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Best Condenser Microphones

The best site about mics and mixers: Condenser mics are regularly used in recording studios, on radio and television, because they have a fairly uniform amplitude-frequency response and provide high-quality sound capture. A condenser mic is more expensive than a dynamic type but is characterized by higher audio quality in general. At the same time, such devices have specific disadvantages that should be considered when buying: the need for external power supply, high sensitivity to humidity and temperature changes. Next, we will present some good conceder models that should be taken into account when choosing.

Neumann TLM-102

A fairly expensive device for expert purposes developed for the studio and use on radio stations. The device attracts attention with a stylish appearance, as well as the presence of a large membrane that captures any subtleties of a person’s voice. Here, a cardioid radiation pattern is used, which saves from recording extraneous sound.

The device is intended for capturing vocals. But often it is required for other purposes. For example, a product is often placed near a drum, a guitar amp, and a lot of different sources of loud sound. The device picks up the sound in the middle frequencies, which makes it possible to clearly separate the human voice in the mix. Users note the anti-vibration mount of the capsule; it ensures the absence of mechanical noise. In the package, there is a massive metal hinged holder.

Behringer C-1

Check also this great budget capacitor model. The device has a good metal case and a gold-plated XLR connector. Despite the low price, the product almost completely eliminates its own noise. The sound quality in this device can’t be called the best studio. However, the capabilities of such a model will be enough for most everyday tasks. In addition, the device will be a great solution for those who write podcasts. They are completely satisfied with a medium-sized diaphragm, a cardioid radiation pattern that eliminates the recording of external soundscape elements.

AKG C214

This one is supplied in a special suitcase, which will greatly simplify transportation in conditions of active everyday use. Sound is picked up by an inch diaphragm. The device has a protective system from the wind. Such a simple accessory will make it possible to use the mic in an open space while maintaining sound quality. Also, the H85 holder is included here to adjust the tilt of the fixture. The device is equipped with a new electrical circuit. It makes it possible to significantly increase the dynamic range. In addition, the device has a flat frequency response. It can withstand virtually any sound pressure due to the original design of the capsule, which eliminates the closure of the membrane with the rear electrode.

Audio-Technica AT2035

Relatively cheap mic, which has a stylish, but discreet appearance. However, the quality range of technical equipment of the microphone is very high, and it deserves a huge interest from the users.

The model has a large diagram that creates low noise and smooth sound. The device is supplied with the amount, which makes it real to place it directly at the sound source. Mostly a mic is used for work with vocals. But also, when the need arises, it is possible to record musical instruments, for example, a guitar.

Such a device includes a switchable low-pass filter. There is an opportunity to set the bass cutoff, as a result of which blowing with close vocals is completely eliminated, like other extraneous low-frequency noise. A standard XLR connector is present here.


Here we have indicated several high-quality models at a high and budget price. However, we recommend that you study the condenser microphone market in more detail, or seek the consultation of specialists. This is the only guarantee to find a mic that will meet all the wishes and needs of a single user. The choices and options for existing equipment are diverse.

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