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8 Top Task Management Tips to Become a Taskmaster When Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a new norm. But still, many companies are struggling in implementing a remote working or WFH concept. Reducing productivity, missing deadlines, and a loss in output seem common while employees juggle other responsibilities simultaneously. Simply put, without proper task management working from home remains a big headache for project managers and CEOs alike.

These days, task management goes beyond organizing tasks in a task calendar and creating to-do lists. It needs skills, expertise, and acumen for ensuring accuracy. With a robust task management tool, you can achieve all these objectives. Let’s go through eight top task management tips if you want to become a taskmaster while working from home.

Top Tips for Task Management while Working from Home

1. Break into Sub-Tasks

Let’s face it. Complicated tasks are cumbersome and often you have no idea where to start. In such a situation, you can break it down into smaller tasks. These sub-tasks not only enable you to set a clear way for how to deal with them but also bring confidence in you as you keep on checking them off the list in a shorter time.

2. Take Bigger Task First

The next step is obviously taking the bigger task. As a project manager, you need to take the bigger task first and remain disciplined enough to keep working until it is accomplished. It is better not to get around to other commitments. Simply put, the more complex the task, the more effort, and commitment it needs.

3. Keep Productive Tasks on the Top

The beginning of the day brings a lot of energy and therefore while working from home, you need to keep productive tasks on the top. It can boost your productivity without going the extra mile. Productive tasks are useful for your company and team alike, and therefore, they should be completed on priority. You can use task management software for prioritizing tasks.

4. Organize Tasks at a Single Place

Again, task management software can work wonders. You can keep all the tasks in a single place using the software. You and your team members can see all the tasks and their statuses with ease on a 24/7 basis.

5. Automate Your Tasks

Automating tasks in a series is the need of the hour. You can assign a sequence to your tasks that enable you to go ahead with your to-do list in a step-by-step way, without diverting your focus. Some project management software can come with this functionality and you can automatically organize tasks in a series.

6. Stay Away from Distractions

Work from home practice comes with its distractions and obstacles. It is highly difficult to concentrate on your work while addressing the demands of home and family. In remote working, you need to deal with many interruptions while accomplishing your tasks. Also, you need to prevent yourself from getting distracted while facing challenges.

7. Assign Realistic Time

It is possible that any task that takes around two hours to complete in the office can take more than three hours when you work from home. Therefore, it is necessary to assign a realistic time when you work from home. Also, as no two tasks are alike, it is necessary to factor in time while planning your tasks. You can take more time-intensive tasks in a better part of the day. What’s more, it is necessary to give priority to quality over quantity. Failing to assign a realistic timeline can result in unnecessary stress and frustration for you and your team.

8. Utilize Task Management Tool

A reliable task management tool with user-friendly features can assist you to assign, track, and complete tasks on time. The software can highlight all your productive and time-taking tasks and you can easily delegate them to available resources. You can also see the progress in real-time and create a daily or weekly calendar. A task management tool can keep all your tasks under a single umbrella. In a way, the task management tool can make your job easy as a project manager irrespective of working from the office or home.

Concluding Lines

Task management can be challenging and can wreak havoc on productivity. These eight tips will help you crack this tough nut and stay on top of your tasks even when you are working from home.

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