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3 Ways to Entertain Kids That Don’t Involve TV or iPads

A study in 2013 found that 38% of kids under age two are now using smartphones and tablets for entertainment before they can even talk in sentences. Just two years before in 2011, this figure was close to 10%.

After a year of lockdown, with parenting and homeschooling to balance with working from home, it would be no surprise if the use of TV and iPads to entertain kids has increased significantly. Putting a kid in front of their favorite TV show gives parents the chance to take a breather, answer emails and get the house in order. It’s convenient and everyone is happy.

And yet, as parents, we can’t help feel a pang of guilt whenever we leave the kids in front of technology, rather than engaging them in fun activities. If you feel the pandemic getting the better of you, here are three fun activities to do with the kids this weekend that don’t rely on TV or iPads.

Face Painting:

While there may have been a ban on carnivals and fetes, that doesn’t mean the kids have to miss out on all the fun. Face painting is a fun and exciting activity that can easily be done at home. Grab yourself a face paint set, or upgrade your existing hair and makeup supplies and get creative. There are plenty of tutorials and guides online to help you transform your little superhero into Spiderman, or princess into a mermaid or butterfly.

You can take the reins or let the kids practice on each other. Most face paints are washable, but it’s always worth putting down some newspaper or plastic in case someone wants to get creative with the carpets.

Special Effects:

Who said special effects are just for Halloween? Take face painting up a level with special effects kits for fake scars, gore, and other transfers. Just remember to remove anywhere serious-looking wounds before leaving the house. The last thing you want is concerned passersby.

If gore isn’t their thing, there’s nothing more exciting for kids than temporary tattoos. These are the perfect way to make them feel all grown up. Available in so many styles and designs, you can get masquerade-style eye masks or a simple piece for their arm. They’ll love showing all their friends their latest body art and it’ll be gone with a good scrub in the bath.


Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned craft day? Whether it’s gluing and sticking, coloring, or making a fort out of an old cardboard box, there’s so much fun to be had. Crafting is a great way for kids to explore their interests and creativity and will keep them quiet for hours. Head to the shops and let them pick out their own supplies, or check out the amazing sets available online. You could even get them to make some cards for upcoming birthdays. Everyone loves a homemade card.

So, this weekend, turn the telly off and get engaged. Your kids will absolutely love getting messy and will enjoy hanging out as a family without the need for the TV or games. Perhaps it will become a fun family weekend tradition!

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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