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Learn To Build a Website Like Pinterest With WordPress

Pinterest is today one of the most important sites and is visible all over social media. It is a visual bookmarking tool at its core that contains social web characteristics like sharing, commenting, and liking. These traits are accessible to WordPress customers and it is convenient to build a site applying WordPress such that the characteristics are like those of Pinterest. Here we have given information about producing Pinterest-like websites with WordPress.

Firstly if we want to create a community on our WordPress site we will have to encourage users to write content on our site. Secondly, we must present that content in a presentable grid style. Let us discuss some themes that present content the way done by Pinterest with WordPress. We will then analyze plugins that permit the visitors on our website to like, share, bookmark content, or favorite a post.

WordPress Themes Similar to Pinterest

Photum is a free theme from WPLift. It is a theme for Photo Blogs, however, we can extend it to involve share and like tabs on every article. It comes with thorough instructions and is easy to use.

  • The content is displayed in a Pinterest with WordPress like grid
  • Photum adjusts itself conveniently on various screens and devices.
  • It becomes simpler for photo bloggers to add particulars of images through Photum. For Example, the equipment used and other fascinating portions. It is possible to add taxonomies and custom fields to add more details to items.
  • It does not contain favorites, like links by default however, with the help of plugins it is possible to add these features. We will learn more about a few plugins here.


It is a wonderful and superior WordPress theme. It has been created as a portfolio theme, however, its features are such that it can be used to create a community website also with the help of a reliable WordPress website development company. It has features that are like Pinterest. Its liquid layout makes it look amazing on all devices. Gridnik can tackle videos and images conveniently, makes it convenient for users to share the content, and permits guests to like a post.

The Gridnik Options Screen is as follows:

  • It can handle videos and images easily
  • It has inbuilt Wizy like WordPress plugin that permits users to favorite or like a post.
  • Presents content in a Pinterest WordPress like fluid grid design.
  • The themes have a comprehensive options panel.
  • Comprehensive documentation and video tutorials can be viewed from the theme options panel.
  • It has content in a Pinterest like fluid grid design.


Gridlock is an amazing WordPress portfolio theme for creative types which means that if we or our community members like to share artistic visual content like images, photographs, videos, drawings, then Gridlock is the right theme for us. It also comes with an inbuilt Like feature and therefore there is no requirement of extension.

  • It controls all default post-formats and supports them also.
  • Layout Shuffling: A wonderful characteristic is that when there is a change in the browser window size, the layout shuffles to adapt itself.
  • It displays video as well as image content in the main grid also.
  • The customers can conveniently like content inside the grid without accessing the information due to the inbuilt Like technique that makes it convenient.
  • It is powered by JQuery and uses it to create wonderful model windows, JQuery contact form, nifty animations, and reshuffling layout.

Plugins That Offer Features Like Those of Pinterest

We can extend WordPress to whatever we wish to do with it. For example, we are attempting to create a Pinterest-like website with WordPress. Also, we have by now used a few WordPress themes that offer some characteristics and a layout as well that is alike Pinterest. However, apart from the layout, there are other things also that make Pinterest amazing. It is the social characteristic and now we will see a few plugins that offer these features also.

WP Favorite Posts

WP Favorite permits the guests on our website to add and like posts to favorites and is a free WordPress plugin. We can control it to allow some of the visitors to add posts or permit only registered users to like a post to favorites also through WordPress development. The plugin makes use of database and cookies and therefore the favorite posts for these guests will be saved stored in the browser until they have the cookies.

WP Favorite Posts Plugin Options

  • The page is not required to be reloaded as it is powered by AJAX.
  • It permits users to click on a tiny icon so that it is possible to add a post to their favorites.
  • We can make a favorite page so that the users can look at their favorite posts.
  • We can use our icons or star-shaped and tiny heart icons for favorites.
  • It stores data for logged in users in the database and random visitors in the cookie.

A not so convenient thing about the plugin is that we have to insert the functions manually in the template files that may not be easy for a lot of users. We also have to manually build a page to showcase favorite posts.

Bookmarks Plugin for WordPress

Pinterest permits its customers to organize the information they or others pinned into boards making it a useful characteristic. To accomplish the same capabilities we can use either of the two plugins.

User Bookmarks for WordPress Plugin

This superior WordPress plugin allows users who are logged in, to bookmark a post on our website. Users can view a list of their bookmarks and remove them whenever they wish. The not so good thing about the plugin is that it showcases the Bookmark link in text format.

There are a lot of fascinating methods to create Pinterest-like websites with WordPress with wonderful social characteristics that may not be the same as that of Pinterest but of a similar way. Using various combinations of themes and plugins, WordPress can be used to create exceedingly interactive sites.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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