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How Can You Visit a Black Hole in Virtual Reality

You may have heard about black holes in movies or books. Well, it’s quite hard to describe them except they are bottomless pits that are scary, and nothing can escape from them. You probably wouldn’t want to get into one.

According to Ez Assignment Help investigators, although the phenomenon of the black hole has often remained fiction in movies and books, it actually exists in reality. After all, movies and books aren’t far from reality, and this time around, they hit the nail on the head.

The Milky Way, found in our home galaxy, features Sagittarius A at its center point. Basically, Sagittarius A is a black hole recently discovered by scientists. The problem is, you cannot travel over a million miles to the center of the galaxy. The good news is that you can view the black hole in the comfort of your home, thanks to virtual reality.

Inside The Black Hole

Have you ever played around with the idea of traveling to the center of the earth to witness a massive black hole? Basically, you can’t make this journey in a lifetime, even if you had the right technology at the moment. Maybe this will be possible in the future.

Either way, there are massive challenges that one can face in a bid to see the Sagittarius A in person. First is the extreme temperature from the sun. This will straight away melt your body in a matter of seconds. Secondly, no human or special equipment can survive the extreme gravitational forces of singularity experienced close to the black hole. You will be swallowed immediately and never to be found.

Even so, a new virtual reality simulation gives you a firsthand experience to swoop close to the super massive black hole to get a close idea of the immense pull of the black hole and its space-warping effects.

This has been made possible by scientists from Goethe University in Germany in conjunction with Radboud University in the Netherlands. These scientists simply took computer models of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. This way, they were able to put together a collection of detailed images of the black hole in a 360-degree virtual reality simulation. This way, you can simply view the simulation in a VR device.

VR Outreach

The VR simulation of the black hole is a powerful educational and outreach resource. For the first time, students, astrophysics, and the general public are able to get a clear visual understanding of how the black hole looks and even feel its immense gravitational power.


VR is extensively creating new and exciting approaches in educational settings. Children, for instance, who find it difficult to grasp the concept of the black hole, are able to quickly and effectively understand it by use of a VR device. This clearly shows that the VR is a critical tool to learning more about black hole and the only hope of visually experiencing Sagittarius A.

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