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Explore WhatsApp Business for Customer Communication and Marketing

Marketing and promoting a brand are crucial for any business enterprise. There are many ways to take a product or service in the market. The most common ones are the traditional methods, which are followed by almost all enterprises. Added to these methods is digital marketing- promoting a brand on the internet and social media.

The increasing use of technology has made enterprises realize the advantages of reaching out to a wider spectrum of the audience by building a presence where the customers are. And that means, creating websites, sending emails, using Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Instagram accounts, sharing blogs, and more.

Customers are sharing their opinions about the products and services provided by businesses on social media. We see posts where an unhappy customer puts up a post about the poor quality of service of a business. We see people who read and react on these posts, either supporting the customer or supporting the brand.

The pages and accounts of the enterprise are tagged and answers are expected. The response or the lack of it goes a long way in deciding the future sales of the business. Even if large scale businesses tend to suffer less from negative publicity, the small and medium scale enterprises face immediate adverse results. This is because enterprises do not respond to customer complaints. There could be various reasons an enterprise fails to do so, but the delay results in dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.

WhatsApp steps in at point to provide enterprises with an opportunity to directly communicate with customers and attend to their queries. We all know how annoying it can be to follow the lengthy and complex process of talking to a customer care representative on the phone. WhatsApp makes it simpler. Customers only have to send a message to the phone number of enterprises. The interactive interface allows them to share images or videos to support their complaints.

Enterprises can use various methods to send instant responses to customer-initiated messages on WhatsApp Business. The messaging tools such as automated messages and Quick Replies are used to send immediate messages to users. If the enterprise uses WhatsApp API, then chatbots are used to respond to users’ messages.

WhatsApp is primarily being used as a customer service channel by many enterprises. Many businesses use social media as their marketing platforms while limiting WhatsApp to communicate with customers. But WhatsApp can be used as an innovative marketing tool. Brands such as Absolut Vodka and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise are not just using WhatsApp to promote their business, but they are being successful in achieving their goals.

There are quite a few ways to use WhatsApp to promote a business. The Best WhatsApp Marketing Tool will help enterprises get customers’ attention without disturbing or annoying them by sending too many messages. The last thing any enterprises want to be blocked by their customers for spamming them.

WhatsApp Groups:

  • By creating groups, enterprises can share any product or service-related information with customers by posting in the group.
  • Sharing the group’s QR code, inviting customers to join the groups by sending them the links in private chats, etc. are some of the ways in which new members can be added to the groups.
  • Creating different groups for different products, turning on the option to allow only admin messages, not sending duplicate messages, etc. are ways in which enterprises can ensure that only important information is shared with customers on WhatsApp.

Broadcast Lists Using Labels:

  • Labels allow enterprises to categorize contacts into different lists. Bulk messages can be sent to users on the list with a single click.
  • The messages are delivered to users as private messages. Interested customers can respond to the messages and continue the conversation in the chatbox.

WhatsApp Status Messages:

  • The status message feature is an effective way of attracting customers’ attention without disturbing them. Enterprises do not send messages to customers. Instead, they post pictures or videos as a status on their WhatsApp profile.
  • When users check the status updates, they will come across these messages. The status messages appear only for 24 hours, after which they disappear automatically.
  • By announcing flash sales for a limited time using the status messages, enterprises can increase sales in a very short period. The time limit creates a sense of urgency in the customers and makes them want to buy the products before the offer ends.

WhatsApp Business API:

  • Large scale business enterprises use a cloud platform to send and receive messages using WhatsApp. Enterprises can request early access to use WhatsApp Business API with the help of cloud platform service providers.

There is no denying the potential WhatsApp has a marketing tool in today’s world. Enterprises are still exploring the advantages offered by the app.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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