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How to Become a Bird or Lime Mechanic?

Today, when we see someone wearing a suit and riding his/her e-scooter, our eyes lit up with joy and excitement. If your city has Bird or Lime e-scooter, you might have seen a lot of them moving around. Given their popularity, you may even imagine that whoever fixes these e-scooters may have discovered a decent side hustle. And if you are thinking of starting one on your own, this article will get things sorted out for you.

After all, you are living in a gig economy, and chipping away at these diverse side activities while earning money is the new trend in this post-pandemic world! So scroll down to get all the information, you need on how to become a Lime mechanic or become a Bird Mechanic!

What are Bird and Lime e-scooters?

These e-scooters are the new ride-share trend that has been rampant because several students and young professionals use this service. These scooters have Bird or Lime written over their stem. Some of you might find them annoying, but they do have a value to offer not only to the final consumer but to a side hustler as well.

Any side hustle will be useful for you to make some extra cash, especially if you live in an expensive city. And these e-scooters are the products of these expensive cities as well. More people are looking to reduce their traveling costs and avoid rush hours.

These scooters have become immensely popular in just a couple of years because they provide an effective solution to the micro-computing issue. You can avoid parking fees, parking problems with the price of a scooter lock, and also reduce traffic problems.

Why do they require mechanics?

Just like Uber, Bird and Lime also provide ride-sharing services. But as you are living in a gig economy, the administrations are attempting to furnish local people with a chance to begin a side issue where they can fix or battery charging services to the scooter users. As micro-commuting is becoming such a trend, the facilities are looking to improve their user experience and make sure that they are also providing learning opportunities for the locals.

A large portion of the fixes related to these e-scooters are not tumultuous and a few people with a couple fixing aptitudes can take care of business and the bike working once more. You can generally get the preparation on the off chance that you need.

What skills do you need to become a Bird or Lime Mechanic?

For that, you must comprehend what kinds of fix you will do. The most common of the problems that you will have to deal with are flat tires, broken brake levers, broken kickstands, brake adjustments, or loose handlebars or neck. These undertakings require an essential jack of all trades abilities, and if you are acceptable at fixing things, these occupations won’t much issue to you. But you will perform well on the job if you know how to fix your car or bike. Your previous experience with handling an e-scooter will come in handy here. You can generally experience some preparation recordings online before you get the chance to function as a Flying creature or Lime Specialist.

Benefits of becoming a Bird or Lime Mechanic

There are various benefits of becoming a Bird or Lime Mechanic. Here is a list of some of them.

  • You are getting an opportunity to work for a side hustle, so you can have some extra cash in your pocket at the end of the day.
  • If you are good at fixing things, this is a good skill to use and convert into cash.
  • You don’t have to be a workhorse to get through the day. These jobs can always be completed when you have free time available.
  • You are contributing to a better working society and putting a smile on the faces.
  • Stay in your neighborhood. There is no need to travel long distances to find any repair jobs.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to be a Bird Mechanic, you need to sign up here and fill out the form. You can visit the Lime website and apply for the vacancy in your locality. You will have to be at least 18 years of age. The information you will need to provide during the sign-up process will include your name, email, address, and contact number. This application will also ask what type of vehicle You can drive or ride. You must provide information if you have your set of tools, workshop, or garage. Being a Brid Charger or Lime Juicer, you will only be charging batteries, so you don’t need any technical experience for that.

Being a mechanic requires expertise. And the application will ask you for such mechanical knowledge and the long stretches of your experience. It’s not just the manner of expressing your enthusiasm in the job, you will have to show that you are equipped of taking care of the business. If you satisfy all the criteria and there are opening accessible in your area, the organization will enlist you in their training course. The company will also provide you with a set of different guidelines and videos. You can watch them work on different models of e-scooters. These videos won’t be an issue for you if you have some technical knowledge.


There has been a colossal flood in the utilization of electric bikes in recent years. These scooters are digging in for the long haul since they have become a necessary piece of a ride-sharing wonder. They have gotten essentially famous among the understudies just as youthful experts. huge surge in the use of electric scooters in the past couple of years. These scooters are here to stay because they have become an integral part of a ride-sharing phenomenon. They have become significantly popular among the students as well as young professionals.

You are living in a gig economy and becoming a Bird or Lime Mechanic will prove to be fruitful as a side hustle. It is because there is an expanded number of clients that require charging or fix amenities. Furthermore, you don’t need to have any remarkable specialized understanding to finish the occupations. You just need to show your skills. Also, if you can fix your vehicle all alone, dealing with these fixes won’t be a thing.

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