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Top 7 Android App Trends Every Android Developer Must Know in 2020

Because technology never stops advancing, the process app development will never stop from improving, too. To some degree, it’s a never-ending lesson helping Android developers perfect their skills and become better at building apps. As demand drives supply, the following Android app development trends for 2020 will have to be taken into account for both developers and businesses to thrive.

Artificial Intelligence

In the past decade, we’ve seen artificial intelligence drive efficiency and improve productivity and ROI in numerous industries. By integrated AI with the benefits offered by the IoT, Android app development will reach new highs.

For example, one’s battery time can be prolonged with an adaptive battery embedded into a smart device. Also, communication will be streamlined because AI can learn and bridge the communication gap with on-the-go language translations that are 50 times better than Google translate.


The mere thought of cars driving themselves seemed unrealistic 5-10 years ago. Right now, Tesla has made driverless cars go mainstream thanks to the power of the Internet of Things. Additional Android app trends relate to smart home devices like Google’s Nest or smartwatches like Apple’s Watch.

All of them are integrated with the IoT and Android developers should embrace the technology if they want to drive business value and get ahead of the competition.

5G Technology

Having a strong internet connection matters in all aspects of life. For savvy Android developers, it is crucial because it will forever change the process of developing Android apps. Apart from speeding the actual development process, 5G is poised to enable faster 3D gaming and game testing – an essential feature for developers looking to save time and attain scalability faster.

Instant Apps

Instant apps are expected to take the world by storm with their ability to work as a demo app. In simple terms, it will come in a much smaller size enabling users to decide whether or not they need the full version after using it for a while.

Why will they become among the most wanted Android app development trends? Because instant apps can decrease the time required to develop the app. From an Android developer’s perspective, it will save time, money, and effort spent in the process.

Beacon Technology

Similar to the way GPS works but a lot more powerful because it is powered by internet connectivity, beacon technology can get users to access everything in real-time. Services powered beacon technology is one of the most potent Android app development trends because the demand for such apps is rising at the speed of light.

Needless to say, the experience offered addresses the consumers in ways that they never imagined. Pedestrian safety beacons, smart home beacons, and open-source beacons are just some examples worth considering.


Tracking devices, Fitbit, and smartwatches are everywhere. They make people’s lives better by enabling them to stay healthier, more active, and constantly connected to everything Internet-related.

By the end of 2020, it is estimated that wearable devices will be able to work with Android apps, putting Android developers on a journey to learn more and perfect their app development skills to cope with the people’s demands and necessities in terms of advanced technology use.


Last but not least, MotionLayout completes our list of 7 Android app trends. Commonly known as a type of layout that helps developers handle widget and motion animation when developing apps, MotionLayout is included in the ConstraintLayout library, backward compatible with Android 4.0.

The benefit of MotionLayout is that it helps Android dev teams fill in the gaps between complex motion handling and layout transitions. The library will enable a better experience because it helps developers better understand what’s happening within their apps.

Whether you’re a freelance developer looking to perfect your skills or you’re part of an Android app development company Houston, the trends mentioned above are meant to help you get ahead of the development curve and become better at what you do.

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