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Job Skills that will Ensure a Promising Future for You

Every graduate wished to get a lucrative job so as to keep him motivated to do better. However, there are certain jobs that are more rewarding than others. According to the researches, in the year 2019, tech-related jobs are in high demand. Here’s your comprehensive guide regarding the in-demand jobs this year:

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is one of the most innovative as well as exciting fields to study. However, it is demanding as well. But it is one of the most profitable skills that you can learn. Provided that you have the knack for this field. Because there is a lot of brains using required in this field. And it is one of the toughest options that you can get yourself into.

Some of the many possible uses of learning this skill include predictive analysis, chatbots, Alexa and self-driving cars. You name an industry and the chances that they are not making use of machine learning in one form or another are rare.

You can opt for online courses to acquire this skill as well. If you have access to services like Spectrum Internet plans then this shouldn’t be a problem. Learning this skill will provide you with endless opportunities. You can then apply your acquired machine learning skills to the role that suits you the best. Some quick facts that may encourage you to learn the skill of machine learning include:

  • The average salary of about $ 143K.
  • Netflix makes use of machine learning for making recommendations to its users.
  • LinkedIn alone has 4,000 available positions for people with this skill.

SEO/SEM Marketing:

Employers all over are looking for digital marketing experts so that they can improve their visibility on the web. Hence, making SEO and SEM marketing an in-demand skill and for obvious reasons. The most essential reason is that more site visits mean more conversions. That translate into more customers and revenue.

Therefore, if you recognize yourself as someone who is data-minded, then SEO/SEM marketing may be a great fit for you. Because the role will ask of you to measure, experiment and constantly test to see what works and what does not. You can then make changes to the campaigns accordingly.

Data Visualization:

Data visualization is a way by which you help people to understand the significance of data. You do so by visual context. Which means that you turn the spreadsheets and reports into more presentable charts as well as graphs. These are things that people can relate to more and can understand better.

So, basically what you are doing is that you are creating a bridge between technical and non-technical roles. Because you take the data collected by the analysts. And transform it in a way that many people can make sense out of it or can understand it.

UI/UX Design:

This is another skill in high demand this year. Both of these skills might belong to the same family but they are two different things. UI or user interface refers to designing interfaces for websites as well as apps. These interfaces should be appealing besides being able to flow well and be easy for the users to navigate.

In contrast, UX or user experience refers to the specialists who do a lot of research when it comes to how the users will interact with the company and the website. They coordinate with the UI designers and the developers.

So, UI is a better career option for those who want to focus on the visuals, general look, and feel of a product or page and layout. However, UX is a better option for people who want a creative and analytical type of role.


Almost every company feels the need to keep their data and systems secure. Because companies often collect customer data and information that they want to keep to themselves only. A data breach can cost the companies a hefty amount of money, apart from the inconvenience that brings.

Therefore, companies hire people who can help them protect their private information as it is precious to them. The average salary of a person who is specialized in cybersecurity is $ 98K per annum. Thus, making it an option that one must consider.

The above-mentioned career options can be very fruitful for you in monetary terms if you want to land a career that pays well. If you want to opt for online courses for acquiring any of these skills, you can also look for services like Spectrum Internet assist that enable you to get access to the Internet at a cheap rate.

Job Skills that will Ensure a Promising Future for You

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Skills Needed for Future Jobs – Every graduate wished to get a lucrative job so as to keep him motivated to do better.

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