative goods and services.

Video chat also boosts conversions by giving your agents a chance to engage people with superior service. Besides, it saves you costs as you are not using any telecom provider to make calls. Video chat software is also considered more secure than regular phone conversations or standard live chat. The reason is that you can see your customers in real-time and identify them during a video chat, which can help in preventing any potential fraud.

However, remember that video chat is not a silver bullet for customer service. Use it intelligently for the best results. For example, there’s no need to use video chat for answering FAQs or handling general chat requests unless you gauge the nature of the complaint to determine whether it requires a face-to-face interaction for resolution or not.

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