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How to Use Twitter for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign?

Blogger outreach is the process of helping out influencers and then reaching out to see if they could do the same. It is also a way to promote content and build links. Successful guest post outreach can build strong relationships, build quality backlinks, build up your brand, gain more exposure, get a ton of social media shares, get targeted traffic, and score guest posting service. This article shows how to use Twitter for your outreach guest posting campaign.

Start with Research:

If you’re a beginner and just starting your blogger outreach service, you may have a vague idea of the type of blogger you want to reach out or connect with. Use an influencer marketing tool or start by setting Google alerts that help you track all of your outreach efforts in one place. These tools also make finding bloggers work with easy.

Divide and Conquer Your Contacts into Twitter Lists:

Keep up with your publications and writers by adding them to Twitter lists so that you can engage with them at any point in time. There are recommended tools that will quickly add a Twitter list as a stream on your dashboard for monitoring, inserting yourself into conversations and other engagement. Your Twitter lists may look and categorized as influential individuals, potential guest blogs, maintained relationships and engages. Influential individuals might be blog owners or writers for other publication. A Potential guest blog writing service gives your insight into the types of articles they publish, as well as guide you in what to pitch to them. Maintained relationships are those with people you’ve already built partnerships with. Engagers are some people who are hustling to build an engaged following.

Regularly Engage with those Lists:

Set aside short engagement waves on Twitter every day by going to your lists and start inserting yourself into relevant conversations. Interact and start a genuine relationship with them by reading the articles they publish, leaving comments on them, and even replying to the person directly on Twitter to start a dialogue. Share and help spread the Twitter love with a simple retweet.

Building a Quick Strategy:

Outreach building revolves in two aspects; link relevance and link quality. Link relevance is if there’s a clear contextual relationship between you and the prospects while link quality refers to the value of the prospective site’s content. Finding relevant links requires a strategy; you should define your website, your audience, and your prospects.

Maximize Your Twitter Profile:

Ensure that your Twitter profile appears seriously and professionally when people read it. Give your bio a good edit and make sure there are no typos. Make sure your bio is concise and give a legitimate location. Make sure your headshot is not blurry; instead, it should be professional and of good quality.

Staying Organized:

Having an organized outreach campaign from the very beginning will provide a strong backbone that will strengthen every step of your campaign. Organization revolves around nurturing and maintaining your relationships with your target influencers. Twitter List is a tool that will help keep your organization intact and monitor your relationship with influencers.

Unique Tweets to Grab Attention:

To reach out and gain a relationship, you should be creative with your tweets. Some creative ways to do it is by incorporating a tweet or link to a blog post of theirs in your own blog post, writing your own shout out when retweeting their posts, responding to the posts they tweet with a question that sparks a discussion and tweeting hashtags you know that influencers are following. Doing this will grab your targeted influencers’ attention, making them aware of your existence.

Tweet the Link More Than Once:

Tweeting a link to your blog more than once is 100% okay as long as the content is relevant for the foreseeable future. Make the most out of your content by continuing to tweet your archive indefinitely for as long as the content is appropriate. New followers may discover you through your old content. This method will maximize your blog promotion and ensure new followers seeing your evergreen posts, providing value to your community.

Create “Click to Tweets” Within Your Article:

Another way to encourage blog readers to promote a post for you is by social sharing links. In this way, readers can share a quote and link back to your article by simply clicking the “click to tweet” option. With this “click to tweet” tool, you can create a clickable link quickly and easily.

Re-purpose Your Blog Content:

You use Twitter for sending traffic to your blog, but people reading your content on Twitter itself is an emerging trend. To use this trend and still promote your blog, repurpose your blog post into content for Twitter and link back to the original source. You can repurpose your content in three formats; images, short video, and live video. Pick two to three primary quotes from your blog post and turn them to graphic quotes to attract more attention in the news feed. Uploading 2 minutes and 20 seconds worth of native video on Twitter is ridiculously easy to shoot and post in seconds. Go live for your followers to talk about the article, discuss one point from the post in depth, and even encourage viewers to read the blog post to find out more.

Mention the People You had Included in the Blog Post:

Collaboration is powerful in social media promotion. You don’t necessarily have to reach out to huge influencers and convince them to work with you to reap the benefits. You can simply reference somebody’s news, teaching, and opinions in your blog post. When the blog is published, promote it to Twitter and reach out to the person with a simple @mention.

Retweet or Thank Anyone who Mentions Your Blog:

Reply or retweet the posts of people who actively share your blog posts on Twitter. Don’t forget to look out for them as they will be more likely to share again in the future. Retweeting what other people have said about your article will provide social proof and drives traffic, too.

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