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The Summer Body Shortcut You’ve Been Looking For

Getting ready for the summer is a lot more than just booking tickets and reserving hotel rooms. Summer is the time when we all want to look healthy and fresh if not to just show off our hard work, then to feel good about ourselves. A healthy body, regardless of its form or shape, is one that you feel good in and enjoy looking at in the mirror.

But summer bodies are not exactly the easiest things to come by. Many people struggle near the end of spring, as they make their last attempts to bring themselves to shape in time for June. But why do that, when there are so many shortcuts you can take? And these don’t involve any strict exercises or dieting. With treatments like Coolsculpting, Cooltone, and EMSculpt New York and other big-city residents can get ready for the summer with little to no hassle.

So what do these treatments do and how can they get you the perfect summer body without the hours you’d spend at the gym and looking up healthy diets? Thanks to the information we received from Skinly Aesthetics, a clinic operating in the heart of Manhattan, we can help you answer this question.

Coolsculpting: Freeze Away The Fat

You know about burning fat. That’s what your gym coach talks about, as well as all those celebrity fitness trainers and health experts. By exercising and living a generally healthy lifestyle, you can burn away fat and keep your body sculpted and in shape.

Coolsculpting burns away fat, but not through the traditional methods of exercise and diets. It also doesn’t burn away fat through injections or any kind of surgeries, as other fat reduction treatments use. As the name implies, Coolsculpting sculpts your body by cooling certain areas that have high levels of fat.

Now, first you must understand: this isn’t a treatment for anyone looking to lose weight. Coolsculpting isn’t meant for that. To lose weight, you’ll have to try other treatments or find the time to be more physically active and have the determination to stay on strict diets.

Coolsculpting sculpts and gets rid of excess fat that’s hiding in areas that cause you discomfort. You could be perfectly healthy and fit, but still have a few extra pockets of fat tucked away in places like the stomach, waist, hips, and thighs. And these can be quite a nuisance. Take for example the fat you have on the inner side of your thighs. If you’re wearing shorts or skirts, the thighs will rub against each other and cause skin irritation, even a rash. You may find discomfort in doing basic activities like walking.

By placing the Coolsculpting applicators on that area of your body, practitioners freeze the fat cells in that area through a process called “apoptosis”. All cells are naturally encoded with this process, as it’s designed to get rid of damaged cells that are incapable of carrying out their tasks. Once the fat cells enter apoptosis, they slowly deteriorate, one by one, until that layer of fat gets smaller and smaller. No injections, no cuts, and no stitches are needed.

Cooltone: Tone Those Muscles With Magnets

Being muscular means having strong and healthy muscles, sure. But what’s also pleasing to see in the mirror is a perfectly toned and etched-looking body, with beautifully proportioned muscles, that look picturesque.

This kind of toning is very hard to get through natural means, as some bodies are just not meant for this. You may have big, strong muscles, that you’ve spent a long time training, but they’re just not that visible. You could spend hours at the gym, doing a very specific exercise program to tone just one muscle area, but why do that when there’s Cooltone?

Cooltone tones your muscles in such a way that they become a lot more visible. And for many people, toning is all they need for their summer bodies. It’s great for anyone who’s done enough training and feels as though they just want to enhance the appearance of their muscles by toning them.

The procedure is completely non-invasive like Coolsculpting and doesn’t involve any injections or incisions. Special magnetic pads are placed on the treated area of the body. These pads cause the muscles to contract at very fast speeds. The contractions make the muscles slimmer, stronger, and toned. Imagine exercising at very fast rates and without getting tired. The procedure lasts less than an hour, depending on what you’re treating, and doesn’t cause any pain. Afterward, there are very few side-effects that you won’t even have to deal with, as they go away on their own.

EMSculpt: A Bit of Both

And then there EMSculpt, the perfect treatment for those who can’t make up their mind about Coolsculpting or Cooltone. While it may not be as specialized at toning the muscles like Cooltone and it may not burn as much fat as Coolsculpting, it does do a bit of both.

It’s a great procedure for anyone looking to get two kinds of results with a single treatment. And while several sessions of EMSculpt are required to get the complete results, it is still non-invasive like its counterparts and the recovery is minimal. Not unlike Cooltone, the procedure uses MMS (Magnetic Muscle Stimulation) to cause muscles in any given area of the body to contract very fast, toning the muscles and burning away some of the fat.

And all three of these treatments are easy to find, especially if you live in a big city. NYC’s Skinny Aesthetics, for example, have their signature Coolsculpting, Cooltone, and EMSculpt New York treatments, which are very popular with people who are looking to tone and sculpt their bodies, whether for the summer or just for themselves.

With their rise in popularity, they are very accessible in terms of pricing. While you wouldn’t call them “cheap”, Coolsculpting, Cooltone, and EMSculpt are very reasonably priced, so that patients of varying financial backgrounds can utilize their many benefits.

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