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Bitcoin Cash Vs. Bitcoin SV

A lot of people are unaware that Bitcoin is the origin of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV is forked from Bitcoin cash. In fact, there was a time where the Bitcoin Blockchain housed Bitcoin cash node and that means you Bitcoin Cash can be considered a fork of Bitcoin.

However, while many people just don’t know which one they should invest in, many more don’t even know the difference between them. It’s also possible that they are struggling to understand what the meaning of a fork is.

In this post, we will look at bitcoin cash and compare it with bitcoin SV in order to help you understand their differences. However, let’s start by taking a brief look into their history.


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created. However, it remained unknown to the majority of the world for several years. It was conceived to function like fiat cash and be used to either purchase services, goods or investments, etc.

Bitcoin cannot be faked thanks to the complex, but transparent, technology serving as a hub for its operation. This technology is popularly known as the blockchain. One of the strengths of bitcoin is that it is decentralized. This means that its value is not regulated by any central institution or government. In addition, you do not have to wait for any institution to authorize your transactions. Visit NakitCoins to learn more.

Unlike in the early days, Bitcoin is now the most coveted cryptocurrency on the planet. The only exception to this is the bitcoin cash and this is because it is a fork of Bitcoin. Let’s first explain at the concept of “a fork”.

The Concept of “A Fork”

Bitcoin cash is by no means the only cryptocurrency forked from a Bitcoin; however, it is the most frequently used. Whenever an update on the original node of the blockchain is only accepted by some of the computers (nodes), a fork is created.

While the blockchain (the bitcoin in this case) remains unchanged, the computers/nodes that accept the update split to create another blockchain (similar to the bitcoin cash). Hence, a new coin that is separate from those found on the original blockchain is created. The generation of these new coins is called a fork.

A Quick Trip in History

When a new blockchain and coin was created from the bitcoin blockchain in 2017, Bitcoin cash was the fork that was created as a result. The mission of Bitcoin cash was to imitate the function of the bitcoin network — which is to become digital cash with low fees and high rates of transaction.

However, it was barely a year after the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) was created because of the protocol upgrade that the Bitcoin cash was proposed. A faction of the bitcoin cash blockchain refused to accept this upgrade because they felt it would ruin the vision of being digital cash if other transactions were introduced and created a new blockchain known as the bitcoin era.

Bottom Line

Although the aim of Bitcoin SV is to compete with the bitcoin cash and eradicate it from the bitcoin network completely, both are co-existing and faring well.

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