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Top 5 tips for Apple TV App Marketing

1. Reexamine the Big Screen Experience

Just making a cell phone app littler, to fit on a smartwatch, doesn’t work. Consider every one of those apps that attempted to put keyboards on Android watches.

Similarly, TV apps shouldn’t merely be higher versions of iPhone or iPad apps; they should be reevaluated to expand the advantages of the TV. There are qualities of the gadget that should be considered when designing apps for the new platform.


For instance, the Airbnb app is an excellent fit for Apple TV. People are accustomed to watching travel appears on TV, and now they can book a room in these spots.

By giving large, beautiful pictures that fit the whole screen, users can get a decent vibe for what a spot resembles and make an emotional attachment. Notice how the data about the rental is kept to a base, and the picture is given need.


Another region where a TV app is flawless is in the shopping category. For instance, a TV app like Gilt makes it simpler to see garments very close, rather than squinting on an iPhone, or even a laptop.

Gilt Apple TV App:

This is one of the principal games that are accessible on Apple TV. IGN recorded their initial introductions of the game, and they talk about their concerns with how the game would interpret of from iOS to tvOS.

One thing to note in this video is the differences between the player contribution on the two platforms. Make sure to make an onboarding process that will enable users to get going immediately. Regardless of whether they have utilized other version of your app. Try not to underestimate anything.

User Experience:

Likewise, consider the user experience when utilizing the Apple TV remote. It is tough to enter data with the remote, so organizations like Facebook and Twitter are steering information passage to a cell phone, to simplify the information exchange process.

You may need to plan something comparative for your app. Make sense of how to utilize the enormous screen to further your potential benefit and alleviate the disadvantages. It might require some significant changes to your app, but it is justified, despite all the trouble.

2. Measure Your Results

Much the same as with some other sort of app, inspecting your analytics is a significant key to your prosperity. Apple has been delayed in giving app developers valuable analytics on their apps, and their contributions have been fundamental.

Expect the equivalent with Apple TV apps. In this way, make sure to locate an outsider analytics arrangement. The more significant part of the enormous analytics arrangements available should have an Apple TV SDK accessible, eventually. But alter has been one of the first to answer.

Despite which platform you pick, make sure to have analytics set up before propelling your Apple TV app.

3. Promotions Will be Huge

Promotions on an Apple TV aren’t just physically higher than mobile advertisements; they are additionally more extravagant and increasingly intelligent. Televisions don’t have a large number of the constraints that mobile gadgets have, predominantly potential bandwidth concerns that accompany mobile information suppliers.

So, publicists are allowed to make beautiful, full-screen, intelligent advertisements. This will enable you to profit by advertising your apps, just as monetizing your apps with (undoubtedly) higher changing over ads.

Envision if individuals could tap on TV advertisements during the Super Bowl or the World Cup. Plugs for apps, similar to this one, will turn out to be significantly more typical.

Shouldn’t something be said about 3D video promotions?

If you as of now adapt you app with promotions, or you will be advertising your organization through Apple TV app advertisements, at that point promotions in Apple TV apps can possibly have a significant constructive outcome on your revenue.

Once more, if you are one of the first to showcase, you will almost certainly exploit lower promotion costs (for sponsors) and an extra revenue stream (for app distributors). Organizations like AppLovin are as of now testing their Apple TV promotions SDK with select accomplices.

4. Study Apple TV App Store Optimization

Likewise, with any app, ensuring that your app is discovered, is a significant factor in if your app is fruitful or not. The majority of the accepted procedures for App Store Optimization will apply to Apple TV.

However, there are a couple of differences:

App Icons:

Like everything else on Apple TV, the app icons will be higher. They will likewise be rectangular. This will give you significantly progressively land to pass on what your app is about just because it is additionally superbly acceptable to utilize message on your app symbol.

App Icons on Apple TV:

However, you should even now adhere to the fundamental standards of symbol advancement. Ensure that there is one clear concentration in your symbol, and it should pass on what your app does except if you are a leading brand.

Keep in mind that all pictures are at 1x resolution. In this way, make sure to test your icons on a full-screen television before discharge. Icons must be submitted in two sizes, the greater size being 1280 pixels wide. Additionally know about pictures you may require for Top Shelf, active substance and other substance regions.

Gracious, and remember about parallax. To see the Apple specs for Apple TV icons and pictures read this page. You can get Photoshop documents and significantly more on their tvOS Download page.

5. App Previews:

This is the part that we are genuinely excited about. We’ve heard that developers could have App Preview recordings on Apple TV soon. To record a video film from your app, you will require a USB-C to USB link and Quicktime on your Mac. At that point head out to File > New Movie Recording in Quicktime.

Snap-on the sliding bolt beside the red record button and pick Apple TV for both Camera and Microphone recording. At that point, click on the red record button to begin the video catch. If you are too occupied to make a brilliant App Preview video, we can do it for you.

Here is a case of an Apple TV see a video that we accomplished for SongPop. Apple TV is the ideal platform for this game. You can discover progressively about the development process of SongPop here.


Screenshots are considerably progressively significant on Apple TV. Since the picture is so enormous, it is critical to hitting the nail on the head. Like app icons, if you utilize low-quality pictures, it will be horrendously self-evident.

The process for taking screenshots is like recording recordings, sketched out above. But as opposed to hitting the record button, hold Command-Shift-4, at that point hit the Space Bar. Your cursor will, at that point, transform into a camera symbol. Drift over the screen until the title bar disappears.

At that point, click your mouse or trackpad to take the screen capture.


All-inclusive Purchase

You can make your app all-inclusive crosswise over iOS and tvOS, enabling individuals to make one buy and get your app on the entirety of their gadgets. To get a total take a gander at the Apple TV prerequisites, read: Preparing Your App Submission for the New Apple TV

If you are going to make a tvOS version of your app, make sure to notify your current users about your new advertising. It very well maybe not entirely distinct this one essential advance, but your existing user base is the best spot to get new Apple TV users.

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Top 5 tips for Apple TV App Marketing

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