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An Overview of Mobile Game Development with Unity

Increased mobility, better reach, and accessibility to games are the main reasons mobile game app development is gaining popularity. Age and gender agnostic games have lured quite a large number of gamers and created a plethora of opportunities for businesses.

Smartphone games account for 50% of the video game revenue worldwide. The Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown increased the number of gamers across the US. It is estimated to reach 181.3 million by 2025. This is indeed an excellent opportunity to dive into the gaming world. Unity engine is the perfect vehicle for developing your game idea and gaining more downloads.

What is Unity?

Developers across the globe vouch for Unity and its ability to improve the creativity of your gaming apps. You can create any gaming solution and experience with this engine.

Unity is a framework that allows developers to create cross-platform 2D/3D gaming app solutions with minimal effort and maximum outcomes. With a simple-to-use interface and 3D rendering abilities, it offers developers the ease of developing incredible gaming solutions.

While Unity is built for several programming languages and frameworks, it will help if you know C#. The premise of this engine is built in this programming language.

Types of Gaming Solutions

Unity may or may not be suited for all your gaming app ideas. However, specific solutions are best founded when developed using the Unity engine. Here we will take you through some gaming solutions you can create with Unity.

1. Game App Prototypes

Before you develop the app, you may want to test the waters to understand if the app will work in the said market or not. Unity can help you test the AR and VR ideas you may have for app development.

2. Device-agnostic Game Development

Whether you want to develop a mobile or a video game, the Unity engine is set to help you embark on the journey to convert your brilliant idea. It is a flexible engine with the right tools and resources to speed up app development.

Top Benefits of Unity Engine

Why should you use the Unity engine to develop your next game idea? If you are pondering this question, these benefits might help answer them.

  1. It is cost-effective: The framework is available for free. So, you don’t need to invest in purchasing the source code or availing of the resources. You can quickly develop the app without investing a lot of money.
  2. Multi-platform Games: As a device-agnostic, multi-platform framework, you can easily develop games for iOS, Android, and web browsers. As a result, it makes creating and sharing the code easy, increasing the developers’ productivity.
  3. Extensive Community Support: A strong community of developers ready to bail you out whenever you are stuck makes Unity the perfect engine for game development. You are sure to find a way to move away from errors and coding issues.
  4. All-inclusive Asset Store: This is the biggest asset you get with the Unity engine. It provides all the requirements needed to develop a thorough gaming app for your needs.

With this engine, you can develop both 3D and 2D games, making it comprehensive for development needs.

Unity Versus Unreal: How they Differ?

Unity was not the first engine developed for mobile game development. Unreal was significantly used earlier to enhance gaming experiences. Let’s look at the two platforms to understand which works better.

  1. Unreal is the source of the available game engine. For the uninitiated, this means you can use the framework to develop games for gaming consoles, computers, and specific devices. On the other hand, Unity is a device-agnostic, cross-platform framework. Using this gaming engine, you can create games for mobile, consoles, and every other device.
  2. Unity was developed using C#, while Unreal developed C++. When it comes to gaming, high performance and speed matter. You can gain both of these when you use C#. As a result, Unity is a winner in this space.
  3. As Unreal and Unity are strong gaming engines, you can expect strong support from the community for both engines. However, the community for Unity Engine is more active and accessible.
  4. Both engines have created an exciting shop for game developers regarding asset stores. However, Unity has more assets and creative inputs compared to Unreal
  5. Unreal offers open-source code, which makes development easy and fast. However, for Unity, you need to seek the open-source code if you want it.
  6. If you are rendering your gaming app with Unity, you will notice a slight lag as compared to rendering with Unreal.


When planning game app development, you should follow the best practices to help render the magic. Make sure to build a prototype, test the market for your app idea, and launch it into the market.

Unity has a learning curve, making it difficult for you to build a game app with in-house developers. You need to hire dedicated Unity developers who understand the framework and know how to improve the development and enhance the gaming experience. A little research and discussion can get you in touch with the right tech partner for your next game idea.

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