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Lauren Findley: A World Class Fitness Athlete

Lauren Findley Bio: Things you should know about Lauren Findley workout . “The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else”.

She always think: “Her main goal right now is just to be better than she was yesterday”

I heard a phrase last night that went something like this: “just because you experience failure, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.” This little phrase really inspired me.

There’s nothing better than feeling amazing from the inside out. Staying on top of my training and nutrition, taking a rest when I need to & fueling my body with things that make me feel great, perform well and stay HEALTHY.

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Maybe you didn’t stick to your diet yesterday: you’re not a failure. Maybe you skipped the gym: You are not a failure. Maybe there are some other aspects of your life that aren’t going your way or you just feel like you can’t catch a break: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

This topic resonated with me specifically because a lot of the time I put so much pressure on myself for everything in my life to be perfect & that’s just not humanly possible. It’s just how I’m wired & it can be really defeating because when things go wrong, it’s really hard to accept. I’m not trying to preach to anybody here or give life advice. I just want you to know that you’re never alone in feeling like this and as long as you keep trying. You’re not failing, so don’t give up.

Inspirational: Lauren Findley Workout

Good morning Managed to get a quick lower body workout late last night but it wasn’t my best. Just like every other workout I’ve had the past week or so. I’ve been feeling mentally and physically just kind of drained and my body is definitely begging me to rest.

I have to remind myself that I’m not some type of robot that’s wired to be 100% on point, efficient and at peak performance at all times and yesterday was a good reminder. I’m going to treat my body and more importantly, my mind to some serious TLC this weekend. If you’re feeling a bit run down like me. I encourage you to take some time to rest, binge Netflix, get a massage, cuddle with your dog or anything else that makes you feel all warm n fuzzy inside lol.

What’s Lauren Findley Age on this NEW YEAR?

Lauren Findley: What a freaking year. Had some of the best moments of my life and also some of the toughest. Traveled more than I ever thought I would in my entire lifetime and met some of the most incredible people. I’m so excited for a fresh start, to make improvements on myself in 2019. And to continue to learn and grow into the best version of me. Happy New Year!

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Lauren Findley: A World Class Fitness Athlete

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