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What Makes WordPress The Best Platform for Business Owners?

A recent survey from W3Techs tells us that 63.5% of websites use a content management system that of WordPress. That is equivalent to 38.1% of all the sites on the internet, which run on WordPress alone. No other website platform comes even closer to WordPress. Some of the biggest business websites use the WordPress website too. Some prominent examples are,,,, and itself.

When you look at those massive stats and many big brands using WordPress, it shows that the platform is indeed special. It’s a good idea to hire custom WordPress development services India and build a successful website for your business. If you’re still not sure about WordPress, then below are four reasons that may convince you.

1. WordPress is Not for Blogging Alone

You may think of WordPress as a blogging platform. But, that’s nothing but a rumour and shows a lack of information among people. Yes, WordPress got founded as a blogging platform. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most organized website platforms. You can use WordPress for various purposes, as below.

  • Business Website
  • E-commerce Store
  • Portfolio Website
  • News Website
  • Forums
  • Job Boards
  • Membership Website
  • Q & A Website, and so on.

2. WordPress Offers You More Control

WordPress is an open-source platform. That means it offers the original source code for free. Users can modify the code as they want to create a self-hosted website. You may hire WordPress web development company India to build a beautiful WordPress site for you.

Most people out there don’t know the difference between and In, WordPress acts as a host, and it controls everything on the website apart from the content you put. In, you control all the aspects of a website. Here, WordPress barely acts as a Vaultpress for backups and security.

3. It Provides a Highly Secure CMS Platform

WordPress is the most widely used content management system out there. It has countless plug-ins; it is SEO-compatible, and many such reasons make it a top platform. WordPress has a team of experts who are constantly working with other coders to create a secure platform. Another thing that makes WordPress secure is its multi-access feature. People in your business will get limited access to the site as per their role.

Many times, the breach happens due to the fault of the users and not the website. You can hire a WordPress CMS development company to get yourself a highly-secure website. When you work with a professional developer, you’re unlikely to make rookie mistakes like using an unreliable host or not having enough security getaways, etc.

4. WordPress is SEO-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly Too

93% of all the online experiences originate from a search engine. That shows how significant role SEO plays in your website’s success. Note that, quality of the content is super important in SEO. And WordPress offers excellent plug-ins that make your content more searchable. These plug-ins make your content more search-friendly.

Also, note that 67% of the customers are more likely to buy your products if your site is mobile-friendly. In other words, the website should work seamlessly across all mobile devices, be it a smartphone, or tablet, etc. When it comes to the WordPress website, you can access it via any device you want. And you will still get a smooth web experience.

To Sum Up

Those were the four reasons why you should set-up your business website using WordPress. The platform gives you total control of your website. It is secure, and it’s SEO as well as mobile-friendly too. All these advantages of the platform make it worth using it. You may consider contacting WordPress design and development services to get a professional website for your business. It can get you a high-performing and high-ranking website that will help your brand grow.

Author Bio:

Jigar Shah is a Founder of WPWebelite, a leading WordPress and WooCommerce Development Company expertise in Theme and Plugin Customization Development. Give the best customization to its local and international clients. Jigar guaranteed that the company is up to date & latest knowledge on WordPress & woocommerce in the competitive market.

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