The Benefits of Climbing Stairs Daily

It is a way of doing physical exercise by moving several muscle groups and strengthening the heart.

The ‘Guide to Stay Healthy and Strong’ from the National Institute on Aging in the United States, says that climbing stairs is one of the most complete exercises that exist.

According to ‘The best tips to know how to live’, this is one of the effective and cheap exercises because unlike others, you do not need any additional equipment to do it, only your own body and a staircase with enough steps that allows you to do it between 7 and 10 minutes.

A study on how this movement benefits the heart muscle concludes that practicing it for 7 minutes helps make the heart stronger and more resistant.


When having to ‘lift’ the body, a greater effort is made, but it is not perceived as such. For this reason it is an excellent method to burn more calories throughout a day, reduce volume and also to increase the capacity of the lungs. In addition, experts say it is a way to move several muscle groups. They also say that doing it daily extends life for several years.

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