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Light Up Your Event With LED Letters & Numbers

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It is not only used for lighting in the home, but also for livening events and special occasions. LED is also great for decorative purposes. LED light is used in LED signs, letters, and numbers. LED letters can be personalized or customized to make LED signs. The letters are plug together and lit to make LED signs.

LED Alphabets and numbers are used to make LED signs easily, and they are economical. You need to plug them together to create words or phrases. Additionally, they can be customized to meet individual needs by ordering the specific letters or numbers you require.

To light up your LED signs, you require a standard 13 Amp socket for a basic size sign. Personalized LED signs which spell out your message are great for events. The letters can be used to create illuminated carnival signs and the flashing DJ signs. If you are looking for a supplier then please check out LED Light Up Letter Hire Essex

Why are LED Letters and Numbers Ideal for Your Events?

Long Life-span

LED lights have a 40 times longer life-span compared to other light bulbs. A LED light can last for between 50,000 to 10,000 hours, which translates to between six and twelve years. It all depends on how much you will use your LED letters and numbers.

We have special events every year of our lives, especially birthdays, anniversaries, and the festive season. Therefore, you will need your LED letters and numbers for as long as they can last. The long life-span of LED lights helps you save money that you would have spent on replacements.

Environmental Friendly

In today’s world, the economy is adapting and embracing sustainable energy, which boosts their eco-friendly efforts. LED lighting is environmentally friendly since it reduces energy use. LED letters and numbers are not manufactured using mercury, and therefore, they don’t require special handling during disposal. Companies can utilize LED letters and numbers for their office parties and events such as annual forums, anniversaries, and festive events.

Great Operation in Cold Temperatures

Traditional lighting doesn’t do well in cold weather. It is good news for those in cold climates to know that they can enjoy their events using LED signs. Low temperatures affect the voltage of traditional lighting, causing them to dim. However, LED light does better in cold temperatures. That is why LED signs are used for outdoor displays for outdoor events, parking lots, outdoor signs, and perimeter walls.

Offers Flexibility in Designing

LED numbers and letters can be designed into any shape and size. They can be manufactured as individual signs or strung together to make strings, for example, those hung from walls and roofs. The unique designs that can be created offer consumers many options to choose from depending on their event needs and personal preferences. Also, they can be used just about anywhere, from a simple indoor event to a large stadium event.

Can be Lit Instantly and Withstands Frequent Switching

You can lit up your LED letters and numbers instantly, and get your party started! They turn on and off instantly and can be great for surprises. Traditional lights cannot withstand to be switched on and off frequently without damage. However, your LED signs will be unaffected by years of frequent switching. Their life-span and efficiency don’t reduce. LED letters and numbers can be used for flashing light displays. They are also ideal for applications that use sensor technology to switch on and off.

Operate on Low Voltage

Low voltage lighting is the best for flood-prone areas, to avoid electric shock. LED letters and numbers utilize the lowest voltage possible. By using LED lights and numbers for events, you are protecting yourself, your family, and friends from potential harm. This aspect is very useful for outdoor events that are exposed to natural elements. Additionally, it is safer for kids who may accidentally trip on or unplug LED letters and numbers.

The Best LED Letters and Numbers Hire in the Market

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  • Essex Based Including Kent, Suffolk and London
  • Neon Sign Hire Available
  • 1-9 Numbers & A-Z Letters in Multiple Quantities
  • Classic LED Style

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