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Stephanie Sanzo: Age, Height, Husband – Fitness Model & Personal Trainer

Who is Stephanie Sanzo?

Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness model & personal trainer for people who are willing to balance their life and fitness. She is an Australian fitness celebrity & a personal trainer, Also famous as “Steph Fit Mum”.

Stephanie Sanzo Biography:

Stephanie Sanzo was born in 1987. When she was young, She never interested in the gym or physical workout. After having two children and afterward, she gained over 25 kilograms. Her eating habits were unhealthy, which made her feel very insecure about her body. That was the reason she enforces her to become a gym fanatic, and later, a personal trainer. After a long 3 years of many ups & downs, dieting, training, she transformed a once-overweight figure into a strong body & physique. Stephanie Sanzo also becoming a successful personal trainer along the way.

Weight115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
Height4’10” (147cm)
Year of Birth1987
ProfessionFitness Model, Personal Trainer
AliasThe Fit Mum

How Old is Stephanie Sanzo?

Stephanie Sanzo Age: She was born on April 2, 1987 (Age 34) years old in Australia with amazing accomplishments. Stephanie Sanzo is a certified personal trainer & a fitness icon. She’s also been a cover model for several of Australia’s health & fitness magazines.

Who is Stephanie Sanzo Husband?

Stephanie Sanzo husband: She married strength coach Jamie Bisset in 2016, & making her marriage relationship 5-year stronger & Has Two Children.

Stephanie Sanzo Fitness:

As Stephanie regularly weighing around 47 kilograms, the unexpected change in weight came as a shock to the young mother.

Stephanie Sanzo’s favorite body part is her shoulders, and she preferred for her shoulder workouts is the sumo squat. she takes it that nothing beats the round look that she has. When it comes to the sumo squats, she tell that it’s the best variation of squats for glute & adductor development. When doing the workout, Stephanie likes to go smooth & focus on the contraction.

Stephanie Sanzo Workout Plan:

MondayChest, and triceps
TuesdayGlutes, calves & abs
WednesdayBack and biceps
ThursdayQuads, calves & abs
FridayHamstrings and shoulders

Stephanie Sanzo Before and After:

Stephanie Sanzo Instagram

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Stephanie Sanzo - The Fitness Model & Personal Trainer


Who is Stephanie Sanzo? Stephanie Sanzo is a Fitness Model & Personal Trainer. Know About Stephanie Sanzo Age, Husband, Fitness, Lifting at Home Workout Plans with the Stephanie Sanzo Before and After.

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