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All About Disney Land Paris

Disneyland Paris is the most ideal place for a vacation. This place is full of magic, where you can have all the fun, entertainment, and adventure that can be provided by major Disney characters, Marvel superheroes, and Star Wars legends.

Disneyland Paris has two major theme parks namely Disneyland Park, Paris while the other one is known as Walt Disney Studios Park. From rides to attractions, the two theme parks provide different types and also take you back on the road of memories where you appreciate none of those grumpy souls in your youthful judgment but instead cherish your childhood. Visit the Walt Disney Studios Park and purchase tickets to Disneyland Paris by being excited at the world of films.

How to Reach Disneyland:

  • By Bus: you can find buses from the Charles de Gaulle & Orly airports that are 50 km away and buses take 42 minutes to transport one to Disneyland.
  • By Train: Travel to the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station, which is located 150 meters from Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village.
  • By Car: It’s 45 kilometers far from Paris, a 1-hour drive.

There are two ways of booking Disneyland Paris tickets online or by telephone.

  • All the documents being delivered to the visitors through confirmation e-mail are required for them at the park entrance to be brought to get into it.
  • Bring your ticket, wristband, or stamp back with you when re-entering the premises to the entrance.
  • This activity is stroller, as well as wheelchair friendly.
  • At the entrance, you have baggage storage (not included in the room price). one hour before the park opens and 45 minutes after the park closes.
  • Pushchairs are available for rent at Disneyland Park, and the Town Square Terrace which is next to the entrance of the park, or Studio Services are located at the Walt Disney.
  • In case such an event occurs when the attractions are scheduled to close, please refer to the official website for more information.
  • All foreign nationals should present their passports and also information on their visa documents upon arrival.
  • All guests should bring identification proof on their arrival.
  • The voucher is valid on that date ( in case of time also applicable).
  • Disneyland Paris ticket rates vary depending on the package selected.
  • Fixed day ticket entails this ticket be used on the day; none other than that you have booked for it hence it does not work on the following or any other day.
  • Some of the attractions may have height limitations. For more information refer to the original website.

Best Time to Visit Disney Land:

Disneyland Paris is known as a beauty that is hidden in the greatest city of the world, Paris, and with many attractions, parades, and also performances one can visit it any time during the year.

Off-season: The winter season, commencing from mid-January till mid-March and from mid-April to mid-May is the low tourist season here. Therefore, the accommodation will be greater than the number of arrivals. Yet few shows and competitions occur in such a season. Moreover, it is certainly right for you to visit Disneyland Paris on any day of these Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Peak-Season: In case you would rather have the added time, the further TV shows and parades, go to Disneyland Paris from May until March also at the end of the week. We cannot guarantee the weekends though.

Where to Stay in Disneyland?

  1. Disney hotels: At Disneyland, there are hotels nearest to the location of its attractions. You can book for an accommodation that is comfortable and luxurious. It comes down to ethics or preference; you can decide between superior club rooms and Empire. These hotels have interiors featuring Victorian railroad era décor.
  2. Disney’s Hotel New York: this is certainly one of the best hotels at Disneyland, where you can appreciate some great artwork from artists all over the world. This is also possible by using a shuttle.
  3. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: This is one of the 4-star hotels in Disneyland where luxury is guaranteed. This hotel stands out in the themes because it is based on the wonders of Disneyland. The other thing is that from that place, you will also be able to see the lake of Disney.
  4. Raddisan Blu: this is one of Disneyland Park’s best hotels in terms of location and also because it has a serene environment that makes for an amazing backdrop to capture nice photos.

Disneyland Has Better Dining Spots:

  1. Annette’s Dinner Place: This is also one of the most perfect places to try out American and native delicacies. By then, you will have an opportunity to get to a point where you will be able to decide on what you need to eat, and in case there are any allergies to any type of food or else if there are special requirements, they could do so.
  2. Cafe Mickey: At Mickey’s cafe, you can savor mouth-watering iced coffees along with some delectable pasta & pizza. Here is one of such most excellent spots there, where you can purchase yourself some deliciates food.
  3. Billy Bob’s Cafe: if you wish to have some delightful nachos, beer, and flavored drinks in Disneyland then Billy Bob’s Cafe is what you must go for. Alternatively, you can choose custom-made meals while basking in the culture of live music at the cafe.
  4. Buffalo Bill’s Cafe: if you are willing to eat a delicious Texan meal and drooling desserts, then I will recommend you try out Buffalo Bill’s café in Disneyland. You would find here all blended with your mouth’s taste and an incredible cuisine that will melt in your mouth.


Going with family and friends to Disneyland is not just another time of holiday vacation. This is a place that will lead you to the land of dreams, and which will make you love it with full support. In case you are traveling with your kids then nothing will make them happier than meeting up with their beloved Disney cartoon character in the real world.

Disneyland is the reality that makes the real world become the real one. Then, why are you wasting your time? get your tickets booked immediately from the official website and spend some amazing holidays with your buddies and loved ones.

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