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Different Techniques to Install Custom Zippers for Advanced Tailoring Needs

There are now various techniques for installing a zipper. The specific way that you install a zipper will basically depend on your specific function, project, or the particular aesthetic that you have in mind. If you are using custom zippers for your more advanced tailoring needs, it is important to make yourself familiar with the most common ways of installing zippers.


This technique is a finishing that has an equal amount of fabric on both sides of the zipper. Even though the zipper remains hidden and is not exposed, there is no need for you to use invisible zippers for this specific technique. A centered zipper is typically referred to as a centered zipper since this is located on the centered front or centered back seam. This technique is often used for blouses, dresses, and skirts in a center-back seam although you can also use this on the side seam.


When you speak of lap-in-lapped zippers, this pertains to the fabric fold found on the left part covering the zipper. The fold of fabric is often called the placket. This is most often seen on garments, particularly along a side, back, or front seam.

Side or Inserted Placket:

Side or inserted placket is just the same with a centered zipper. However, the only difference here is that the bottom and top of the zipper are being sewn across. The stitching that you make will form a rectangle. The opening of the zipper allows an adequate room for getting the dress on. This particular technique can be used on a pillow back for home décor pieces. It is also possible that you have already seen it on those special occasion garments in a fitted side seam.


A separating zipper opens at the lower part as it allows both of the zipper’s sides to come apart just like what you can observe in jacket zippers. It takes a few specific tricks to install these separating zippers. The teeth of separating zippers must be fully exposed for them to function properly. This specific technique is being used for jackets, coats, bombers, and hoodies.


During the installation of exposed zippers, all the parts of the tape to both sides of the teeth and the teeth themselves are exposed. It is a common technique that you can see in accessories, sportswear, and other home décor projects.


In contrast to exposed zippers, concealed zippers are hidden in the seam. This look can only be achieved with the help of invisible zippers. The concealed technique is being used on blouses and dresses.

Fly Front:

It is quite obvious that the zippers sewn to the fly front opening of a pair of pants, trousers, or jeans are a rather specific process. This is sewn underneath to leave only that curved topstitching visible on the outside. Now that you know the different techniques, you can use your custom zippers to the fullest for your more advanced tailoring projects.

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