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5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

Audience engagement is the most crucial factor when it comes to hosting an event and ever since events have become virtual, it is an even more challenging task. To keep your audience engaged throughout the event, you need to incorporate a few interactive elements in your virtual event that would grasp your attendees’ attention until the end of the event.

Every person is different and you need to adopt a different approach to make your virtual event successful. The aim is to surprise your audience and incorporate elements that they may have never experienced or seen before. Keep reading the blog till the end as we have mentioned the 5 best and proven virtual event engagement ideas in 2021.

Best & Proven Tips For Your Next Virtual Event to Engage with Audience:

1. Send Event Bags To The Attendees:

Just like anyone else, your audience too will get excited when they see a surprise package arrive at their home. Sending a surprise goody bag to your attendees is a great way to increase their excitement and engagement.

You can fill up the bag with goodies related to your event theme. If you are conducting a virtual event for a new product launch, then you can send the product samples in the bag for your audience to try it out on the spot. If your event does not have a specific theme, you can fill up the bag with a coffee mug, personalized t-shirts, a cap, a backpack, or even a bottle of wine!

Your to-be audience will be delighted and if in case they were planning to skip your event, they would be touched by your gesture and would certainly attend the event.

2. Break The Ice With Gamification:

Be it a regular event or a virtual event, audiences always look forward to gamification as it is the perfect way to engage with one another.
You can motivate your audience to engage with the sponsors to receive points and the one with maximum points would win a prize. Or, you can keep a contest where you can tell your audience to dress up in the most hilarious manner, the one who manages to give everyone the most hearty laugh would win.

You can conduct a game according to the overall vibe of the event. You can tell your audience to vote during the polling to get points and the one with maximum points wins for formal events. The list and ideas are endless. You just need to be as creative and innovative as possible.

3. Incorporate A Social Wall:

A social wall is an extremely engaging communication tool that is perfect for virtual events. You can collect all the content from social media platforms and display it on a social wall to delight your audience. You can run a hashtag campaign and tell your audience to participate by using the hashtag and posting content on their social media handles. They can post pictures along with the person they are attending the event with or can tweet or post about what they feel about the event.

The content can be collected with a social media aggregator and can be seamlessly published on a social wall. Your audience will get excited to be featured and engage more with this activity.

4. Incorporate Entertainment During The Event:

Hiring artists or entertainers during the event is a great way to increase the engagement of your audience. If your event is being conducted on a small scale, you can hire an illustrator who can keep drawing illustrations in between the event to awe the audience.

For an event that is being hosted on a large scale, you can hire magicians, stand-up comedians, or even a DJ to play peppy songs in between breaks.

5. Keep An Event Theme:

Your audiences will get more excited about the event if you keep a particular theme for your event. People often tend to see virtual events as boring and keeping a theme would engage your audience.

You can come up with a theme according to the season or any upcoming festival like Christmas. A theme can be decided for formal events as well, provided it is well implemented and well put together. It would be a good break for the attendees and would lead to increased engagement in the event.

Closing Note:

The success of a virtual event can be judged by the level of engagement of the audience. We understand that conducting a virtual event and garnering the attention of the audience is quite challenging but by implementing the mentioned strategies in the blog you will definitely be able to instill excitement within the audience which would lead to engagement.

Now that you know it all about virtual events and how to significantly increase engagement, you can start planning your next virtual event with these brilliant ideas!

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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