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Top Foods that Clean your Teeth and Fight with Bacteria

The foods we eat have a big impact on our dental health. They may also be the difference between gleaming teeth and receding gums. For that reason, your dentists warn against sweetened drinks, colas, sugary items, coffee, tea and some juices. Some of these foods contain chemicals that can ruin the radiance of our teeth, help bacteria grow in our oral cavity and push us towards dental decay gradually. However, there are foods can not only clean your teeth but also keep bacteria away. If you ate them regularly or included in your diet, your dental health would be optimum.

Here are top foods that clean your teeth and fight with bacteria.


Who says garlics are bad for your teeth? They’re not, even if they make the breath stinks for a few minutes. In fact, they come with antimicrobial properties and help fight bacteria in the mouth. More so, the allicin chemical present in garlic is great for fighting gum diseases. You can thus include this food in your diet and get tons of benefit to your dental health.


An apple a day can keep the dentist away! This super fruit is high in calcium, fiber and other helpful minerals for oral health. Plus, it can help scrub your teeth clean. The malic acid found in it works effectively for your teeth as it is also part of many a toothpaste. Above all, it increases the production of saliva in your mouth, which cleans the stains away and keeps the teeth healthy.


Pineapples are great for your oral health. They are known to whiten your teeth. Their ability of natural stain remover is due to the presence of an anti-inflammatory agent or enzyme, bromelain – which makes it a super fruit. You can eat this fruit and not allow plaque to build on the teeth. The enzyme found in this fruit will not be present in any other fruits.


Onions may cause bad breath but they are actually very good for your dental health. They can actually help lower bacteria in your mouth. This happens due to the presence of sulfur compounds, thiosulfinates and thiosulfinates. To get the most of onion’s antibacterial properties, you must eat them raw. If you cook them, this will totally dilute their effectiveness and then the food may not be beneficial. So, don’t stop eating onions even if it causes the breath to stink temporally.


Ginger is a kind of food that is good for both your teeth and gums alike. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties can get you healthy mouth tissue. More so, it is helpful in fighting inflammation risk. And you should know how any inflammatory condition, such as periodontal disease, may cause the loss of bone. So, you can use ginger to flavor your food and get tons of dental benefits along the way. You can also add it to hot tea and get the same benefits.


Carrots are very helpful food for your oral health. They are high in vitamin A which is good for tooth enamel. Plus, eating them raw can increase the production of saliva and clean the mouth free of food debris and bacteria. They are also the type of foods that get the jaw moving therefore strengthening your teeth in the process. But yes, don’t cook them else its beneficial properties may be lost in the process.

In overall, you can include these foods in your diet and keep your teeth clean and fight off bacteria. And even if you lose one or more of your natural teeth, there are always dental implants New York to fall back upon for help.

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