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5 Secret Techniques To Improve Guest Posting

In this article, we will put a major focus on 5 exclusive techniques related to the improvement of guest posting. Moreover, to support the discussion we would also cover certain additional areas This includes:

  • Concept of Guest Posting
  • Advantages of guest posting
  • The ideal time to pitch a guest post

Guest posting is a great method of growing your audience base. It gives your brand prominence amidst a competitive market scenario. By offering guest posts on your site, you can continuously engage your followers with minimum effort. Act smartly and you will see yourself at a competitive edge.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the act of publishing content for the website of another person or business entity. In general terms, the guest bloggers write for identical blogs across their niche to:

  • Attract organic traffic back to the website
  • Developing the quality of peer relationships within their industry
  • Increase the visibility, credibility, and awareness of the brand
  • Boost domain activity by externally linking to the high-authority websites

Almost every time, guest posting generates mutual gains for both the website that is hosting guest posts and also the guest blogger. In other terms, guest posting is a bi-directional street. Hence, if you would like to join the guest posting bandwagon, consider highlighting the guest content on your own website.

Advantages of Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a special type of Blogger Outreach service intended to spread your brand’s identity. Some most highlighted benefits of guest posting are presented below:

  • On-the-spot exposure to the Targeted Traffic
  • A quick expansion of your personal network
  • Stimulating social media shares
  • Growth of your followers on social media
  • Fortification of backlink profile
  • Enhancing brand visibility

5 Exclusive Techniques to Improve Guest Posting

1. Developing Relationships with Niche Influencers

Developing effective relationships with the leading influencers in your industry will give you a competitive advantage. Most of the websites receive 1000 pitches on a regular basis. Nowadays, most site owners would not consider pitch from strangers. So if you are known to host bloggers, the prospect increases significantly. You can easily reach out to niche influencers by commenting on their posts, sharing their posts, and writing thank-you notes.

2. Careful selection of target sites

Many emerging businesses claim that guest posting is not exhibiting desired results. The main reason behind this is targeting all the wrong sites. If you also face a similar problem target the popular sites in your niche that are frequently visited by audiences. For this, you can download A-list websites that publish guest content group-wise. Hopping into the best guest blogging services crusades without selecting target sites might lead to failure.

3. Expert pitching

Your guest post bandwagon would decline quickly without an influential Steller pitch. Unlike a rookie, check the target site’s page. Ensure that your topic gets a perfect fit for the blog. Use editing and proofreading software like Grammarly for polishing your post. Include 3 links to your previous posts to demonstrate your talent.

4. Offer additional resources apart from the post

In order to uplift the chances of pitch acceptance, work for an extra milestone. Offer a set of valuable resources to your host that best compliments the post. Here are super easy resources you can propose:

  • A checklist
  • A template
  • Case study
  • Lists of resources
  • A cheat sheets

5. Include contextual and relevant backlinks

Usually, bloggers do not allow external links in the posts. Nonetheless, this does not mean that placing a link in the content body is unfeasible. To get contextual backlinks ask the site owner about the links. Additionally, maintain a linkage between the post and the links. Do not ever add any link forcefully if it does not fit naturally. Follow all these tricks and you will get the green signal.

What is the Perfect Time for pitching a Guest Post?

You won’t find an ideal opportunity always to pitch guest posts. However, there are several factors that you can enjoy the advantage of if they are followed and managed correctly:

  • When a specific blog acknowledges you in any of their posts on the social media platforms (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
  • When a blog lists your business or products in its posts
  • When the blog brings out another guest post
  • When the blog advertises its requirements for guest posts


It can be concluded that guest posting can deliver amazing results if you adhere to the strategies diligently. With the 5 new steps explained above, your will be able to enjoy the taste of success in terms of guest posting. It is mandatory to understand the challenges along with solutions for improving the viability of guest posting.

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