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Improving Digital Marketing Success with Software



If you work in digital marketing, you will surely understand that getting results can often take a lot of time and a lot of effort! Not only is this physically and emotionally draining as a digital marketer, but it can also have a negative effect on your employer or client as they may not be saying great results for all the money they are investing into you.

That being said, there is a wide array of online software out there that allows you to speed up the digital marketing process, whilst still maintaining a high level of success for your employer, or your client.


Ahrefs is a fantastic tool to help improve your success with one of the more time consuming aspects of digital marketing, SEO.

As a lot of digital marketers will know, SEO is a long process that involves looking for opportunities to get websites to link to your client’s website, as well as it being a follow link! This is a sometimes-horrible process that never yields much success. However, Ahrefs will allow you to look at a competitor’s link profile and find all the links they have, you can then filter this down into the links you want to go for and use this method for link building instead!

I have used this method for months now and have an incredibly high success rate, normally around 20-25%.


Now, I know what you’re thinking! And yes, ScrapeBox is normally used for black hat SEO, but bear with me!

One great thing that ScrapeBox can be used for is to find a large list of websites that accept guest posts. As we all know, guest posting is a great way, when done right, to increase your client’s online presence. Great links can be gained, and if you have been submitting to the right websites, you can get your client or employer seen by thousands, and sometimes, millions of people!

Whilst guest posting is usually used to gain links, it can also be used to get your client or employer seen by large numbers of people by going for unlinked blog posts on larger websites, for example, Glassdoor. Thousands of people read the Glassdoor blog every day, and will be reading the blog post you can get on the website.

This brings me nicely onto my next point…


Woodpecker is a great tool for bulk outreach. Guest posting is a great tactic for brand outreach and other areas of digital marketing, but it takes time contacting every website you want to target for a guest post!

Woodpecker is great as it allows you to send an email out to all of these leads in one go. All you need are email addresses. It connects to your email client, whether it be Gmail, Outlook or something else and you can send one email that goes out to anywhere from 1 to 1,000 people!

It also allows you to manage the responses you get, meaning you can quickly assess your success rate, as well as which websites get back to you and allow you to post on their website.


HubSpot is a fantastic tool, both for digital marketing and even sales! For one, it is freemium software which means, if you are a smaller company, you will more than likely be able to do all you need to do on the free version of the software.

This software is great for digital marketers as it allows them to come up with creative, unobtrusive ways to collect leads for their sales teams! Tools such as free guides which are connected to online forms, allowing sales people to contact them later.

This is something I use personally, both for sales and marketing and it allows me to do all I need to do, all for free. We have also had tremendous success, averaging 1 meeting per day!

About the Author

Ryan Jones is a sales and marketing associate for one of the UK’s leading office design companies, working to improve the presence of their brand online, as well as generate new sales and leads for the business. All of this is achieved using the software in the article.

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1 Comment

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  3. Minal Chavan

    January 16, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for the information given. I am working with outdoor Advertising. Global Advertisers is a leading platform which can help you with advertisement that suits target clients for various products or services.

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What is the Actual Meaning of Quality Content for Any Businesses or Services?



Content marketing is one the strongest and powerful marketing strategy, which can help a marketer to expand his business and services as well as allow him to create brand awareness among people. It is only possible if a marketer will create unique and quality content for his brand. Moreover, the content must be SEO friendly that can attract the audience easily.

As the famous quote says, “Content is King”, which is true because high-quality content is actually the King. Producing quality content will help a marketer to grow his business easily. However, the main problem is that a marketer does not even know what the actual meaning of quality content is and how it will help in increasing growth and production.

The quality content means the content, which can provide a piece of complete and detailed information about a product or service. Moreover, it a quality content must be precise, genuine and able to attract more audience.

Furthermore, this article will describe some more characteristics, which a quality content must have. These are as follows:

Quality Content Should Achieve the Main Objective

The main characteristic that quality content should have is, it should be able to achieve the main objective. Being a business person the main objective of a marketer is to gather more audience and generating more sales and creating quality content will help in fulfilling this demand.

Quality content should have two main properties, one it must be unique and the other that it should be attractive. Having these qualities will make content-able to attract more audience and generate more sales.

The Content Must Be SEO Friendly

Another characteristic that is necessary for quality content is that is must be SEO friendly. Using optimized content for promotion of the brand will be a great help, which will make a business, grow easily and at a faster rate. Optimized content will help a marketer to attract an audience at a faster rate.

SEO optimized content will make content more visible to maximum people, which in return will give a better outcome in the form of huge traffic. Using the content that is SEO friendly will automatically make content more visible to reach maximum people.

Making content SEO friendly require the following properties.

  • Make use of targeted Keywords in Content
  • Adding Attractive headings
  • Make use of strong visuals
  • Use high-quality Pictures

Keep it Simple and Real

Another step that highly contributes to making a content high-quality content is to keep content easy to understand as well as add all genuine and true features about your products or services in your content. This will help a marketer attract great traffic in less time. Keeping content real, simple and providing each information accurately will help a content marketer attract a great amount of audience with less effort.

This step will highly contribute to making a content quality content for a business or a service so that it will attract more audience and increase the sales of a business. Moreover, it shows that how important is to provide all genuine information about a product while serving online. This is the only way to get success while working for an online business.

Quality Content Should Increase the Engagements of the Audience

Another, characteristic that quality content must have that it will increase the engagement of people on a site to generate great sales. A content marketer can make use of several tactics that will bound the audience with the site and as a result, increase the engagement.

For this purpose, a writer can make use of tactics like giving a reward to the audience on each share or like and comment. Alternatively, one can make the audience fill a Perform about the services or activities. Using engaging content will help a marketer to create a great performance of audience on a site and thus increase the growth and productivity of the business.

Learn from Mistakes and do Improvement

Accepting your mistakes and learning lessons from them will make a writer able to produce high-quality content which can simply helpful in generating more sales. Not everyone can accept their mistakes with an open mind and make efforts to improve them only a few can do this.

Accepting and leaning will make a person more productive and creative to do even better than the previous record. This as well as help in creating quality content but also increase the interest of the audience towards your work. This will make your work more smoothly and will help you achieve your goal.

Make it Easily Shareable

Create your content in such a way that it will attract the attention in just one glimpse. Your content must be attractive, unique and a bit entertaining that I can easily attract the audience towards it. Doing this will help you attract more audience, which automatically likes to share it with their friends and family that will be helpful for you to gain more audience and generate higher sales.


Creating high-quality content is a necessary condition for a business to attract more audience and grow it at a faster rate. Quality content should be such that it will attract a great amount of audience with less effort as well as provide each information about the product with great accuracy. Providing each detail clearly and genuinely will help a marketer expand business at a much faster rate.

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Benefits of Signage to Brand Marketing



Successful growth of a business depends on many factors and it has become much more detailed than in the past in the current competitive market. Nowadays business owners/managers are looking out for new and different tools and are putting extra-efforts in their marketing strategies just to stand out in the market and grow.

Signage plays a important role in promoting any brand because it will promote the company logo and name and people come into touch with the business by watching signage. Other than establishing effective communication with the potential consumers and adequate advertising of the products and services, good business signage is also the most efficient and cost-effective way of advertising the products and attracting customers.

To put in simple words Signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate an additional customer base and referrals. Signage can include a lot of information in short such as your brand logo, name, address, motive, products, and services lot more.

You should definitely include signage in your advertising budget so that you can multiply your profits quickly. You can increase your sales numbers by promoting your brand through effective use of signage at a different place of your business.

The reasons why marketing executives are investing in signage because it puts many positive effects on brand marketing. Some important benefits that signage brings to brand marketing is as follows:

  • Increased brand exposure: The main motive of brand marketing is to increase brand exposure and this is what signage does the same it makes your company stand out from the crowd by increasing your brand exposure. It also brings in new customers.
  • Differentiation: Signage helps the customers to differentiate in brands of similar products. This creates a unique brand in the eyes of potential customers. But it is important to create a sign that stands out in a crowd.
  • Affordable: If you think that they are costly afar then you are wrong. You can create signage at very affordable rates with the help of potential signage company. In fact, it is one of the most affordable brand marketing tools that are used for advertising.
  • Advertisement all the year-round: Once placed the signs at the potential location you don’t have to worry unless you want to change your signage. It will stand still 24 hours 365 days in a year without any failure and attract customers. This makes them a worthy investment.
  • The sky is the limit: Signs are not restricted to letters only you can get as creative as you want to use different symbols, signs figures, cartoons, paintings anything you want in your signs that can attract customers.
  • Reduced advertising costs: Once made these signage’s can be used as long as you want and they attract customers and thus they reduce the cost of overall advertising.

Some Other Benefits of Signage Are:

  • The buildup of a brand image
  • Traffic generator
  • Exposure to new customers
  • Upholding current customer base
  • Increase in gross revenues
  • Communication of your product and services to customers.
  • It gives an opportunity to find better employees.
  • Constant advertisement without any break.
  • Instant generation of local sales.


With the visible benefits of the signage, it is established that it is just for the business. These signs are important as having a website nowadays. These are just a few examples of how signage helps in developing brand marketing for business. It is simply the best, most effective form of advertising for your marketing therefore if you still don’t have signage then get it made today.

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Considering Starting Over? What No One Tells You about Changing Careers



Changing jobs is hard enough, but changing careers? That’s a giant leap into unchartered territory.

During my decade-long career in marketing, I’ve considered doing everything from working in an animal shelter to trying my luck as a professional book reviewer (I haven’t ruled out either of those things, yet).

Staying in the same role for more than five years may have once been the norm, but over the past 15-20 years the job market has changed considerably. In fact, research has shown that career changes are happening more than ever before and not just that, but people are significantly happier when they’ve taken the plunge to pursue their passion.

There are many misconceptions surrounding career change, so what do you need to know to take the next step? Here are some of the things we don’t get told often enough when making the decision to follow a new career path.

It’s Never Too Late To Change

At the age of 35, former Air Force Officer Eddie Reece returned to graduate school to study community services. Unhappy with the many roles he had taken on throughout his life, he needed a career change and in his mind, it was now or never.

“My main motivation to change careers was that I knew in some way that what I was doing wasn’t really me”

Eddie says, “many of my career choices were driven by the desire to make a lot of money… but I would find myself unhappy and want a change.”

The myth that changing careers is a luxury reserved only for the younger generations continues to persist, despite little evidence to support it. In fact, a recent article on PayScale suggests that 82% of adults aged 47 and over are successful in their quest to change careers, with 87% saying they were very happy with the new direction.

As we get older, our priorities change and our mindset can shift. Your career goals at age 20 versus when you’re 40 are completely different, so it makes sense to consider different career options at different stages of your life.

Be Prepared To Learn – A Lot

You may be an expert in your field, having spent years building a reputation and the respect and admiration of your colleagues. But once you switch careers, you may no longer be at the head of every board meeting, so it’s important to let go of any ego you may have about your past career and treat this like a new adventure.

There’s a steep learning curve involved in transitioning from one career to another, not just in learning new skills, but also the different expectations that come with your new role. There may be aspects that are easier, but some things will also be more challenging. Learning can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, so stay humble and you’ll certainly reap the rewards.

Fear Shouldn’t Stop You From Doing What You Truly Want To Do

Transitioning into a completely different industry and role can seem frightening, but once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

“I had to learn what really mattered to me”, says Eddie of his career change,

“living my life more authentically and working in a job that truly satisfies me in so many ways are just some of the payoffs of being in a career that fits the person I’ve become. It’s so much easier to go to work, and it doesn’t even feel like work.”

Your career isn’t everything, but being unhappy in your job can affect other areas of your life.

Don’t Get Caught Up In All The Advice

Well-meaning friends and family may have plenty of advice to give, but too much advice can make the decision making process more overwhelming. Of course, talking to your loved ones about your dreams is important and it can certainly be nice to hear their input but you also don’t want to lose sight of your own goals.

This is also true of those articles that tell you which career is the most stable, or what the happiest jobs are remember that these are often based on various factors that may or may not apply to you. Only you know what will make you happy in the long-term.

If you really want to talk to someone about a career change, make contact with the people who are doing the job you want to do, in the industry you want to work in. Ask them the tough questions and shadow them if you can. The advice they give will provide you with the most crucial information to help you decide if the move is right for you.

Fortunately, career pivots are not only possible, but quite common today. Just ask Eddie: Who has spent the last 25 years working as a psychotherapist; business consultant and writer, while running his own counselling practice helping others live better lives?

“The drive to change careers was an emotional one that came from unresolved emotional issues. Once I worked on those, choosing the right career and staying with it was easy.”

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