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Top 5 Culture Podcasts of 2020 You Need To Listen To RIGHT NOW

Podcasting has taken a new role in today’s world. What once started as an obscure method of spreading audio information has become one of the biggest channels in audio information distribution across the globe. There are currently more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million episodes in over 100 different languages. Whether you take a liking to business-minded entrepreneurs or find your interest peaked in riveting science fiction, there’s a podcast out there that you will enjoy listening to. Here are the top 5 podcasts you need to listen to right now in 2020.

1. Lyrically Provoked – James Philip

LYRICALLY PROVOKED, a brand-new original podcast series from serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author James Philip, gives listeners thought-provoking insights driven by song lyrics, pop culture, and literature delivered in an off the cuff manner. As life often imitates art, James brings a unique perspective based on real-life that is inspired by music and other spoken words. In each episode of LYRICALLY PROVOKED, James hits shuffle on his music player and, drawing inspiration from lyrics and words from the song, riffs on life, relationships, love, business, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

Check out Lyrically Provoked on Spotify.

2. You’re Wrong About – Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall

In this podcast, writers Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall discuss big events, trends, and people that have come up in past topics that we once got wrong in the public, such as the indoctrination of Lee Boyd Malvo, The O.J. Simpson Trial, The Victim’s Rights Movement, and urban legends. This is a podcast you don’t wanna miss, as they leave it all on the air. Listener discretion is advised.

Check out the You’re Wrong About Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

3. The Murder Squad – Paul Holes and Billy Jensen

The Murder Squad Podcast is a podcast featuring Paul Holes and Billy Jensen. Paul Holes is a retired cold case investigator after spending more than 27 years working in Costa County, California. Paul worked on many notable cases such as the Zodiac Killer, Golden State Killer, Laci Peterson, and Jaycee Dugard. Billy Jensen is a true crime journalist who has written hundreds of stories for 17 years on unsolved murders and missing persons for Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Magazine, and the Long Island Press. Billy decided to use social media techniques to solve murders, which led to the solving of ten homicides. He also worked as a producer and investigator on the Warner Bros. show Crime Watch Daily. The Murder Squad Podcast digs into cold cases in real-time and allows listeners to provide theories and tips into solving the mystery. Not a podcast for the faint of heart.

Check out The Murder Squad on Spotify.

4. 99% Invisible – Roman Mars

The 99% Invisible Podcast ventures into a world unknown to most human beings. Have you ever wondered how exactly our world is shaped? Have you ever come across certain pieces of architecture that you just couldn’t wrap your mind around? How about a house being enveloped by a shopping mall on 3 sides of the house? What about the secret public staircases of Los Angeles? If you all of a sudden find yourself interested, you’re not alone.

Check out 99% Invisible on 99percentinvisible.

5. Adulting – Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos

Adulting is fun, right? Most adults wouldn’t agree! The Adulting Podcast is a podcast hosted by comedians Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos. This podcast relates to everyone, as they take a dive into everything adulting, such as spending more money than you could’ve ever imagined on basic household items, bills, social life, you name it. If you want to find humor and hear another share their stories on adulting, this podcast is just for you.

Check out Adulting on Apple Podcasts.

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