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Google and Oreo Unite to Launch Android Oreo – The New Android OS

The delicious and humorous announcement of Android Oreo has been released in the United States coinciding with the solar eclipse.

Android Oreo

Android usually calls its different operating systems with names of candy or trinkets. The idea is fun and original, but if it also becomes a co-branding action  that reports a few zeros to Google accounts, better than better! It already did in 2013 with Android KitKat and this year coinciding with the solar eclipse arrives Android Oreo.

Of course, the new Android operating system has been announced at the top. True to its fun and casual style. But with an epic-comic tone, Android Oreo has taken advantage of the event that was driving the United States crazy, the eclipse of the sun to make a nice parallel and eclipse its users with the new version 8.0 Android.

The  spot shows a horde of Android robots with glasses to see the solar eclipse. It is then that they discover that the reason for the eclipse is none other than an Oreo cookie . Upon landing, this one becomes Super Android Oreo. All a bit geeky and surreal but quite horny. Super Android Oreo Deal up to milk cups for dipping cookies! Wonderful…

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