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Proven UI/UX Design Tactics for 2020

Convincing the website visitors to invest in your business is not at all a cakewalk in today’s time. Customers’ demands evolve every day, their expectations are rising, market standards are changing, and you simply can’t think of sticking to one strategy to grab the customer’s attention.

Developing products for customers is one thing, but it takes a lot of effort and masterplans of how you showcase and portray it in front of the audience so that they are convinced right away and plan to invest in your business. The visuals, graphics, animations, and other design elements that you use on your website will impact the customer. Of course, great user experience is an important factor that will draw the customer’s attention.

Well, I have discovered a few expert UI/UX design tactics that can help designers stay ahead of the competition and go beyond the customer’s expectation level so as to deliver the appealing user experience. So, in this post, we are going to explore the proven tactics that will definitely be of great help to UI/UX designers and business owners as well. So, let’s get started!

UI/UX Tactics for Designers

In today’s time, simplicity is back in trends and customers prefer simple and easy to navigate websites rather than getting lost in the websites full of complex animations and images throughout the web page.

A designer should not only be aware of design strategies that will grab the customer’s attention in today’s time but must work upon design strategies that will help in the long run.

Text Alignment

Website visitors don’t spend a long time while browsing a website; rather they hardly take two to three seconds to decide whether they are going to continue browsing on your website or not. In that case, one important thing that impacts the visitor’s attention is how you align the text on your web pages (especially on the home page because this is the first page a website visitor lands on).

On the web page, you might have numerous sections that have content, which is of unequal length. This will leave a bad impression on the customer’s end, so you need to ensure that you make the text length equal and align them properly so that customers simply love your website.

Regular UI/UX Audit

A designer’s job is just not confined to designing, designing, and designing. Rather, he must be aware of the progress and track if what he’s doing is actually the right strategy or not. For this, you must take out time and conduct UI/UX audit on a regular basis. Sit with your team, emphasize on the design processes, strategies, tools, and techniques you are using- whether they are generating the expected outputs as before or not.

If not, what’s wrong in that, do you need to improve something in that or maybe that tool is outdated and you need to look for a new one. All these things are cleared only if you are conducting UI/UX audits regularly; otherwise, you’ll never know what the actual problem is and you’ll continue losing customers.

Go for Two Column Web Form Design

In recent times, users don’t prefer using web forms and the emphasis is made on landing pages. Being a designer, you spend a huge time designing the web forms and convince the visitors to convert. In that case, designers must ensure that they design user-friendly, precise, and appealing web forms that help the visitors to go through a great website experience and get convinced by your business.

And while you go for a two-column web form, it will not only present a responsive view to the mobile and other digital devices; it even assists break the broad form into a more friendly and organized form which is preferred by the website visitors and convince them to continue with your business, instead of looking for some alternatives.

Have a Subtle CTA

There are numerous websites where the negative links are built as bold buttons and more vibrant as compared to the positive call to action. In such scenarios, having subtle text-based links for the secondary call-to-action turn out to be more suitable from the user’s perspective and focus on affirmative actions.

For improving the conversion rate and the user experience, you must put the negative action on the left and put the positive one on the right side that definitely helps in better conversion rates.

Don’t Make Use of Dummy Content During Design Phase

The content plays a vital role in grabbing the customer’s attention and turning them into leads. So, ignoring content is not the option for anyone, and the same implies to designers. The majority of the designers don’t consider content as accountable during the design lifecycle and use the Lorem Ipsum content on the place of the actual content.

Their plan is to replace the dummy content afterward once the design is completed. Well, the truth is that the dummy content will offer a different representation on the website, while the actual content gives a totally different view in real-time. So, it is always preferred to go for real content even in the designing stage so that you don’t have to regret later with the unexpected results.

Don’t Skip Prototyping

A very common thing that designers usually skip is prototyping, which results in putting in a lot of time, effort, and resources later and still not meeting the expectation level of the target audience.

No matter how much effort you put in, if your product doesn’t match the expectations of your potential customers, all your efforts and hard work are of no use. So, to avoid all this, you need to focus on prototyping, it is like building a model of the product so as to test it thoroughly. To carry out prototyping, designers can make use of numerous design techniques.

Simplicity is a Must

Customers expect a user-friendly and simple website where a healthy interaction can take place. No doubt, users will get attracted to your animations and graphics you used, but excessive use of these design elements might end up confusing the user and delivering poor user experience.

So, you need to keep a balance of all these things and ensure that things are kept simple so that customers are able to locate what they are looking for in a hassle-free manner. Try to keep things simple, precise, easy to understand, and straightforward; this is what customers expect in today’s time.

Final Thoughts

The design industry will continue to evolve; you’ll get through new design trends and techniques every day. But delivering great user experience and impressing them to invest in your business is going to be a common idea you’ll have to emphasize on, today and always. So, try keeping all the above points in your mind so that you are able to grab the attention of a wider audience and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Otherwise, you’ll end up designing something complex which users might hate. At that point, you lose the potential customers of your business, and they’ll look for some other alternatives in the market and end up investing in one of your rivals.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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