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Swimwear That Will Rock The Summers of 2020

Summers are everyone’s favorite. The bright sun lets you be comfortable in your own skin. You are able to ease up and wear your favorite clothes. You are able to spend more time outdoor. And of course, who does not want to hit the beach in summers? It feels amazing to go for a short swim or just play in the water with your friends and family.

Even if you are not a person who likes to go into the open sea, I can bet you still want to sit on the sand, enjoy a lemonade with your favorite book or just watch your kids play.

The relaxation the beaches offer is what we all crave for. Another thing we desire is the tan from basking at seashores. Thus, with summers comes the thought to pick some trendy swimwear, which will complement your body and allow it to get some good tan. For that purpose, hereunder are the top 2020 trends for swimwear that you should definitely try to rock at the beaches this summers.

1. Belted Swimsuit

If you are tired of your regular florals and want to go for an exquisite look without adding anything heavy to your beach look, the belted swimsuits are here to save you this summer. You can choose a monochromatic bikini with a belted bottom.

However, if you want to go royal, just opt for a one-piece swimsuit in white with a belt. It is also a great maternity option that will restore your faith in your body. So, next time you go shopping, keep an eye on a belted one-piece swimsuits.

2. One-Shoulder Swimsuit

Celebrities have been rocking the one-shoulder swimsuits since forever. 2020 is no different. Therefore, it is one of the reasons you can easily find this swimwear online. For a unique look, try to opt for a cloth with a self-print or some glittery threads.

3. High-Waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms are a relief for everyone with a broad torso or some belly fat you might have accumulated by staying in your bed all winters. Since high-waist bottoms are in fashion this summer, you will have beautiful colors and prints to opt from. Try to opt for a jungle print (because you know J. Lo rocked it) with this look and feel lovely on the beach with your partner.

4. Tie-Waist Bikini Bottom

Tie-waist bikini bottoms is a look you can rock with a simple strapless bra. You can go monochromatic with this look with either light shade or a brighter one. If you are opting for a print, you might want to go floral because it is never an old thing to have a floral-printed bikini in your collection.

However, I would insist on a jungle print because it is so vogue this year. You will see many variations of it over the internet. So, rock it while it is exotic because this one is undoubtedly going to get very common by the end of this summer.

5. Bows! Not Bras

Yeah, bows, and knots look great on a bikini bottom, but it is time to switch for a unique and exquisite look. You can opt for a bra that allows you to tie a knot or a bow in the middle. However, what is trending this summers is the bow-shaped bras. Yes! This is the chicest and fresh look in the market when it comes to swimwear. You can leave the printed bikini behind and instead focus on this style.

6. Ruffles are Calling

Ruffle-sleeves are the most attractive, be it a swimwear or any other clothing. Everyone had seemed to forget about ruffle-sleeved swimwear tops. But now they have come back with a humongous variety. You can opt for small ruffles for a minimal style. You can also rock an off-shoulder look with these sleeves. No matter what you choose for, ruffle sleeves will never fail to give you a cool breezy look.

7. Metal and Shimmer

These two fashion trends are getting a major spotlight in the fashion industry. So, next time you want to buy a swimsuit for yourself, opt for a metallic look. Buy a smooth and shiny bright color for your first day out on the beach. If you are not comfortable with that much of a bold look, glitter is also in trend.

So if you do not want to go all shimmery, you can get a swimsuit with little glitter threadwork to incorporate the style. This small detail would enhance your whole look.

The top 7 swimwear trends of 2020 are in front of you. You can choose how you want to rock any of these looks. Now is the time to give you a last-minute reminder: do not forget a hat because it never goes out of fashion and also protects your face from the bright sun. Have fun!

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