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How To Use Email Marketing To Enhance Your Brand Awareness

One of the primary steps to enter the consumer market is to generate brand awareness. It serves as the foundation block towards establishing your business and acquiring customers. However, creating a prominent brand identity can be very expensive, which is not an ideal situation for new business owners. Email marketing can reach a wide range of customers and nudge them into purchasing your products with a nominal monetary investment.

According to marketing charts, 82% of the marketers termed email as the most effective channel to generate content awareness, improve conversion rates, and promote lead nurturing. Digital marketing association discovered that 66% of the consumers make a purchase due to an email marketing message.

Moreover, well-curated emails allow you to foster personal links with prospective consumers and cultivate lasting brand awareness. It can also offer instant results when done right, and the success rate is easy to measure. Here is how you can leverage your brand awareness through email marketing:

Send a Welcome Email

A welcome email is your first interaction with a prospect that can set the tone for all future correspondence. It introduces your business to subscribers and allows them to know your products.

Welcome emails have a staggering 91.43% open rates providing you with a ripe opportunity to convert the customers. Therefore, generate a welcome email template that makes your brand more prominent compared to others.

Add a responsive logo and a short, engaging description of your brand. Inform your readers about your niche and post vibrant images of your products to grab attention. Also, include a personalized note from the CEO to make the readers feel valued.

Use your welcome message to notify the subscribers about what to expect from future emails. You can also provide an option for the customers to regulate the number of emails they wish to receive. It would make them feel more in control and appreciative of your emails.

Consider adding a discount, a free trial of your services, or any other valuable resources to generate trust and to increase the receptiveness of forthcoming emails.

Audience Comes First

Your audience should be your priority. Readers often ignore self-serving, promotional newsletters that offer no value to them. Consequently, your time and efforts are wasted, and you can lose your subscribers.

Therefore, understand your customers and their interests. Deliver relevant and solution-based content that addresses their problems. Replace mind-numbing sales pitches with valuable information and interesting insights. Humanize your brand by adding a short, captivating video to make announcements.

Your aim should be to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Once your subscribers are eager to open your emails, you are more likely to convert them than bombarding them with ads.

Personalized Messages

Generic email blasts rarely acquire substantial results. Moreover, you want your messages to stand out amongst a plethora of emails in your prospect’s inbox. Personalized emails are a significant tier towards enhancing your brand awareness.77% of the marketers have adopted the personalizing and targeting strategy to leverage their brand.

Therefore, segment your subscribers in micro-lists based on various factors including, age, interests, location, and previous purchases. Curate targeted individualized emails that are engaging to a particular audience. Include subject lines that are most likely to increase click-through rates, offer discounts to tempt the prospects into completing the purchase, and send follow-up emails about the recent acquisitions.

The strategy works best when you understand your customers, thereby fostering their confidence in your business. As a result, your brand’s visibility improves, you have fewer subscribers’ list dropouts, and you gain a legion of loyal followers.

Attractive Email Template

Name it one of the best email marketing tips that can do wonders for your business! The primary advantage of creating a superlative email template is to generate brand recognition. Align your layout with the core values of your brand image, so your messages are instantly recognizable.

Ensure that the fonts, color schemes, layouts, and the brand logo in your template match your other marketing campaigns. Make it vivid and attractive, so it grabs attention and generates results. Furthermore, keep the content of the emails concise and use an appealing font. Long paragraphs in short black letters often result in lower readability. Include captivating images, striking graphics, and beautiful collages.

Based on the clients’ interests and previous purchases, you can also add product reviews to promote sales. Online recommendations influence 93% of the customers to make a purchase. Moreover, place a Call-to-Action button in a bright color that compliments your layout. Your emails can be inviting and interesting, but if it does not have a CTA button, the engagement will not translate into a purchase. Therefore, a prominent CTA button can compel your audience to move down the marketing funnel.

To summarize, customers are likely to react to familiar emails with all the possible actions displayed clearly.

Remain Consistent

Consistency is the key to any successful digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to reap the rewards of social media campaigns or enjoy a gazillion advantages of guest posting, you need to be consistent. Similarly, a harmonious email format and styling help you achieve customer loyalty and more visibility. Once you have converted a prospect, you want your brand to take priority in their minds amongst your niche. Thus, use a similar template for all your emails that help your clients associate your correspondence with a positive previous experience.

You should also be consistent in the frequency of your emails. You do not want to send out so many emails that it becomes annoying and frustrating for the subscribers. On the other hand, you want to avoid long intervals between emails, so the customers do not forget about your brand. An ideal interval between emails keeps the consumers’ interest piqued and nurtures trust in your business. It drives sales and generates brand awareness.

Parting Thoughts

Email marketing is a cheap, successful, and powerful tool in the field of digital marketing. When done right, a potent campaign can increase engagements, convert prospects, and create loyal, returning customers. It can also allow you to carve a niche for your business and generate extraordinary brand awareness.

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