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All Terrain Tires vs Snow Tires: What Is the Difference?

As you cruise down unmarked trails or simply navigate an icy road on your way to work, you need a reliable set of tires. There are a wide variety of wheel and tire packages available, so it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your driving style and climate. Here’s the lowdown on two popular types for harsh driving conditions all year round: all-terrain tires and snow tires.

Choosing the Right Set of Tires

When you’re shopping for tires, it’s important to remember the type of driving conditions. Even tires with generic labels like all-weather or all-terrain are still designed for a particular driver. Consider the typical weather pattern, whether you’re driving on smooth asphalt or rough gravel and determine how much traction you need to keep your car safely on the road.

Benefits of All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires, like their name suggests, are perfect for a mix of conditions. If you’re cruising down an icy city street one day and bumping over a dirt trail the next, you need all-terrain tires. A versatile set of rubber will protect you and your vehicle in most driving conditions.

One advantage of all terrain wheels is that they are typically tougher and more dependable than snow tires. The thicker, stronger rubber is puncture resistant and capable of navigating sharp rocks, ice and other obstacles that may not be suitable for snow tires. While not designed for summer highway driving in particular, these tires perform well in any situation.

Benefits of Snow Tires

Snowy roads are a unique obstacle. Unlike loose gravel, sharp curves or waterlogged highways, snow requires your tires to have special features to stay safely on the road. Snow tires replace the traditional rounded shoulders with squared-off ones. This allows you to maximize your traction when ordinary tires struggle to sink into the snow. The unique design of snow tires performs well when threatened with lateral hydroplaning and unexpected loss of traction.

However, tires that are highly specialized tend to perform poorly in unexpected conditions. The extreme tread and squared shoulders will decrease your fuel economy and wear out quickly in smooth, summer conditions. Snow tire rubber is engineered to remain soft in freezing temperatures but doesn’t have the same rugged, all-purpose use of all-terrain tires.

Pick Up Your Rugged Tires Today

Carefully consider your driving situation before investing in a premium set of tires for your vehicle. Whether you choose all-terrain tires, winter tires or a set of each, be sure you compare the pros and cons of each and always use the ideal set for your driving conditions. That way, you’ll enjoy long-lasting tires and a smooth, slip-free ride.

Shop for the best all terrain tires online to compare brands and find the right size. If you’re looking for a specialty set of tires, you may struggle to find your favorite brand or the right size for your vehicle. A quality online auto parts store will have the tires and other gear you need to conquer the snowy roads and gravel trails with confidence and long-lasting performance.

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