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What if Google stopped working half an hour



Most of us do not want to imagine it and if we do, we only visualize panic and fury. Something never seen as addicted to Google as we are dropping Google simply for half an hour could trigger that at the very least. We would enter into a situation of unimaginable nervousness. But would it be a normal reaction? What does Google give us that nobody is able to give? What would actually happen if the most popular search engine on the planet fell for 30 minutes?

To get an idea of ​​the dimension of the matter. We are going to look at two faults that affected the search engine a few years ago . In January 2014 for example “overhead” at one of its centers in Europe produced a “cascade effect that extended the problem to other data centers”. The ruling mainly affected Gmail and yes that day many felt that the world was over . One of the services of the almighty Google had fallen!

Many reacted on social networks by mocking those who cried out to heaven, who saw what had happened as a hecatomb. They criticized that those who were born with Google under the arm could not survive without the search engine.

Another similar incident occurred in August 2013, when the “blackout” was suffered by all its services including YouTube, Analytics and Drive. Users got into cholera, the ruling lasted only five minutes. The world’s Internet traffic fell by 40 percent. The company lost more than $ 500,000, according to search engine expert Danny Sullivan. So imagine what could happen if Google falls for half an hour.

The consequences of 30 minutes without Google

Millions of people use Google every day. The traffic that has the search engine surpasses the imaginable. We consulted Google for everything. What if we have a cold we go to the doctor Google. If we want to know the benefits of carrots, Google. We want to know what has been written about a topic or news, Google. Our routine, our life is linked to the search engine in a certain way.

We always expect him to solve our doubts to find the solution we are looking for. Most of the time it does and it is very rare that the service does not work properly. That’s why experts say it’s very unlikely that Google will stop working for 30 minutes. The platform has mechanisms so that this does not happen.

However, situating ourselves in this hypothetical scenario, what would be the consequences? What would actually happen? The answers have a software engineer from Google himself, Ashish Kedia who has drawn up a list with the consequences:


“In the first few minutes, people would check their Internet connection, some would call their service provider, others would even check their hardware, something much more feasible (than the fall of Google).” Come on, that our first reaction would never be to think that Google has fallen, we would think that the fault is the fault of our Network or our devices.

Reactions in social networks and anger

After several minutes, “we would realize that it is true.” There would be a moment of disbelief, people would try desperately to update the Google homepage again and again. After those minutes of stupefaction, surprise and annoyance would come.

“Users around the world would start taking screenshots of Google’s error page and Facebook walls would be filled with phrases like “Oh my God! I can not believe it!” accompanied by the images Of error.

Fall in productivity

Beyond this, there would be a sharp drop in productivity around the world. Many users use applications or services owned by the browser, such as Gmail. “I can not even imagine the loss of revenue not just for Google, but for all the companies in the world that use Google.”

Benefits for competition

In the midst of all this mess, not only are there losers, but also those who profit: Google’s competitors. According to this engineer, “people would look for alternative search engines” in case of knowing alternative options. Of course, Bing and Yahoo for example “would experience huge sudden increases in traffic and (the private navigation engine) DuckDuckGo would become a holding on Twitter.” The Google engineer says that “employees of other companies in the competition would enjoy and sing for joy.”

Effects beyond the Internet

It should also be noted that the Mountain View company not only dominates the Internet but also owns the most used operating system in the world: Users of Android and also iPhone users who were using applications like Google Maps would lose the connection and be left behind, there could still be exceptions.

What would happen when services were restored?

The “return to life” of Google services would also bring a series of performances. The company for example, would be forced to “launch a press release explaining the reasons. In addition, technology specialists from around the world would try to find the cause of the blackout.”

Of course, says Kedia, many would speculate with the idea that behind the ruling could be a group of hackers. The media would react and try to contact experts to analyze the situation and the network would be filled with articles asking a thousand and one question: “How is it possible that we depend so much on Google?”, “Why did it happen?”, “Did you access my data?”, “Is it true that Google has been hacked?”, “10 things to do when Google falls again.”


How to Ensure That Your Valuables Are Safe During Your Move



Everything you own right now is either from your hard-earned money or given by a family or friend; any item in your home is either an investment or one which has sentimental value. These are just some of the reasons why you’ve been keeping these items in your possession for years. And now that you’re moving, you should make sure that these are safe throughout the entire move.

You should exert time and effort in packing and transporting these properly so it will remain in its best condition. And while hiring moving companies NYC or any local mover might be an obvious solution, it’s not the only thing you can do to ensure that your valuables are safe during your move. If you want to be extra careful, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Use The Proper Packing Materials.

This one’s a no-brainer. If you want to ensure the safety of your valuables, you should invest in the right packing materials. Moving boxes are necessities whenever moving but this doesn’t mean that you should use this for all of your valuables. Depending on the size, structure, and fragility of the valuable you’re going to bring, you might need other packing materials.

For starters, you can use clean garbage bags to pack your clothes from hangers and suitcases for your books and linens. Your glassware should be wrapped in newspaper before placing them in moving boxes, too.

2. Store As Much Valuables As You Can.

Moving day can be hectic. You’ll have to look after the progress of the movers, keep track of your moving boxes and look after your children or pets. For sure, a lot of things can happen during your moving day. If you don’t want to take any risks with your valuables, considering paying for storage units or leave them with a trusted friend or family member. This tip can be helpful if you’re planning to bring expensive pieces of jewelry or documents in your new home.

3. Keep Your Smaller Valuables Close.

Pieces of pieces of jewelry are significant investments, but because of its size, these can be very tricky to pack and transport. This remains true even if you’re hiring professionals to help out during the move. If you don’t want to be stressed out where these smaller valuables are, opt to keep them close to you. Place them inside your handbags or your vehicle when you’re moving. Make sure that there are always on your sight and within reach.

4. Bigger Valuables should Be Entrusted To The Professionals.

Most often than not, you’ll also bring heavy and bulky valuables for your next move. You might be planning to transport your piano or your grandfather’s clock to your new home. Although packing these on your own can be a cheap moving solutions, it doesn’t warrant positive results. Packing and transporting bigger valuables is tricky and can even pose safety risks to you and your family.

Entrust bigger valuables to the movers you’re going to hire. They are professionals which mean that they are adept with the do’s and don’ts in transporting bigger and heavier items. They also have the right training and equipment for the job.

5. Take Inventory Of The Valuables You’re Going To Bring.

You can easily notice once any of your valuables are missing or damaged. However, you won’t have the time and energy to assess all that you own during the move. You’ll be bombarded with countless tasks which will make it challenging for you to scrutinize the valuables you’re bringing to your new home. If you want to make this task easier, prepare an inventory prior to moving. List down all of the valuables you’re packing and take pictures, as well. With an accurate inventory, unpacking will become a breeze!

6. Consider Using Other Resources

Moving to a new location can be time-consuming and tiring. You’ll have to wear different hats at the same time just to ensure that your upcoming move will turn out to be successful. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about ensuring the safety of your valuables when moving, use this article as your guide to your upcoming move will become easier and faster!

Author Bio:

Dianne Belencio-Abonita has been writing blogs for quite some time now. She is interested in a lot of things which makes it a joy for her to write about a different niche. But among all the niches, business and marketing are her favorite. She is also a parent which is why finding movers NYC are her topics, too. When she’s not busy writing, Dianne spends her time with her husband Francis and daughter Francinne. This is where she draws inspiration from to continually provide informative blogs to the different audience.

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Preparing Your Move This Year: Moving Tips



Preparing for a move isn’t an easy chore. Aside from deciding whether or not you should hire professionals, you also have to consider your schedule, current responsibilities, and budget when moving.

All of these things are vital factors for the success of your move. Fortunately, moving will come off easier if you know how to prepare and plan for it properly. Once you know what to expect and come up with possible solutions for any problems, your upcoming move will become smoother. Let the following tips help you prepare for a move:

1. Keep a Moving Folder.

As mentioned, you’ll be bombarded with many tasks once you decide to move. You’ll have to scout for new homes that suit your needs and budget, decide which moving companies NYC to hire, and schedule when you can pack all of your valuables. All of these things can be overwhelming, making it easy for you to lose track of your progress. To avoid experiencing this kind of situation, keep a moving folder.

This is where you should place the documents of lease or sale of your old house, business cards of real estate brokers and brochures of new properties. A moving folder should be handy and convenient for your use.

2. Organize Your Furniture with a Floor Plan.

Pieces of furniture are essential to any house. You’ll need these to ensure that you and your family will be comfortable living in the house. However, moving furniture out of state can also be stressful as these can come in big or bulky sizes and the last thing you want to happen is transporting furniture and later on find out that these don’t fit in your new home.

To steer away from this direction, organize your furniture with a floor plan before moving. Usually, a floor plan is available on the internet especially if you’re moving to an apartment. If there are none, opt to make one on your own. You can draft a floor plan, get the measurements of each area and assess which specific furniture fit. This is a simple way of making sure that your new house will not become too cramped up.

3. Purge, Purge, Purge.

Decluttering your entire home can be tiring and time-consuming but since you’re moving, now is an excellent time to do it. Once you already have a date for your upcoming move, schedule a day or weekend to clean your house thoroughly.

This should include going through all of your possessions, deciding which ones are still usable, and disposing of the ones which are broken or damaged. If you’re no longer using an item, you should adequately dispose of it, no matter how expensive or sentimental it is. Bringing unusable items will only result in bigger moving expenses.

4. Use What You Have.

Packing is one of the most critical chores when you’re moving. This is especially true if you’re eyeing to bring a lot of valuables with you. You need to properly pack all of your valuables to ensure that these stay in good condition during the transport of the move. Moving boxes are prerequisites whenever moving but these aren’t the only things you can use when moving. Scout for any bigger containers which you can use to pack smaller items.

For example, you can use your luggage or suitcases to pack your linens or heavy books. You can also pack your clothes using trash bags without the need of removing and putting them back on hangers. Socks can be stuffed inside pairs of shoes and drawers and cabinets can be utilized for smaller clothing, too.

5. A Change in Mindset Can Go A Long Way

The number of tasks in preparation for a move is one of the reasons why most homeowners dislike the idea of moving. They’ll need to exert time and make arrangements with their schedules just so they can accommodate an upcoming move.

Having this kind of mindset is normal but if you want to get things done the soonest time possible, carefully change your notion about moving. Use this article as your guide so you’ll know the right way to prepare for a move and eventually, your move will be stress-free!

Author Bio:

Dianne Belencio Abonita has been writing blogs for quite some time now. She is interested in lots of thing which makes it a joy for her to write about a other niche. But among all the niches, marketing and business are her favorite. She is also a parent which is why finding movers NYC are her topics, too. When she’s not busy writing, Dianne spends her time with her husband Francis and daughter Francine. This is where she draws inspiration from to continually provide informative blogs to the different audience.

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6 Awesome Creative Valentines Ideas for Your Man



The most romantic thing that you can do for a man is to show him how much you care for him. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy expensive gifts for him. A simple act of love is all he need. So ladies don’t stress yourselves this Valentine’s Day trying to find the most expensive gift in the market to steal his heart. All you have to do is be honest with your feeling towards him and get him a gift that will not only cost you money but also a piece of your heart.

I don’t think that is that hard to impress a man with a gift. In fact trying so hard to get him an expensive gift may backfire on you because you might end up hurting his ego by getting him a much expensive gift than his. It is better to play safe and think out of the box and get him a simple yet effective gift for him that will mean so much for him. To be honest if you have been together for a while now, you will know the simple things that really mean a lot to him. In my post today I give you a few creative gift ideas to make your valentine’s day a memorable one.

Homemade Flower Bouquets

For starters you can get him Valentine’s Day flowers that you have personally picked and arrange yourself. Not that I have any grudge against Valentine’s Day flower delivery services but personalized gift are the best romantic gift. They show that you hard to put in some extra effort to make sure that your partner enjoys the gift that you have personally created for them. It may look simple and inexpensive but if done from the heart it will sweep him off his feet. Homemade Valentine’s Day bouquet is a simple yet effective gift you can give him during the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards

Another creative gift that is perfect for your man is DIY greeting cards.You can create a simple greeting card by cutting heart shapes from a red colored card and add flour for a striking spray effect. You can also add small heart drawing on the greeting card or a simple poem to show him how much he means to you. Red is the color of the day but you can blend the red color with either black or white color to make the red color stand out. You can also compliment your card gifts with flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Create Tea Bag Hearts

You can create your own tea bag for him this year as a different Valentine’s Day gift approach for him. Creating the heart shaped tea bags is pretty simple. All you need is a coffee filter orfellable tea bags. Cut the fellable tea bag into heart shapes fill them with his favorite tea and glue them together using sucrose solution. This gesture will make him think of you every time he wakes up to a cup of tea. The tea bags tags can also be heart shaped to make it more romantic.

A Valentine’s Day Notebook

If your man loves to make notes on his notebook then this is a perfect opportunity to decorate his notebook cover with lovely Valentine’s Day red hearts and scribble a few words of love on it. If you can use his notebook to do this you can get him a new one that has a red cover to truly convey the message of love to him. This way, every time he jots down a few points he will always think of you and how much you love him. You can accompany your gift with best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Homemade Cupcakes

Another simple and creative way to steal his heart and make sure that it only beats for you is to bake him some lovely heart shaped chocolate cupcakes. This won’t take much effort but the gesture will leave a lasting happiness in his heart because the stomach is leads to his heart. To do this, use your favorite recipe that you can really perfect. Don’t try anything new as this may turn out bad. If you have been together for sometimes now, am sure you know what he likes when it come to food. If you are not a good baker, you can prepare him his favorite meal. Create a perfect centerpiece give you that romantic feeling as he dines to his favorite meal.

Write Him a Love Letter

You don’t have to order from a Valentine’s Day gift delivery, writing him a love letter is another perfect way to say that you are always thinking of him when he is away. This does not require much just a pen and a paper. What you are going to write down is what will matter. Choose the best romantic words to write to him. This is also simple since you will be writing from your heart. Another way to do this is to curve a heart with a cupid arrow on a tree and engrave your names in it. This is perfect for couples in love and you will always visit that tree to remind yourself where you first fell in love.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

If you have been together for more than ten years then you can sit down on the couch and remind yourselves the far you have come and the ups and downs you have faced together. This will make your relationship grow even stronger. You can remind yourself about the first time laid eyes on each other the first dance or the first kiss and how you both felt afterwards. Don’t just remind yourselves of the good times you can also reminisce of the firth fight you had and how you handled it. This way you may know what to do in case you encountered the same situation.

Valentine ’s Day is a time of love and happiness don’t let your pocket decide how you are going to spend your valentine’s day. As I mentioned earlier it is not the depth of your pocket but the depth of your heart that really matters on this special day. As long as you have each other then the simple gift and the effort will be appreciated.

Author Bio:

NamanModi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at CosmeaGardens. An Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launches their first successful online business. Ranked as Top 1% Successful Freelancers & Creative Head of;;; an initiative to help small business success and also publish articles in close connection with an online business.

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