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Which is Best for You: A Used or New Motorcycle?

When people consider purchasing new versus used, they are often confused about which one is better. A new motorcycle is expensive and could be out of reach for many buyers. Plus, any new vehicle people drive away will lose value once it leaves the showroom.

A used motorcycle can be equally good-looking and reliable at a lower price. And some used motorcycles have a higher value than new ones because they are limited editions or in high demand in the particular region. There are a few factors to consider before deciding whether a new or used motorcycle is best for you.

Determine a Budget:

Before you go to look at used Harleys, determine how much you can afford to spend. Think about whether the bike will be purchased with cash or financed. If financing is required, get pre-approved for the loan to know how much buying power you have. Remember to factor in other essential costs, such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel.

Once you know how much you can spend, it’s time to consider whether a new or used bike is the right choice. If you can’t afford to buy a new one, the decision is easy. Consumers who can cover the cost of a new bike need to weigh their options carefully.


Another factor to consider is the condition of the bike. A new bike will be pristine while a used one will have some flaws. And it is usually impossible to determine the history of the motorcycle. One owner might have garaged it and got the bike serviced by a professional. Another could have been in accidents, knocked the bike over, and took it apart to see how it worked.

Either way, the buyer owns it once the cash exchanges hands. Consider having a mechanic look at the bike to ensure it is in good running condition. If reliability is a crucial factor, a new bike could be the best option unless you buy from a reputable used motorcycle dealer that stands behind its bikes.

Safety on the Road:

While Harleys are known for their rugged durability, safety is always a factor when buying a used bike. Someone who does not know how to use tools might be frustrated if the motorcycle requires repairs. But a buyer who is tech-savvy and knows how to fix things can turn a used bike into a safe ride that is worth more than what was paid for it. Usually,newer bikes have coveted features such as riding modes, ABS, and traction control. Buying a bike that is a couple of years old is a smart way to get updated technology for a lower price.

Rider Experience:

An experienced rider knows how to ride and fix bikes, so the choice between new or used is often based on budget. Beginner riders should buy a used bike first as there is typically a learning curve. During that time, the bike might get banged up, and that feels less stressful when the motorcycle is used. However, try to avoid used bikes that have trouble starting or running as well as ones with high mileage or a salvage title.

Remember to inspect a used motorcycle, check the VIN to get more details, and know how much you can spend. Avoid private sellers who may avoid disclosing information on the bike to make the sale. Instead, purchase a used Harley from a respected local dealer to get the best deal and ride away into the sunset feeling great about your bike.

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