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8 Hot Free Sites to Read Webtoon Online in 2021

We grew up reading comics, and even when we are adults, comics grow with us and become a part of our life. We are all too familiar with the superheroes from comic books and are now included in commercial products such as games or comics and animation. The hottest characters today such as ben 10 games, spiderman games, The Avengers games are very popular.

Speaking of comics, you cannot ignore the rapidly growing Korean comic industry, not only Webtoon Manhwa but Light Novel works are also loved for great content creation. at a very fast speed with 1 chapter a week. Comics nowadays are digitalized, thus provides us an easier and cheaper access to our favorite issues. Here we have the 8 best sites to read comics online for free.

1. Marvel Comics

On Marvel’s official comic site, you can enjoy about 75 free comic issues and if you want more, you can either buy separate issues or join their Unlimited subscription for $9.99/month or $69/year. The best thing about reading on this platform is that readers can choose to view either the entire page or panel by panel, which saves time and effort for zooming the pages.

2. DC Comics

On DC’s main page, you can read the news, get to know the characters, and shop for digital and printed comics. If you want to read comics, you can gain access by downloading their app on the Android and IOS platform or visit their exclusive site for comics – DC Universe.

3. Readfreecomics

Readfreecomics is the official provider of a variety of big comic publishers like DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image, as well as ComiXology Originals and manga. They also have an Unlimited program you can sign up for $1.99 per month to freely enjoy their library.

4. Manhwa

If you are not always Internet-connected and you have some memory space, feel free to download comics, webtoon, manhwa, and manga without paying a dime on Manhwa. They provide free comics that come in packs or separated issues. You won’t be annoyed with ads or interrupted online connections. You can find almost every American comic publishing house here.

5. Freecomiconline

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can visit this site to download Golden Age novels and comics. The site claim that their library is copyright-free and free-of-charge, so rest assured that there will be no DCMA violation or potential malware. Some titles you should check out are Young King Cole, The Black Terror, Captain Aero Comics, and Police Comics, along with old-school superhero series.

6. LightNovel

A light novel is rather an indie-oriented platform. They have selected free novels, light novels, web novels, Chinese novels, Korean novels, Japanese novels, and free comics with reasonable price and “pay what you want” titles (you decide the price). Though there are no comics from Marvel or Dc, there are series from well-known publishers such as Mahwa, Manhua, Manga, and more.

7. Manytoon Comics

The website provides a wide range of free manhwa, webtoon, manga with a rather easy-to-navigate interface. The browsing is clear and easy without any annoying ads. All of their comics are free, but if you feel generous enough, you can support the web developers by donating $5 via PayPal.

8. Yaoi

Here we have another site where you can enjoy Golden Age and Silver Age comic books online for free. This is a very interesting website to explore boys love webtoon, yaoi manga but also old newspapers, magazines, or even pamphlets and brochures. It’s fun to find out American old print culture once in a while.

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