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Why You Should Use Reactjs for Web Development

With so many technological advancements taking place every day, it has become genuinely tough to choose the best front-end technology for your own company. There are exclusive web development solutions to cater to the exclusive needs of the audience. ReactJS, being one such technology, is adopted by almost every other company for all its benefits. Therefore, let’s figure out what is ReactJS, what are the benefits of ReactJS development services and why do professionals hire ReactJS developers for their web development needs.

What is ReactJS or ReactJS development?

We also refer ReactJS to as React or React.js. Facebook and a community of individual companies and developers build and maintain it. It is a result-driven, efficient, and flexible open-source JavaScript library. A very useful tool for curating fast and scalable web applications.

It has been the buzzword of the web development market since its inception. Ever since its launch, React has taken the front-end development space by storm. As per the report, 68.9% of respondents are inclined to continue the use of ReactJS and 22.4% of web developers are keen to adopt it. With corporate giants like Apple, PayPal, Netflix using ReactJS for their software development, React is sure to have a plethora of benefits glued to it. So let’s identify these key benefits and reasons behind the omnipresent popularity of React.js.

Benefits of ReactJS development services


With ReactJS, the developers can use each part of the application on both the server-side and client-side. This ultimately speeds the entire process of development. ReactJS development company can therefore write each part individually without compromising on the overall logic of the application.


Compared to the multiple other frontend frameworks, the ReactJS is flexible and easy to maintain because of its modular structure. This flexibility helps to save on time and money in the business.


ReactJS was introduced to provide a high level of performance. The core of the React framework provides a virtual DOM or Document Object Model program and server-side rendering, thus making even the complex apps run extremely fast.

Ease of use

With some basic JavaScript knowledge in hand, it is very easy to implement and use it.

Mobile app development

The usage of ReactJS is not just limited to the web. Facebook has developed the framework for Android and iOS mobile native applications, too. So, now that you know the key advantages of the React.js framework, it’s time to check out the reasons to choose React for your next project.

What are the reasons to choose ReactJS for your company?

After having chosen ReactJS for your project, if you are still in a dilemma to use it for your web development or not, then this read will help you. Here are the 9 best reasons that will incline you to make use of React for your web development.

It is easy to learn

React, as compared to other popular frontend frameworks, is much easier to learn. This ease of learning is one of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of ReactJS. After all, humans avoid learning new things when the path to do the same is difficult. And ReactJS is not only easy to comprehend but also helps companies speed up their project buildup.

Provides rich user interface

Today, we judge every software application on the parameters of the interface. The interface of the tool is essential to ensure its success. ReactJS with its high-quality user interface increases the popularity and usage of the application.

Custom components

Customization is what betters one from another. React also, therefore, outshines its competitors because of its association with JSX, an optional syntax extension, to write customized components. These components are compatible with HTML quoting and render a delightful experience for developers.

It improves productivity

Frequent updates in the applications are not much preferred because on installing one update, the entire system gets affected. For this reason, Facebook amplified the component reusability feature in React. This feature allows the web developers to get the updates without affecting the other components. It ensures code maintenance and boosts productivity, too.

It offers fast rendering

Facebook has crafted a virtual DOM feature for React. Virtual DOM is the virtual presentation of the Document Object Model. It allows review of all the risks and corrections without affecting the structure of the application. As a result, this attribute guarantees high performance and a better experience for users.

It is SEO-friendly

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the buzzword of the online world. It safeguards the webpage against longer loading time and ensures quick rendering. As a result, the business web page ranks high on SERP.

It has a useful developer toolset

Facebook has accessorized ReactJS development services with the much-needed Chrome development tools and React development tools. These tools help the ReactJS development company to identify hierarchies, identify the parent-child components and also inspect the present props and state.

Strong community support

React enjoys strong community support. As a result, it is mutually beneficial for its users too. Individual companies and developers regularly upload tutorial videos and texts online related to ReactJS. Currently, React JS has 1,331 regular contributors and 136,079 stars on GitHub.

It offers better code stability

In React, the parent structure does not get affected when the modification is made in the child component. As a result, it ensures better code stability and flawless performance of the application. Also, the bugs reported in the React compiler are easy to understand and descriptive. Therefore, one does not face much hassle when solving the bug issue.

Final thought

ReactJS development services are excellent means to curate interactive apps for web, mobile, and other platforms. Its popularity is courtesy of its perks and ease of use. It even betters your understanding related to Javascript, a language that is dominating the web development world at large. You can use ReactJS for your blogs, business websites, portfolios, forums, Rating websites, etc.

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